Another example of a top-down demolition for Michael Schermer!

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Look familiar?

These are characteristic features indicating the use of explosives:
1) Outward arching dust plumes
2) Formation of debris cloud that is symmetrical around the vertical axis of the structure
3) Heavier material is propelled out ahead of the dust

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There are many ways

There are many ways demolition firms bring down a building or structure, a lot depends on the surrounding area and the insurance liabilities. For example, in the picture above, which looks to be a smokestack of some height, its not uncommon to lean it over with charges. I believe that prior to 9/11, in New Jersey two similar storage tank/towers were brought down, and they were both leaner drops, as well as cascade explosions down the body.

for other "Hollywood" events - such as what was shown in the movie Enemy of the State, demolition firms will rig the structure with fuel pots designed to go off in a designed manner to highlight and dramatize the event. this also happens at Vegas implosions where fireworks, flash-bangs, and other fuel glam-bangs are employed.

For 9/11, it was a requirement that something of a diversion be employed - the fuel-laden aircraft - to slam into the buildings and give a "plausible" explanation for the subsequent collapses. If, for example, the buildings just spontaneously collapsed without a plane crash into them, that would have required a massive investigation and explanation to the public. People would have been going "wait a minute," buildings don't JUST collapse.

By having a series of plane crashes and spectacular fireball effects, the public was ready to accept the government version without much critical thinking.

Here's another similar'ish example by Xenomorph911...

The bottom portion does not really reflect the south tower (as it was a top-down for the remaining section below) but the mini-demo job for the upper portion is very similar (without the massive explusion of debris and "banana peel" effect).


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