Why Were Bomb Squad Teams Present in the Evidence Sorting Area at Fresh Kills in Staten Island

As a spin-off to my previous blog : The "Official Investigation" Blessed by FEMA and ASCE is a Half-Baked Farce - 9/11 Memory Hole - I wanted to explore one element that keeps nagging at me...

Reading through this amazing Diary by American Red Cross volunteer Atmo Kabir, several statements roused my curiosity, in particular the below paragraph.

We approached another area almost the size of a football field surrounded by tall poles ending in powerful halogen light clusters. A large backhoe digger with a shovel full of debris raised high was inching back in reverse and scattering the stuff in small mounds for the workers to more easily pick through. Off to the side, were sifting machines that shake the rubble through a strainer before it's strewn out on the ground before the men. I counted eight workers carefully eyeing the sifted debris for any evidence as the conveyor belt carried it towards a bin. The evidence could be in the form of say, pieces of the Black Box or of the aircraft, or valuables destroyed from the collapsed buildings. Dressed in white Tyvec suits, yellow boots and gas masks, groups of four or five of these guys sift through the debris with pitchforks and rakes. And each group employs German shepherd dog that works the debris just as hard as the men do. One guy holds a white plastic bucket and goes about looking for small objects; another is dangling an article of clothing off the end of his pitchfork. Anything of importance is quickly inspected and handed over to the specialists, either the bomb squads, Secret Service, CIA, police or whatever agency that needs to be informed. Off to the side two folding tables covered in muddied plastic are there for placing evidence that needs to be recorded. A large hand-painted cardboard seen behind the tables reads: "No body parts on the table"

So my question is... WHY were BOMB SQUADS there ?


Not a smoking gun or anything, just something that I wanted to share...

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the bomb squads were there

the bomb squads were there to secure any left over secondary devices - just like what happened in OKC.

control the crime scene, and get away with the crime.

ASCE team were "volunteers" who had worked together before

"(Kevin) Ryan reports that the the leaders of the ASCE team who volunteered to explain the WTC collapses are almost identical to the authors of the OKC Murrah Building report. "