911 TRUTH ALERT: Kucinich says he will force House vote on Cheney impeachment

Kucinich says he will force House vote on Cheney impeachment


This man has bigger cojones than most of the Dems in Washington. Let's see who has the integrity to stand with him when the issue comes to a vote!


Just e-mailed my Congressman, Henry Waxman:

" Dear Congressman Waxman,
Rep. Dennis Kucinich announced he would move to force a vote next week on his resolution (H. Res. 333) calling for the impeachment of Vice President Dick Cheney. I am asking you to please support his efforts to bring justice to the American people and seek to prosecute this criminal!

Thank you,

PS: Millions of us know 9/11 was an inside job."

Please e-mail your Congressional representative and ask her/him to support House Resolution 333! It only takes a few seconds. Let them hear from all of us.


I absolutely guarantee this will be tabled

with many Democrats and ALL Rethuglicans voting to do so.
The entire Congress sans maybe 2-3 are Complicit in the crimes committed by this administration the last 6 years.

Kucinich, Sanders, maybe Feingold and in some respects Paul are the only "Statesmen" in the entire Congress but just like everything else the Democrats have done this year this is all just for show.

Kucinich is going to get Wellstoned if he's not careful

I don't think they are afraid of him, though.

He's self-marginalizing.

He totally screwed up with his answer to the stupid UFO question at the last Dem "debate". (and I apologize to the word "debate" for using it in this context)

What a joke, and "how perfectly god-damned delightful it all is, to be sure."

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