9/11: Families, First Responders & Experts Speak Out - Video

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I know that people are waiting to hear about this conference. There will be media coming out within the next few days. I recommend that you watch all of it because there are no words that can be written to describe the magic that was this event.


Hartford Conference

One word for this event: Outstanding.

A huge thank you to all of the organizers, presenters, and family members. And, also a thank you to all of the attendees. My life has been enriched by each and every one of you!

See you at the Boston Tea Party!


Haven't checked out the video yet but I'm glad to hear it went well.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Bob McIlvaine

is one of the most powerful voices in this entire struggle for TRUTH.

I had suggested he speak for the minute on the "Air America Minute" some time ago.

I love you Bob.

Thanks for the video Jon.

"There will be media coming out within the next few days"

I can't wait!

Show "Man" by broorno

ed asner okay

i am always suspicious of someone finding fault (or noting a negative perspective), and omitting the substance of someone's actions. The subject of 9/11 and life in general can sometimes be overwhelming, but I like to focus on Ed Asner's awesome contributions to our collective slow movement for freedom, justice, decency. I am slowing down, too, but grateful I caught up with Ed in the lobby and gave him a recent issue of Flyby News with recent blogger sensational article, 9/11 Truth Has the Power to Unravel Fascism.

The substance, balance, diversity of the conference, the human heart, the science, the spiritual unity beyond all words.. For all those involved.. and joining us.. I am most grateful..


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Patty Casazza


George Washington's blog has a link to a Google video of Patty Casazza at the conference, but it doesn't play. Is it just backward me? Can somebody help.

Great Conference!

Thanks, Jon, Damon, Cheryl, Laura, Garbriel -- and all who made it come together and happen. Wonderful conference -- my wife and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Inclusion of survivors and family members made SUCH a positive difference! Great to meet them, and others attending the meeting.

I think all the speakers did well... and a warm, uplifting comradery developed there.

It was...

Nice to see you Dr. Jones. It truly was an amazing event.

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