Philly 9/11 Truth Drexel Debates 10/30/07 Howard Dean, David Bonior, Elizabeth Kucinich

Howard Dean asked about sponsoring a real investigation into 9/11, David Bonior - John Edwards' campaign adviser - asked about Edwards' attendance at the Bilderberg conference, and Elizabeth Kucinich on the status of her husband's 9/11 congressional subcommittee.


Excellent work, guys.....
One suggestion, though.
I know it's nice to see the questioner, but is very important to see the subject during the asking of the questions...I really wanted to see the look on Bonior's face when the word Bilderberg came up...often expressions and body language tell more than a respondents words ever will.

A small but important point.
Keep up the EXCELLENT work....don't give these bastards a moment's peace...they need to feel the heat.

great work

Clearly, Kucinich is our only real ally among the feds. And clearly he is actually trying to do something.

As I've said here before, I think the only way to open this can of worms is to find a financial impropriety that hopefully leads to bigger crimes. There's always an outside chance of re-opening the NIST investigation, but I wouldn't count on it, and most of the evidence has been destroyed anyway.

Kucinich is doing this right.

The other thing to watch is the AIPAC case, which has had an interesting development.

I'm doubting...

You really think Kucinich is actually doing anything? Or was the reporter stunned by his wife's presence, and willing to believe whatever she says.

Think about it. If he really was going to go after them, we would hear this. If he was persuaded to drop the matter, we would *still* hear what we heard.

As Credence said, "Someday" never comes.... Let's hope that Kucinich really *is* digging into this and we're not getting jerked around.

That's real journalism.

That's real journalism. Fantastic work. Strange, Howard Dean doesn't have a personal opinion on the massacre of 9/11, what is he a friggin android?

Howard Dean is a neo-con

Howard Dean is a neo-con dressed as a "radical" progressive. Kucinich pays us lipservice to keep the pot from boiling over. Why don't we all seem to be able to fully comprehend this? The Democratic party is the "gatekeeper" party. Sad and scary...but true all the same. May we move on now with this knowledge fully in mind?
As for the "limited investigation" to be led by Kucinich, he stated months ago that it was to take place in September. Now that September has come and gone, his followup reply was that there is no set date for this limited hangout to occur. Can anyone say Stalling??

He is a hyporcrite

Maybe also a traitor. Complicit possibly after the fact.

Politicians in Delusion exhibiting true cowardice. 911 Truth is going to EXPLODE into the Mainstream sooner or later the those cowardly politicians WHO DID NOT DO THEIR JOBs will ALSO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE.

The collapsing dollar is not going to help these neo-con GATEKEEPERS , LIARS AND MURDERERS.

They cannot expect to run to Saudi Arabia's Carlyle group backers or AIPAC for protection when the truth is known and the American people rise up to take back their country from LIARS, TYRANTS AND MURDERERS.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Sounds like Kucinich needs

Sounds like Kucinich needs to get in touch with Sibel Edmonds.

One other thing . . .

You guys did a GREAT job hitting home the 9/11 truth questions. However, in the future, I would ask those candidates that have already been asked if they support a new 9/11 investigation something different along the lines of "if a new investigation irrefutably proves that 9/11 was an inside job, what do you feel will happen to the country as we know it?"

You know, try to dig deep to see what might be preventing them from fully acknowledging 9/11 truth. And yes, be sure to film them continually when asking the question to capture not only their verbal response but their body language as well.

Mrs Kucinich is lovely

I would like to see her and Sibel form a team on this :)

Good work

911 can't handle the

First, I am an independent thinker. I support no party or political group. I am not a member of any NGO, political non-profit, or private group that raises money for such things. I do not have access to privileged information. I have only my own thoughts...some of them, as follows: is quickly becoming a juggernaut. Its momentum may be peaking, but in terms of the propaganda machine, it just keeps rolling and rolling...

Let's suppose there was a second, and verifiable, independent (non-compromised) 911 investigation...and let's further suppose that apart from massive bureaucratic incompetence and turf warring, said investigation finds no evidence of an 'inside job'. Will the 911truth people finally accept this and start spending their time doing more positive/productive things? Not likely. They will demand ANOTHER investigation. Why? Because the 911 conspirators (believe they) ALREADY KNOW the truth...and that truth is what they (believe) they know. They will accept NO finding(s) that do not agree with their preconceived ideas, or 'truths'.

Thus also, we should expect to see headlines/article titles like: 'Behind the Facade of Incompetence'...since the spectacular failures and fiascos of the Bush administration (Iraq, Afghanistan, Katrina, Abu Graib, human rights, assorted scandals, etc.) are de facto proof of its incompetence (and corruption), these also ,simultaneously, undermine the conspiracy theories--all of which require massive internal cooperation and the relatively smooth coordination of hundreds of variables and thousands of people (who must keep their participation secret) other words, they require managerial and operational competence on an extraordinary scale. This is a classic example of 'cognitive dissonance'...the perceived incongruity between what I am told, and what I see plainly.

This admin. could not keep the Scooter Libby/Rove/Cheney outing of Valerie Plame secret...they couldn't keep the Attorney Generals' firing plot secret, and they couldn't keep the Jack Abramoff bribery business secret....or prevent any number of other secrets, leaks, or classified documents from being made public. But we are asked to believe that a plot to commit the greatest terrorist act on US soil was effected/orchestrated by these same people? And if we doubt the 'truth about 911' (as presented by the conspirators), then WE are the ones being fooled!

In the early days of the 911 agit prop wave (November, 2001 and on), I too was gulled into buying some of these claims--until I started noticing that follow up reports offered little/no corroborating facts, and earlier reported details were suddenly missing or ignored...when important 'sources' of news items turned out to have been non-existent...when 'facts' turned out to be distortions, or inventions...when more and more stories turned out to be wild or vicious rumors, wholly unverifiable (i.e., lies); not one or two stories, mind you, but dozens and was a matter of critical mass, for me.

At most (after many months of reading this stuff, and analyzing it), all I would eventually concede was a political 'act of ommission', that is, that some in the government knew a terrorist act was imminent, but did nothing to stop it. I still think that this is a possibility. But that is a far cry from asserting (without any REAL knowledge) that said government insiders CAUSED or PLANNED 911

This is NOT to say that the Bush admin. has nothing to hide. Of course they do. They have cynically used 911 to advance a capitalist-anarchist agenda (amongst other things). They must cover up their corporate cronyistic dirty dealings with other nations that support the terrorism we are supposedly fighting (Pakistan being one example). I have little doubt about their anti-democratic machinations, dishonesty, partisan malfeasance, corruption, or incompetence. I loathe what they stand for. But this loathing stops short of the monstrous allegation of covering up their own 911 plot.

What astounding hatred! But I guess that's the telling point: 911 has become the ultimate focal point for all of our pent up hatred and mistrust of government.

And, let's not forget, controversy sells.

And the point about 'who benefits", invalid. Just because a party benefits from a tragedy, does not mean that they caused it to happen! Vultures benefit from carrion, but they do not kill the beast.

The claims of the so-called '911 scholars' and other conspiracy espousing groups have been repeatedly debunked from a multitude of sources (inside and outside the gov.)...journalists, scientists, academics, independent researchers, and even ordinary folks with intact critical thinking skills....but, these will not do!

The 911(wouldn't know the truth if it flew into your office conspirators will accept only one 'truth'...theirs.

No doubt many of you will dismiss my comments (in your mind, you'll imagine me to be some duped pawn of corrupt powers). But I have some faith left that there are enough clear-thinking folks out there that will recognize the sober realism of my opinion, and perhaps truly 'move on'...

The 'truth' IS out there...but you can't see it when you are blinded by paranoia and irrational hatred.