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Steve Watson
Friday, Nov 9, 2007

Loose Change: Final Cut has arrived. Two days ahead of the original schedule, the long awaited final version of the film that took the 9/11 truth movement mainstream is now available to buy on DVD.

The original Loose Change and Loose Change 2nd Edition have been viewed at least 50 million times over the Internet, making it one of the most watched movies in history, but the Final Cut goes above and beyond, making it not simply the third in a trilogy but a completely new film with oodles of unseen footage, commentary, interviews and eyewitness testimony.

In an effort to be the catalyst for a new independent investigation of 9/11, the film features new and exclusive interviews with firefighters, EMT's, first responders and other officials who were all eyewitnesses to multiple secondary explosions in the twin towers and around the ground zero area.

Click here to order Loose Change Final Cut. View the official trailer below:

Friday, November 9 Alex Jones and Jason Bermas

Friday, November 9 Alex Jones and Jason Bermas

Alex Jones and Loose Change co-producer Jason Bermas discuss the release of the Final Cut of the ground-breaking documentary phenomenon


Suggested Reading:

They've posted the OLD one minute "Teaser Trailer"...

Below is the current one on http://www.loosechange911.com


Link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HdoJASdLg_A


Best wishes

Beautiful trailer.

I can't wait to watch this film. I am going to make hundreds of copies and give them out. I really hope that somehow the Loose Change boys can cut some sort of deal to get this into theaters. Everyone needs to see this.

"Grab a Shotgun"???

i thought we all are in agreement .....our ONLY hope of establishing something better on this planet is through strictly adhered to non-violence. I love a catchy tune as much as the next guy but come on....this quasi rap crap does the movement no favors. Sure i'm a good deal older then Dylan et al...but...but come on quality is timeless ......like maybe some of his namesake, "Times They Are A Changin'", "Blowin'

Thank You.

Regardless of the criticism I've given them. Dylan Avery and the Loose Change boys deserve a lot a hell of a lot of credit for working for the America people. Kevin Ryan does too. These people make our case and effectively. We are cheerleaders. Which they depend on as well, but I like to criticize and encourage people to do better, but in the end they are the men and women putting their god damn lives on the line. And thank God for that. I don't know what else to say. But Thank You.

I second that...

Thanks to everyone who has stuck their neck out for all of us.

2 days ahead of

2 days ahead of schedule?

Must be a revised schedule.

No GooTube?


I can't wait!!!

ITMT, So what do you guys think of zeitgeist?

Why isn't that listed here under "recent media"? Best 9/11 truth film i've seen in YEARS.

Did I miss something?


Zeitgeist about to Top 5 Million at Google Video

I think it is EXCELLENT.

Yes, you missed something. There was several discussions of Z here at blogger.

The "Religion" third is too much for a lot of people.

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uh that last one was just my

uh that last one was just my signature at the time - but I think the movie is great if you handle not only being awake(9/11) but standing on your feet(Religious Myths) and seeing the threat looming over the horizon(Complete Economic Slavery).

Truth Revolution: The Eleventh of Every Month

Great Movie

"This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius . . . ."

zeitgeist and the needs of the people

from what i have seen of zeitgeist, i can't help but feel, thinking of the big picture, that during these times of such pervasive evil, what is needed by the people is more than pure humanism and logic, but faith in goodness and love; and if that means belief in Allah, Yahweh, God, Jesus, Muhammed, Buddha - whoever/whatever - then so be it! the power of good to transcend and overcome this evil may be dependent upon that very faith. However, that being said, people of faith need to be instrumental and act, be not fatalistic. Do not fall prey to the mindset of "do not worry about that which you cannot change" or "it has all been written". it is time to overcome all fears, break free of the paralysis and disillusionment. it is time for courage in the face of evil. if after all, you cannot still believe in superior powers and deities, then at least embrace in the teachings. An example is Dr. David Ray Griffin. His faith has given him strength and purpose in his mission to uncover the truth and to encourage others to do the same.

Let the truth be told.

Let more and more Americans and world citizens tear the veils from their eyes and awaken from the consensus trance.

Thank you Dylan, Jason, Korey and all those who helped you and all those who have spoken truth to power. You are the American Patriots.

"There are none so hoplessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free." (Goethe)

Show "One word . . ." by Mekt_Ranzz

The song does not advocate

The song does not advocate violence IMO. Before saying COINTELPRO at least justify it. If you're unhappy with it then watch Press for Truth instead ;-)

I will not be able to have it!

Just because I'm not a US resident I won't be able to even download the film from the official site. When will that be possible? This is not fair!

You can't hide a lie for long. Truth shall come out.

I agree!!

That sucks!! I was looking forward to downloading it tonight but it looks like it wont be possible just because I dont live in the US! :(

911 was an Inside Job"

No International Orders ?

I hope this is just temporary.

I went to the ol' infowarrior shoppe and the shipping would have been 22 bucks.

I'll repeat 22 bucks for shipping a dvd.

22 bucks... for a dvd.

Are they made of depleated uranium?

I think the price for the dvd itself is very fair, and I'll be more than happy to pay that
price when I can get one to Canada but, let me say it one more time...

22 bucks for shipping a dvd.

This has got to be a mistake, or is this one of those "what the maket will bear" things?

looking forward to seeing ( and yes, paying) for this film sometime in the near future

Bill Polonsky
"The evidence is there no matter how much you don't want it to be."

Update: Order at Loose Change homepage for best price. ( and you know where the money is going)


Confirmed, No international DVD's and NO INTERNATIONAL DOWNLOADS!

Why is that? Is that just for a limited time? Or do they want international folks to bypass their sales and just get a copy for free off someone else on the internet?

From http://www.loosechangethefinalcut.com/ :

"The Loose Change Final Cut DVD is only available through the Infowars Shop for customers within the USA. NO INTERNATIONAL ORDERS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Video downloads of Loose Change Final Cut are available only to customers within the USA."

The web edition is available

The web edition is available for download on the Conspiracy Central bit torrent tracker




downloaded fine, but for some reason the player gets stuck after ~1 hour...
it does show > 2 hours in the 'timeline', but can't seek past 1:05 or so..
tried with multiple players ... and my file def. seems to be complete.
anyone else?

Proxy Server

Used a U.S. proxy server to bypass the rules.

It worked.

Any dancing Mossad agents dressed as Arabs in this one...

with video cameras, who were arrested with thousands of dollars on 'em, boxcutters and explosives in their van, to later be released on the orders of Michael Chertoff and sent back to Israel, who then appeared on an Israeli teevee show and admitted that their "purpose" being near the WTC "was to document the event"???

"If I had just paid $20 million for the NIST report, I'd be asking for a refund!... The trouble with the NIST Report is that it isn’t even science because it's not capable of being verified or negated!"
-Dr. Frank Greening

No - they play it safe

Perhaps a bit too safe :(

They land a few punches but do not, for some reason, provide a "knock-out blow"

Final Cut is an epilogue, not an indictment.

Final Cut lakes focus and is little weak, and frankly I am disappointed. I really doubt that I will be passing out copies of Final Cut to the pubilc as an introduction to 9/11 Truth. It is too "wishy-washy", instead of connecting the dots and making the definite conclusion, it merely asks questions. Furthermore, I believe it should start with and slam dunk the case for controlled demolitions at the WTC. While the details which connect the "terrorists" to the US military are great, that is a secondary issue. Coverage of the Pentagon should have been after Shanksville because the conclusion is muddled.

I see your point, but...

I think it is good for people to come to their own conclusions. I would say well over 90% of what I saw in LCFC was 100% verifiable information, no conjecture or theory, but actual verifiable facts. This is a good thing. It is much easier to attempt to debunk something that is a "theory" than something that has facts, and in many cases facts admitted to and confirmed by "so-called" reliable sources (MSM Government reports, etc.). Unfortunately, the nature of 9/11 Truth requires people to consider many theories. Some have merit, some turn out not to. All should be considered until shown to be inconsistent with the evidence.

I think that people who watch that film who have not been exposed to 9/11 Truth will either a) deny it because they are in denial; b) ignore it because they are unintelligent enough to recognize hard facts and where they likely lead; or c) realize there is real "legs" to this story and look up things on their own. By presenting as little information that can later be shown to be false or partly-false as possible, and sticking to the admitted facts as they exist at this time, they have created a film that will stand up to debunking and will retain its meaning even further research uncovers more facts.

In my opinion, the advancement of theories is limited and presented as questions because people must make up their own mind. Just as people shouldn't be brainwashed by the MSM, they should not be brainwashed by LCFC. It is more important to open the eyes of the critical thinkers. This "awakening" makes people look at much more concerning our Government than 9/11 in a different light. Truth cannot be rammed down someones throat. If they don't accept it, that is their problem. It is very possible they fit into the first two categories listed above.

I agree

Although I think the movie is for the most part well-made and persuasive, it seems to lead the viewer into thinking there is a lot of confusion about the events that day (conspiratorial) instead of clearly showing how the official story is wrong and needs further investigation.

I don't want alternative theories to be proposed but the official theory needs to be properly trashed.

For example:

1. The long segment where different people (eg the cab driver) say what they think hit the Pentagon. What's the point? It just creates confusion. Why not just show how Hani could never have hit the most defended building in the US (that can track multiple airborne objects at the same time) and leave it at that?

2. The Secret Service's (lack of) reaction to the event with regards to escorting Bush away from My Pet Goat. This is prominent in the Griffin books and Press for Truth as a smoking gun but is excluded completely?

3. No video of a thermate reaction next to the the video of the molten metal flowing from the tower. Many new-comers to the movement are "moved" when they see this in 9/11 Mysteries ("it's exactly the same reaction!")

4. No William Rodriguez. FFS he was the janitor of the complex for many years and comes across as very credible to most people. Especially since he saved other people who back up his story.

6. No clear introductions to people. eg Ray McGovern. We just get told he is a veteran CIA officer instead of mentioning that he read the daily briefings to the president (more credible)

7. No showing of precendent. ie Operation Northwoods where the entire Joint Chiefs of Staff approved a terrorist attack

8. No mentioning of the Newsweek report about Pentagon employees cancelling flights for the next day (this is in Press for Truth) and Ashcroft not flying commercial flights in 2001 or of the failure to capture Bin Laden in Tora Bora after the attacks and his treatment in the American hospital in Dubai (backed up by former head of CIA)

9. Not a word about Sibel Edmonds who, like William Rodriguez, also comes across as very credible

I must admit that I'm a bit perplexed as to why some of this basic info was excluded and some irrelevant, confusing stuff thrown in... ???

I know you can't put everything into a movie but it may be easier to convince people that the hijackers were "trained and protected" by the US government if you mentioned Operation Northwoods as precedent...

Will continue with a combo of Press for Truth and 9/11 Mysteries for now...



The most important part of Loose Change Final Cut starts at :41

:D Congratulations to Dylan & Co. for getting it out.

Who Is? Archives

Are people buying the DVD or downloading?

Which is preferable for usability, and what is the policy about copying and distributing?


Pay for Play

If you can afford to pay for a copy, please do so.

We all want to copy this film, but I think in good concience we should make the effort and buy a copy to show our support.

Bill Polonsky
"The evidence is there no matter how much you don't want it to be."




(more versions and conversion to proper AVI as it becomes available ...)

Those DL links are only half of LCFC

That's what I've heard, anyway.

However, a little bird told me that you might find a DL link posted @ CC in the comments section of the half-assed LCFC UL attempt that's posted on the tracker over there.

"If I had just paid $20 million for the NIST report, I'd be asking for a refund!... The trouble with the NIST Report is that it isn’t even science because it's not capable of being verified or negated!"
-Dr. Frank Greening


Thank you very much



Think it's OK to hand out free copies yet?

I'd like to hand out free DVDs of LCFC that I made from a downloaded avi file (in other words, lower quality than the "storebought" DVD) at a local event. What do y'all think of that idea? I don't know how to ask Dylan and the others directly, or I would.

Fred W