Here's the link if you want to email HBO and tell them how you feel about Bill Maher's stance on 9/11.

This is the email address to contact HBO about Real Time with Bill Maher. Tell them how many audience members Bill Maher is losing them for his antiquated, sophomoric stance on 9/11 truth and his treatment of 9/11 truthers. They need to hear it, and so does he. I used to be a fan, but now I am decidedly NOT.

Here is a recent video of Mos Def and Dr. Cornell West on Maher's show from 9/7/07. Mos Def speaks the truth about 9/11, and about Bin Laden, "I don't believe in that Boogie Man shit." Watch the clip. Mos is speaking pure truth in this, "I don't believe it was Bin Laden." And what's Bill's response? "Well, you lost me there." No kidding, buddy. You really are lost.

And here is Bill Maher acting all indignant and incredulous about the fact that 36% of Americans believe that 9/11 was an inside job. He is the worst shill for the powers that be on this subject. He doesn't seem to get it. He is way out ahead of the curve on so many subjects. And he is so far behind the curve on this one.

He just won't accept that the majority of Americans don't believe the official conspiracy theory any more. He and his guests engage in a round of hackneyed, nonsensical arguments and make fun of Charley Sheen. "'They' can't keep the lights on in Iraq. How could 'they' have done 9/11." Talk about approaching the subject from the wrong angle and missing the point.

Hello, 9/11 was done on purpose so that they could screw up Iraq on purpose, sillies. At least that's how I see it. I'm not even going to get into how useless the term "they" is in this context.

This clip is from 9/8/06 and the numbers have surely shifted in the past year, so that way more than 36% of Americans now believe 9/11 was an inside job. I site polls all the time when I am convincing people of the truth. The polls show that we are in the majority. The minority are the folks who still believe the lies of the Bush Administration's OCT despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Tell your friends.

I used to like Maher also

but now I'm right on the verge of not watching anymore, actually I think the only reason I watch now is in hopes of seeing at least 1/2 of the audience being made up of 9/11 truth and all of them heckle his sorry ass.
I also am rather certain that 9/11 truth has been the majority view for over a year now, at least 50%.
Sadly however with as ignorant as so many Americans are that doesn't mean as much as it should since somewhere around 50% depending on what poll you are looking at believes that some mythical sun god created man and don't believe in Evolution. There cant possibly be more overwhelming evidence for anything than there is of Evolution yet approx. 50% of this country is in total denial.
There are also about 25-30% of this country that are completely unreachable about 9/11 or anything else to do with their Messiah George W Christ.
So the very best we can even theoretically do is about 70% of the country on board with the FACTs about 9/11.
So maybe another 20% tops is what we have left to reach, THEN WHAT? If 50% of the god damn country isn't going to do a freaking thing about it then what are 70% going to do?

Honestly I'm embarrassed to be called American, all these bastards should have been hauled away in chains a long time ago.

Contacts for HBO

Here's where you can contact HBO specifically in regards to the Bill Maher show.

This is a general contact for HBO as well. Might as well voice your concerns..


I always find the polls hard to believe when I watch the audience's reaction to 9/11 truth hecklers. Almost every single time the audience boo's the hecklers and cheers when security kicks them out. And these are so-called progressives. When it comes to the polls, who is voting on them? Why are the poll results seemingly not represented in live broadcast tv shows with audiences? Kinda aggravates me. The numbers are great, but I don't see the evidence in day to day reality. Not yet anyway.

Depends on IQ, education and "knowledge"

Not propaganda that comes from MSM, this is why most every Internet poll you see is usually 85%+ on the 9/11 truth side.
The 28%ers (actually now like 22%ers) get their news from the Pulpit & Faux news and they are as ignorant as the day they were born.