The Sibel Edmonds blockbuster exclusive: the news story that wasn't

I've just written a piece with the above title. Feel free to spread it around, put it on digg, or whatever. I'm passing the torch. For now, I feel like I've done what I can on Sibel's story. If you want to send a message to National Security Whistleblowers (current AND future) and the media, I would suggest that you not let this issue die off in the blogosphere at least.

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Have you read Brad Blog’s exclusive blockbuster news yet? The story that says that Sibel Edmonds, “the most gagged person in US history” is now ready to risk prison in order to tell the American public what she knows? You know, the one which made her name a hot trend in a few places (however mild) before practically never being heard of again. Yeah, that one.

Now, I’m writing this for all you people who are aware that 70% of the 9/11 victims families (you know, the ones who pushed the 9/11 Commission into actually happening at all) questions remained unaddressed.

I’m writing to all of those of you who are aware and and seem at least somewhat concerned about the gaping holes left by that report. Yes, 9/11 Commission cochairs Kean and Hamilton, that includes you, unless you entitled the first chapter of your book “The Commission was set up to fail” simply in order to titillate and sell a few more copies, in which case, shame, shame on you. All of you brave Patriots who have come out by name and on the record as having serious questions about what is still considered by many to be the definitive version of the events surrounding 9/11, this article is for you as well. I’m writing to those 5 million+ (or so; hard to be precise with so many copies around and not knowing how many actual watches are among those numbers) Zeitgeist the movie watchers who have put the G*ogle version of that video in and out of the top ten most popular videos. It currently resides at number 7, a 2 hour long movie behind mostly only a bunch of 4 minute or so long clips. Loose Change fans, you are my audience as well.

Dear waterdancer....

I agree this story is HUGE!....It may also provide the big break for us truthers in obtaining the truth.
So to all truthers gathering at ABC,CBS,NBC, and yes even FOX. Let's push this!
And last but not least.....Thank you Sibel ! You define what a good American should be!