Dr Steven Jones Lab Analysis of TruthBurn/WTC Thermite Residue

Just got this in from Dr. Jones.
Dr. Jones said he used these comparisons (images) in a recent lecture in Connecticut

View images here:

Here's an interesting link about a defense contractor that makes linear charges for the military. Their other products are interesting to look at.

and this re: nano-explosives as applied to nano-composite exothermic reactions

Excerpt from link -

Scientists at Texas Tech University made a nanocomposite of
aluminum and iron oxide (Fe2O3) that reacts exothermically when
ignited. The material could have applications in explosives or
as an energy source in micro-electro-mechanical systems devices or
in space. The researchers made a honeycomb-like alumina template by
electrochemical anodization of an aluminum foil in an acid. They
were able to tailor the diameter of the template’s pores by
altering the voltage and the acid used, producing pores between
10 and 150 nanometers (nm). The team then electrodeposited iron
inside the template pores, which they later oxidized to make Fe2O3
nanowires. After various additional steps, the researchers added a
50-nm layer of aluminum on top of the nanowires, forming a structure
in which the nanowires were partially embedded in the aluminum layer.
Igniting samples of the nanocomposite caused them to burn with a flame
temperature of around 4,000° C. The scientists estimated that the
energy released was about 1,000 times greater than the amount released
by a purely surface reaction. The researchers planned to study the
reaction mechanism, thermodynamics, and kinetics of the
ignition process (Kalaugher, 2004§)

One of the next plans for TruthBurn is to test a "thermate" shaped charge on a piece of 2' x 2', 2" thick plate steel.

Can someone put this in

Can someone put this in "layman's terms"?


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Explosives forensics are very valuable

The surface is important for a big and hot explosion. Blow Aluminium filings into a hot gas-flame and even though Aluminium is not combustible by itself, the explosion is impressive.

It is important to uncover the type of explosives used.

I have place a vote here for investigating more of the 911 logistics, such as P-tech.