BBC To Apologize For 9/11 Truth Hit Piece?

letter to the BBC, Blacker cites a catalogue of errors, distortions and outright lies that were contained in the program, arguing that the documentary is an insult to those that lost their lives on 9/11.

"The Conspiracy files team spoke to and recorded the testimony of many eyewitnesses, fire fighters, police officers, and public high witnesses, plus also officialdom high witnesses and had access to written testimony from many high witnesses via official sites on the WWW," writes Blacker. "YET NOT ONE SINGLE HIGH WITNESS WAS PRESENTED IN THE DOCUMENTARY TO PUT THE TRUTH PERSPECTIVE," he adds.

"The Conspiracy Files Documentary was a work of Total Public deception from start to end, perfectly crafted to stealthily deceive and forward nothing which was conclusive either one way or the other, in other words, perfect propaganda YELLOW journalism by stealth, omission & deception," Blacker concludes, after citing dozens of examples of bias, fraud and agenda-driven presentation.

In a clear sign that BBC are struggling to form a case for the legal defense of the program, they have put back a meeting with Blacker for the third time in succession, now agreeing to a late November date.

In our review of the documentary, we slammed the program as a tissue of lies, bias and emotional manipulation from beginning to end, listing 17 clear examples of gross inaccuracy, distortions, obfuscations and character smears.

After the show aired in the UK, Producer Guy Smith subsequently appeared on The Alex Jones Show but failed miserably to address these concerns,only being able to repeat empty sound bites about how the show was intended to be an impartial investigation.

The BBC were embroiled in a similar spat later that same month when footage emerged of one of their correspondents reporting the collapse of WTC Building 7 on 9/11 over 20 minutes before it actually fell, leading to claims that the broadcaster was, either wittingly or unwittingly, being fed a script as events unfolded on the day. At the very least, the saga painfully illustrated why the establishment media cannot be trusted when major news events occur because they simply act as a feedback loop for whatever the authorities tell them, no matter how dubious the facts of the matter are.

If the BBC are forced to admit mass public deception it will mire the corporation in a new scandal hot on the heels of numerous allegations of rampant corruption regarding phone-in contests. The public broadcaster, which is financed by the British public by way of mandatory TV licensing, has also been slammed for staging scenes in documentariesand asking members of the public to lie for contrived interviews, causing trust in "Auntie Beeb" to plummet to all time lows.


This is real good and very powerful news for everyone of us.

Thanks Mr. Blacker!

You can't hide a lie for long. Truth shall come out.

I wouldn't settle for just an apology

I would make them do a new 9/11 truth documentary which includes details of the lawsuit in question.

That's the ticket

John Blacker is one heck of a guy in my book. I would like to see the BBC forced to do a televised retraction also.

Blacker Is Showing Us The Way...

And that way is to fight for Truth legally. Everything activists in the 911 Consciousness Movement do is sacred and vital. It lays the seeds in people's minds and hearts to edify them so that they can be more astute to the geopolitical universe. But legal action is a way to get the force of Justice moving in accordance with Truth. Now we need Truth AND Justice. And you can't ask for Justice. You must take it.

This must be approached with the gravest of caution because the enemy is a cold blooded viper with an extremist agenda that transcends mere capitalistic greed.

Blacker is a fruad

Sorry but I don't see this resulting in anything but the 911 truth movement being made to look stupid, again.

Consider this article about the case on RINF: 9/11 Truth - We’ve got the BBC on the run, it contains a letter from J A Blacker to the BBC which contains:

"Prof Jim Fetzer states the BBC team recorded many hours with him yet showed next to nothing of what he explained were the key science issues of the truth movement & the key evidence – why – what has the BBC got to hide – perhaps the FACTS???"


"PS: Why was Prof Judy Wood not asked to explain the 911 physics?"

Does this ring any alarm bells for anyone?

If I were the BBC I'd welcome the chance to see this case in court since making a fool of John Blacker is probably not going to be very hard and when the judge throws it out the BBC might be awarded costs...

Uncle Fetzer & Wood

strike again. This is why ALL of us in the truth movement need to just completely ignore such lunatic fringe statements from the likes of Fetzer/Wood and all the No planers, The Global Warming/Moon Landing/Holocaust deniers ALL need to STFU. The only defense these Reich wing lunatics have is to marginalize as many as possible in the Truth movement, no need to make it easy for them.

Good work Chrisc

Perhaps other scientists could threaten to SUE the BBC, and demand a live pannel discussion or braodcasting a 911 Truth documentary.

The Original Article

Two days ago extracts from the RINF article were posted to this site, but it wasn't put on the front page. The extract, of course, didn't mention Judy Wood or Jim Fetzer and it is now unaccessible, it was here: however the google cache still has the page and a screenshot of it has been embedded in this thread at Truth Action, together with some other information about RINF.