9/11 -- Attacks or Crimes?

The events of September 11, 2001 are frequently called "the September 11 attacks." They are much more commonly referred to as "attacks" than "crimes." For example, a Google on "attacks of 9/11" returns 10 times as many hits as a Google on "crimes of 9/11." But the use of the word "attacks" implies an external enemy, a foreign threat, a justification for military responses. The use of the word "attacks" jumps to a conclusion.

We have much more to learn, including whether crimes of negligence or more overt nature occured. How many people have been successfully prosecuted for 9/11? How many should be? Was Building 7 'attacked?' Phrases like "the 9/11 attacks" or "the attacks of September 11," should be replaced by the "crimes of 9/11."

Great observation, it does

Great observation, it does frame the subject into a different light.
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Labels created by the other side

Uranium 238 is 60% as radioactive as weapons grade, Uranium 235. U-238 is labeled "depleted uranium." Unfortunately, the people suffering from its effects are also "depleted."

"Conspiracy theorist "is a reprehensible term from the other side. I prefer "reality therapist for mass delusional disorder."

I agree

I also think "9/11 hoax" should be replaced with "9/11 psy-op". The term "hoax" needs to go just as much as "attacks" does.

9/11 was a crime, not an act of war

That goes along with what you are saying, or vice versa.

The reason why they wanted to call it an "act of war" is so they could do all of the things they've done. It made it a lot easier. And the majority of the American people bought it hook, line and sinker — and then didn't even thrash around, much less fight.

We need to do what Frank Lutz did for the Republican party, neo-cons, conservatives, and big business.

He is the propaganda mastermind who came up with the terms "pro life", "death tax", "climate change" and many, many others, and he is still working for them. (he makes BIG bucks as a consultant — buy a used copy of his book "Words That Work" for more insight and understanding of what he does and how he does it, although don't expect too much — you'll have to read between the lines and figure it out for yourself — what he does and his ability to do it is worth its weight in gold, so he's not telling all of his good secrets of the trade)

You can see him hocking his book and spinning his skewed propaganda here: (imo, he wrote the book specifically as a means to go on a "book tour", so he could use the free media to spout his mouth sewage)


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Language is very important,

so I choose my words carefully.

Thus, I often refer to the events of 9/11/01 as "crimes", "mass murders" and "insurance fraud".

This immediately frames the event in an entirely different perspective, and one I think is more accurate.

I especially enjoy using this framing when speaking with law enforcement officials and asking them why these crimes remain uninvestigated after six years.

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