9/11 Victim Family Members Speak Out!: 9/11 Symposium West Hartford CT 11/03/07

( This a "rough cut", we are currently in the process of post production on the entire event which will be available on DVD in the coming weeks....check 911Hartford.org for updates.)
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Donna Marsh O'Connor

Manny Badillo

Bob McIlvaine

Family Member Panel Q & A ( Go to full post)

Show "Ummm, not sure what to make of this speech..." by Mel

It certainly is...to those

It certainly is...to those who don't have a solid comprehension of philosophy. To those of us who do, it was well articulated and mildly riveting. Not perfect and could have zipped along a bit more, but she certainly gave a moving speech. Well done, Ms. O'Connor. Manny is an excellent speaker and someone who deserves great respect, as do all questioning family members of those lost on 9/11.