New in the Journal of 9/11 Studies: "Islam and the 9/11 Wars: Steven Jones Interviews Kevin Barrett"

I will be interested in how people react to this article. I wanted to learn more about the many framed-victims (it must be said) of the "9/11 Official Story," and so I asked a Muslim. Thanks to Dr. Kevin Barrett, the article has significant informative content and hope you will read it here:
The Appendix contains Kevin's account of his run-in with airport security operatives -- and his great sense of humor shines through...

"How many Iraqis have fled their country due to the 9/11 wars?
According to the BBC, more than two million Iraqis have fled their country due to the US invasion and occupation."

"Approximately what proportion of Muslims question the US-official 9/11 story?
Roughly 80% worldwide, and 60% in the US, do not just question the official story of 9/11—they reject it. A recent Pew Survey, which found that American Muslims were generally moderate and mainstream on most issues, also found that “just 40% of Muslim Americans say groups of Arabs carried out (the 9/11) attacks” ( This almost certainly understates the real figure, since many American Muslims who are convinced that 9/11 was an inside job are unlikely to reveal this to a stranger."

Kevin Barrett notes, then, that a group of about 1.2 Billion people reject the US-official story of 9/11 -- what can this mean to the pursuit of 9/11 truth? Think about it...

I think Barrett's shot his

I think Barrett's shot his credibility by endorsing Fetzer, Reynolds, Wood and all the disinfo.

This probably didn't

This probably didn't help

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There was a time when such tactics were courageous and essential

Those two women in California who disrupted talks by 9/11 Commissioners
around 2003--2004 made an important contribution in bypassing the media

Comes a time when repetition of past glories or me-too actions become
counterproductive. Maybe if he'd worn his V-for-Vendetta getup and harangued
Mr. Horowitz alliteratively his spiel would have gone over better?

I'll suppose Dr. Jones to some degree meant this thread to be a forum on Dr.
Barrett. I don't have anything to say about the article because it didn't tell me
anything I didn't already know.

People who shut their own eyes to reality

"People who shut their own eyes to reality simply invite their own destruction. - James Baldwin"

This is a good quote from your website.

Proff. Kevin Barret chose the wrong timing and wrong place.

David Horowitz Freedom Center at University of Wisconsin on Monday October 22nd 2007. The speech was delivered in conjunction with Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week.

David Horowitz Freedom Center is obviously full of 911 Truth naysayers and deniers.

Proff Kevin Barret should have waited until the Q & A and also approached Horowitz personally after the talk with a cameraman to ask some questions on any one of this Controlled Demolition, the NORAD stand-down, WTC7, PNAC, the Jersey Girls, refer to, etc.

This was very bad judgement. Also continously supporting distracting theories such as "space beams, no -planers" is self-destructive.

I hope Mr Barret realizes it is far far far better to go with what we have - than to waste valuable time with obvious distracters like "space beamers", "no-planers etc."

Frankly even if exotic weaponry was used on 911, fact remains eyewitness reports of explosions at WTC 1 & 7 - from testimonies from survivors - eg . Firemen, William Rodriguez etc. indicate the presence of explosions.

The purpose of this is to indicate the need to REINVESTIGATE and the need to ask why IT WAS NEVER INVESTIGATED in the 1st Place.

Controlled Demolition or the presence of EXPLOSIONS at WTC sites is easy to prove. Better to play our stronger cards / assets than to waste time on FAILED and FAILING THEORIES like energy weapons.

Such weapons may exist to some extent. But frankly do you really think their creators would have risked using them on 911 when high-grade thermate could have handled the situation.

Considering Murphy's Law, I am sure black-ops engineers are not so silly as to risk exposing themselves with CLASSIFIED high-energy weapons when they could have used UNCLASSIFIED EXPLOSIVES in CASE SOMETHING WENT WRONG ON 911. In fact many things went wrong on 911.

WTC7 is ample prove. The strange "crash" of Flight 93 over and 8 MILE DEBRIS FIELD is another.

Proff Kevin Barret has to realize he is fighting a juggernaut and HE CANNOT AFFORD TO RISK HIS CREDIBILITY any more.


Jim Fetzer, Judy Wood and Morgan Reynolds are comprimised either knowlingly or unknowlingly.

Don't ADD to their mistakes.

We should move forward on solid ground.


Do you have eyewitness testimony on energy weapons?

Compare this Judy Woods theories. It just remains theory.

Look at These are NOT THEORIES.

I hope STEPS are taken to rebuild credibility.

The truth movement has to bring their case to D.C. and by that I don't just mean the streets.

All the demonstrations in the universe will not make a difference unless we have politicians discussing this issue in Congress.

Not everyone in Congress is involved and we need to build CREDIBLE support slowly and surely.

We also understand how politicans think. A sincere and ethicial politician (there are still a few around) will find it a whole lot easier to bring the case brings to the movement versue "theories" of Fetzer ,Woods and Reynolds to Congress.

We should not be cynical about bringing ethical politicians into the fray.

Who they are will depend on the judgement of the electorate.



I cannot say this enough times. Let's be Credible & Proffesional.

I wish Proff. Kevin Barret well and sincerely hope he changes his mind on the "space beams" "no-planers" or even "video-fakery".

Focus on political activism GROUNDED on a SOLID CASE. Fetzer has to humble himself and back down from his "energy weapons".

We are LOOKING FOR RESULTS. Not who has the Best "theory" on how it was done.

We have a better case with and the recent NIST report leaving serious questions unanswered.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at

Right On! ----- Well said!

Now THAT is a good comment, valid for many places here on 911blogger. Well done for your carefully crafted text, Contstitutional911. YES, WE CANNOT WASTE TIME.

Too much Mubo-Jumbo and Bravado for the sake of Bravado, defeats the purpose.

What we have here is a crime scene, lets get the criminals behind bars. Thats the only objective.

From Truth and Justice: Peace. These are the tears of freedom loving peoples of the world.

And I applaud ProfJones for caring to put the millions of moslem victimes in the forefront (as he has often done). Something that is not easy to do here on 911blogger (blog posts on this matter refused by gate keepers)

Let me take this opportunity, to plead again here, for the innocent Al-Jazeera reporter held in Gauntanamo since 2001 in a 8-by-7-foot detention cell at the U.S. Naval Base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where he remains today with some 450 other innocent detainees the Bush administration has designated “enemy combatants.” Prisoner # 345, held now for 1969 days without trial at the United States Detainment Centre in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, has been on hunger strike since 7th January, 2007.

More from 911 victims here.

Well Thanks.

Thanks for your compliments.

I think all of us sincere truthers just want to bring these global criminals to justice.

So let's focus on our strengths and seriously work on Political Activism as well based, on credible Information & Facts.

Please feel free to share the issues and points I have raised here, elsewhere in 911 blogger.

Quote me if you want to.

Lets Build Solidarity on Credibility.


The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at

Sure, they were disinfo.

Barrett is one of the great 911 truth heroes. That crowd you mention, they are exposed and gone.

BTW, we 911 truthers love Muslims. Because they are the ultimate victims of this crime. How many has died as a result of it?
One million?


Just saw that Barrett's recent radio show was still giving a platform to the no plane and DEW claims, apparently describing those positions as the "purist vs. exotic distinction." I disagree with describing the careful rejection of DEW, nuke, missile, 'no plane' claims as "purist." I describe that as "scientific."

Seems like a classic false dichotomy. And it looks like the public platform for Fetzer, Wood, Reynolds, etc. -- framing their work as a "difference of opinion" from the rest of the work -- will just go on and on, and giving them a platform to speak to the public. I see no signs of any change on the horizon.

Clash of civilisations eh?

well,. it is amazing how well the mind-control systems in America work,. aint it? Islam-o-fascism??
I worked for a while at a mutual-fund company in toronto. They had a muslim specific fund,. it was designed to generate only a minimal profit,. taking interest for money lending is specificly condemed in islam, as is once was in all faiths. remember jusus fliping some tables in a story once? Over time the pirate-bankers have worn down peoples faith that usery is wrong on its face,. why should the wealthy profit from their already privliged position? I was amazed that people would invest in a fund that is designed to not make the maximum profit,. but there it was,.
I dislike all religions,. I see them as corrupting forces that lie to people to gain control over them,. some tell me that with no religion people will have no morals and rape, murded, and chaos will ensue,. however if you look at america, the majority,. if you can belive to election results! follow a man that clames to be a follower of jesus christ,. and yet look at the reality; millions dead,. the world on course for WW3,. if we are not there yet,. and no change to the world destroying course of consumerism,. and the bankrupting of the USA (the canadian dollar is worth more now!!!) all for the profits of a few in the pirate-banker class,. billionares at a record high,. as is poverty, and slavery. . . christian?
why do the american people fund the terrorist genocidal state of zionism?? Isreal SHOULD be destroyed! and that does not mean a nuke should be droped,. it means the 'state' an intelectual concept, not a real thing at all,. should be done away with,. of course I belive ALL 'states' should be ended,. I am also an anarchist, no rulers, no bosses,. just free people. but lets start with the states that are doing the most harm,. Isreal is a discusting genocidal blight,. why is it supported?!? and the USA has been terrorising much of the world physicly, with its weapons of mass distruction,. and econimicly with its world bank and IMF,. and its insain econimic policies for all my life,. and the only end I can see to it is in exposing 9/11 to the people of the world,. pointing at it and saying this is what the rulers do,. and then asking should these people be ruling? ,. should 'we the people' let them? Lets face it these creatures will not just stop doing what they do,. people have to stand up to them and MAKE them stop,. by the very deffinition of 'elite' these bastards are a small minority, . perhaps its time to clean house.

Zionism 101

So this clip was voted down?

The clip describes how terrorism and war came to the Middle East via the creation of Israel. How Christians Moslems and Jews were living peacfully. How jews today oppose Zionism and the Aperthaid State Of Israel.

And how the Cheif Rabbi of Jerusalem Jews opposed the creation of Israel by the UN in 1948.

Nothing wrong with your video lesage...

In fact it makes perfect sense...

Best wishes


I guesse I should have given a brief text intro for the video.


You have to remember

anytime you whisper the word "Zionism" *shudder* you are automatically viewed as anti-semitic, J00 hating commie bastard with the ever present 9/11 blogger revolutionary Likud Police.
This is regardless of the context because most don't understand it anyway.

This video confirms what you say: 17 minutes

Zionists using Holocaust to silence people: chief rabbi

TEHRAN, Oct. 10 (MNA) -- Chief Rabbi of the Orthodox Jewish Community in Austria, Moishe Arye Friedman, believes that the “Zionist regime is using the Holocaust concept as a tool and weapon to silence people.”

In an interview with the Mehr News Agency here on Saturday, October 6, Friedman said “the root of the world’s problems is the existence of the Zionist regime.”

The chief rabbi (Austria) was in Iran on an invitation from the Islamic Republic.


Barrett's gutsy encounter with the FBI/truther=terrorist

I respect Barrett for the sheer strength of his beliefs. I wish I could've seen the expression on the faces of those FBI agents when he responded to their question whether he's a terrorist? Barrett responds with something to the effect that the US Military is the biggest terrorist group in the world, right now, and Israel's Defense Force is the nastiest for its practice of sniping children!

Unfortunately, Barrett will experience more of these encounters if he's able to travel at all! This episode proves disturbing for the practice by authorities of treating truthers as terrorists and foreshadows the just passed HR 1955 Thought Crime Bill.

...don't believe them!

What kind of a 911 truther

is voting this down???

Are we stoopid? Or are the Jeezus lovin' Redneck crowd at it again?
I think we have a serious problem here...

Welcome to the work

of the masked crusaders. I suspect there is an email or IM network, making sure articles and comments are "appropriately" scored. It is certainly not organic, and it becomes obvious how it is biased, if you pay attention. It's a rather unfortunate state of affairs, here, since it amounts to ad-hominem attacks via scoring.


"Terrorism in the modern sense is violence or other harmful acts committed (or threatened) against civilians for political or other ideological goals."

"As the example of Nuremburg suggests, journalists who act as propagandists for war crimes may one day find themselves on the scaffold. You would be well advised to strive for more balanced and accurate coverage in the future."

Care to clarify?

Your comment could be interpreted more than one way (at least if it is intended as a response to my own)

I think I understand your general point, but stand by mine as well. Certain people and subjects are voted down no matter what the content of the post is, and it is obviously a coordinated and concerted effort. I find that disturbing.