Islamofascism and 9/11, Bush's Neo-McCarthy Brainwash Tools


Islamofascism and 9/11, Bush's Neo-McCarthy Brainwash Tools

By Bill Hare

11/03/2007 04:24:39 PM EST

How Bush and his speeches are reminiscent of the fifties and the tactics of Senator Joseph McCarthy, who rode the Communist menace to power and impugned the patriotism of anyone who dared to disagree with him.

This tactic was so successful that Richard Nixon established sufficient momentum through smearing political rivals in California all the way to the vice presidency under President Dwight Eisenhower.

With the current popularity and frequent showings of the sixties' political chiller "The Manchurian Candidate" the specter of McCarthyism has become all the more vivid. James Gregory portrays a senator manipulated by ruthless wife Angela Lansbury, who in some ways makes Sherlock Holmes' perpetual nemesis Dr. Moriarty look like a naïve schoolboy.

Gregory's penchant is to deliver numbers to the press of the number of Communists in the U.S. State Department at that time. The number perpetually varies, as was the case with Senator McCarthy.

The ploy that brainwashing specialists such as Joseph Goebbels of the Third Reich up to current Republican propaganda arm Fox News, or Fixed News as Keith Olbermann so accurately tags it, is repetition.

This is why leading corporations spending billions of dollars jockeying for precious Super Bowl minutes to promote their products. Words are drummed into the conscious mind with unceasing repetition.

If there is one thing that the White House resident George W. Bush gets right in the face of reckless destruction foreign and domestic reflective of a Midas touch in reverse, he has been taught by Karl Rove and the Republican spin machine to repeat one message over and over, that of the 9/11 tragedy and the necessity for executive action.

Islamofascism is the object perpetually attacked, with al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden mentioned over and over. What is never mentioned is how bin Laden was the CIA's man in Afghanistan under neocon idol Ronald Reagan back when we were fighting Russia's "evil empire".

Last week Bush turned up the heat when he spoke about Iran and evoked the names of Hitler and Lenin at one point, stating that if the Democrats do not give him all he wants, in this case presto confirmation of attorney general nominee Michael Mukasey, that we may suffer the same tragedies as a nation that Germany and Russia did when those leaders were not stopped in time.

All roads lead back to 9/11 and the specter of Islamofascism as represented by Osama bin Laden and 9/11.

With that date and the events surrounding it looming so important, how interesting it was that both Bush and Cheney opposed investigating those events and what led up to them.

When the demand for an investigation became deafening they did their best to make it an affair controlled by political insiders and would only meet with 9/11 Commission members behind closed doors in executive session.

Last week Bush again linked the menace of al Qaeda to Iraq. Yes, Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney, and when did the first such linkage commence?

Al Qaeda held no link to Iraq until the neoconservatives opened the floodgates by launching a vicious shock and awe attack on Baghdad and ultimately occupying a complex Middle East nation seething with factional discontent.

Mr. Bush, your ignorance and arrogance are on clear display to those of us who see through you, and that number is steadily increasing despite your efforts to repetitiously play the 9/11-Islamofascism card.

You launched that civil war, Mr. Bush, and now you point fingers at the same Democratic Party that tragically supplied you with needed support simplifying that goal for you and your neoconservative "let's grab the oil" allies.