Discovery of America, Reichstag Fire, Pearl Harbor, Twin Towers, and what next?

By Franz J. T. Lee

On Tuesday, May 17 , 2006, in an article published by Mathaba.Net, I explained the terrorist essence of most political hoaxes used by fascist or imperialist regimes:
"In reality, Columbus did not discover anything whatsoever, yet by means of education, socialization and dissemination of untruths by the international mass media, around him was built up the greatest capitalist, colonial and imperialist myth of all times, a big lie much greater than the fantastic tales related to the 'Reichtagsbrand', 'Pearl Harbor', the 'Blowing up of the Twin Towers' and to Chavez the 'Big Dictator' ".

Of course, by now all serious natural and social scientists know that African Arab peoples were visiting the Caribbean and Central America centuries because Christopher Columbus launched the bloody, genocidal Conquest of the Americas. (ibid.) Yet, in schools and colleges millions of pupils and students are still taught the big lie created half a millennium ago, over and over again. No wonder that they do not question the lies about '9/11'-

As we know, in Germany, the Nazis came into power on January 30, 1933. Shortly thereafter, on February 27, 1933, the Reichstag, the German parliament, was set on fire. Across their powerful diatribal mass media immediately the Nazi leaders accused the German Communist Party (KPD) of having perpetrated this crime. In a typical fascist style, they accused the left opposition of the very same crimes that they themselves were committing; according to their propaganda, the fire was a signal for the launching of a long planned communist uprising against the German Aryan 'Volk' (people). Of course, this was political humbug, the KPD was not in a historical position to organize any successful social international uprising at that time.

What was planned long ago, was: in order to control a people, "control of its education" (Hitler) was pertinent. What was a sine qua non to launch fascism was that the majority of the people must believe in the "ruling ideas of the ruling classes" (Marx) in Europe and elsewhere. Metropolitan socialization, culture, religion and ideology, ever since the brilliant ideas of Plato in his "Republic", of Maquiavelli in his "Prince" and of Thomas Hobbes in his "Leviathan", fabricated myths to preserve and nurture world capitalism. Truth was converted into its opposite, it became a hoax, a myth, a lie, the ruling truth of ruling classes. The absolute majority of the German people believed in what the Nazis propagated, later when millions of communists, Africans, gypsies, radical workers and Jews were exterminated, the people saw nothing, heard nothing and were smelling nothing. They were convinced that only great gods, great men,big ideas and big races make great, big history.

Any similarity with current events and with the great men surrounding "9/11" is purely coincidental and accidental!

In Nazi Germany, after having created the appropriate pretext, between June 30 and July 2, 1934, 'The Night of the Long Knives' or 'Operation Hummingbird', was launched, during which at least 85 political opponents were executed. However, most of those killed were members of the "Storm Battalion" (SA) a competing Nazi paramilitary organization led by Ernst Röhm. The witch-hunting continued and the final death toll probably reached hundreds, also a thousand opponents of the regime were arrested by the feared Gestapo (Geheime Staatspolizei). All this generated the Crystal Night, the pogroms against hundred thousands of Jews, the gruesome concentration camps and the abhorrent holocaust. .

All over there are apocalyptic signs of a coming nuclear holocaust, unless we stop world fascism now and here.

Similarly in the 'Kristallnacht' of Indonesia, in Djakarta and other cities, between October 1, 1965, and April or May of 1966, the right-wing military regime of Generals Nasution and Suharto usurped political power and brutally slaughtered a million 'communists' with the highly probable aid and anti-communist approval of the USA.

Something similar was on the order of the day during the military coup in Venezuela between April 11 and 13, 2002. This very danger is still very much alive today here.

In the last analysis, in the context of the Great Depression, monopoly imperialist capitalism was showing its true 'democratic' grimace: the truth of the Reichstag Fire was simply the production of a pretext , of a "9/11", to persecute and eliminate any revolutionary act and emancipatory idea which could ever dialectically negate world capitalism, that is, to eradicate evergreen, living, scientific, philosophic socialism, the workers' Phoenix, Marxism. Many of us do not know what is Marxism, the negation of capitalism, but we know what is economic exploitation of nature and society, is political domination, the bourgeois 'democratic' State, social discrimination of workers, peasants, minority groups, of women, children and the 'wretched of the earth', of racism, of genocidal militarism, of human alienation. Well, the only socialism that is worth realizing, worth fighting for, worth living and dying for, is exactly the opposite of all these, is creating creative emancipation.

In any society, If any of the above social crimes are not negated, annihilated, then we can not talk about socialism.

Stalinism did not qualify for a single socialist, emancipatory endeavor. Furthermore, capitalism never ever allowed socialism to realize its revolutionary essence. It attacked any real socialist effort, nipped it in the bud.

However, after the first (Hiroshima and Nagasaki) and the second (Bloodbath of Indonesia) biggest crimes of the 20th century, more bare faced pretexts were launched against anti-capitalist forces, even against imperialist competitors for world hegemony.

During the intra-imperialist World War II, Franklin Delano Roosevelt needed a pretext to enter the war, to join the Allies in the fight against the so-called Axis powers, thus knowingly the Japanese fleet was allowed to attack Pearl Harbor. What followed we know, including the testing of atomic weapons unnecessarily by throwing them on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Similarly, in Vietnam, when the then United States president, Lyndon B. Johnson, wanted to extend the war, we witnessed the 'Gulf of Tonkin' variety of aggressive imperialist machinations. Concerning the so-called attack of the enemies on some United States gunboats, later experts proved that the the 'enemy ships', detected by the US Navy ships in reality were just radar beams that were bouncing off the backs of some high ocean waves. All this was sufficient for LBJ to attack the Viet Minh and the Viet Cong freedom fighters.

In the Caribbean, in Grenada, Big Cowboy Ronald Reagan created the first cell of the humanist pretext for military invasion and genocide: to save the United States medical students from the wrath of the 'terrorist regime ' of President Maurice Bishop. Why? In October 1983, to distract attention away from the severe attack on the US Marine barracks in Lebanon, in which hundreds of 'peace-keeping' soldiers were killed. urgently the USA had to invent another pretext for criminal invasion. Furthermore, because Grenada was cultivating friendly relations with Cuba, the USA invented the next hoax, it claimed that the Cubans were constructing a huge airport in Grenada to permit Soviet Russia to invade South America. Of course, both lies had nothing to do with reality, they formed the 'ruling truth' of a 'ruling class' in Washington D.C.

The latest bottomless pretexts about international 'Arab terrorism', about '9/11', Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda, about the possession of arms of mass destruction or of developing them, in Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran are well known.

Very carefully the national and international mass media controlled by the imperialist powers are building up the hoax of the 'dictator' Hugo Chavez, of his drug and human trafficking, of a pretext for military intervention to capture Venezuelan gas, oil, biodiversity, strategic minerals and metals, water and oxygen. Precisely this is also true for the present governments of Cuba and Bolivia.

What is really dangerous is the fact that the absolute majority of the world population, including presidents and scholars, still believe in all these United States hoaxes, really believe in the Arab conspiracy of Osama bin Laden. If we cannot think for ourselves anymore, if we lose the specific human trait of reason, then the mental holocaust has already destroyed a great part of humanity.

What will be the next pretext for multiple US military invasions. Democratically time is running out for President Bush, militarily he has a world to conquer, to destroy.


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Interesting article,

Interesting article, however, the hyperbole and overly aggressive language detracts from what the author is trying to convey. Also, I would suggest that such inflammatory arguments be backed up with citations and other reference sources.