Translation of Patriots Question 9/11 to french

A group of French people recently decided to translate from english to french language. Questionning the 9/11 events is ofted see as a form of American bashing from people outside the United-Sates. So a lot of people around the world need to understand that Americans themself are questionning 9/11 before even thinking about questionning it too.

Here is the link they would like to see translated:
You can see that each Patriots have been numbered with MIL13, MIL14, etc. I know there is some French people looking regularly at this website, so if you are interested, you can pick a number and translate it (be sure you take a look at the top of the website to see wich number is being translated at this moment). You don't need to be a professional translator to help them.
Just tell him the number you want to translate before starting (just to be sure not two people are working on the same number):

Name: Frédéric Henry Couannier

Thank you for your help,


Merci, Roger!

de votre poste. C'est marveilleux que vous avez traduite "PatriotsQuestion 911".

Je parle francais un peu, mais je n'ecrit pas tellement bien (de tout).

Mais je voudrais vous souhaitez -- Bon Chance! Je supporte vos efforts dans la belle France!

Quand j'ai vu le collapse do WTC 7 pour la premiere fois, j'ai bien pensee -- mon oeuil!

Et puis, qu'est-ce qui peut causer la destructionne entiere en seulement 6.5 secondes?

Et puis, avec la recherche, j'ai bien dit -- et mon pays? Qu'est que il y a?

Et mes yeux, non plus sec... depuis presque trois annees....

Thank you everyone, all the

Thank you everyone, all the numbers have already been pick by someone! So now it is just a matter of days before the translation is done!

Merci à tous, tout les numéros ont déjà été attribués! La page web devrait donc être complètement traduite d'ici quelques jours!

Translation complete

The translation is now complete. You can view it here: