Bob McIlvaine Opening Remarks and Intro to the Movie "Press For Truth": 9/11 Symposium 11/03/07

(This a 'rough cut' clip..we are currently working on the post production of the event which will be available on DVD and the web in the coming weeks.)

Victim Family Member Bob McIlvaine makes his opening remarks and a powerful introduction to the Movie "Press For Truth".


I don't know what keeps this guy from shooting guys like Silversteen and Rockefeller - he's a better man than me. AMERICA DON'T EVER FORGET THE PEOPLE WHO WERE PAID TO LIE TO YOU

There's a lesson

For all activists,
I've had the same thought, 9/11 Press For Truth is the perfect "starter" for all newbies,
especially for elder, more cautious people who are hardly changing their mind on basic aspects of reality.

So instead of screaming at people about "the new world order", skull & bones, etc... some of you guys take a more cautious approach and .... hand out a 9/11 Press For Truth cd.

Dear Bob......

I sure hope your able to read this. You do more for the truth movement then you can possibly imagine.
Every time i see a video of you it makes me break down. I too have a son and daughter that mean the world to me. I feel your loss.I feel your justified anger.
I too feel the same when i tell people( The same way you do) Just LOOK! Don't believe me!
See it for yourself!
I could not imagine ANYONE that could ridicule you! It's just like the major media saying that it offends the victims families talking about getting all the truth movements questions answered! BS!
You have my deepest condolances. I pray to God that you,and all Americans get the truth and some closure.
You do your country ,and above that your son....PROUD!


This is a very moving speech

Wise Words, WISDOM.

I could not agree with you more.

Every time i see a video of you it makes me break down"

Our Tears, sown in Patience, Love, the Search for Truth & Justice will one day bear fruit.

Well said.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it