9/11 First Responder Mike Ryan Dies

9/11 First Responder Mike Ryan Dies


We have received unconfirmed reports that 9/11 first responder Mike Ryan has passed away, presumably from the dust-related illness he has been sufferring from... More information to follow as it comes in

Mike Ryan was a detective and first responder in the aftermath of 9/11.

In a previously posted interview with Ryan, he discusses his difficulties with medical treatment, his questions about WTC Building 7 and comments on the toxic dust and its affect on New York's abandoned heroes.


This very personal interview gives an account of one 9/11 hero amongst many left in the shadows and sometimes forgotten in the aftermath of the fateful attacks of September 11.

Interview and video by Chris Cowan.

This email sent from John:

Hello all . I regret to inform you that my friend NYC Police Sgt Mike Ryan passed away this morning after his long battle with cancer that was related to his exposure during 9/11 . He is survived by his wife Eileen and his four children Liam , Erin , Aidan and Casey . He was a great man .

Wake Information :

Where : Maloney's Funeral Home
840 Wheeler Road (Rt 111 )
Hauppauge , NY 11788 (631) 361 7500

When : Wed 2-4 & 7-9
Thur 2-4 & 7-9

Funeral Information :

St Thomas Moore R.C. Church
115 Kings Hwy Hauppauge , NY 11788 Friday at 11 AM
(631) 234 5551

Thank you to everyone for all your support . John

R.I.P Mike Ryan

Very, very sad news...

Truth and Justice will be achieved for all those souls taken on 9/11 and as a result of it !!!

Rest in Peace Mike ... our

Rest in Peace Mike ... our hearts are with you and your family, you are a brave and responsible human being, and did not deserve this early departure.