Loose Change Final Cut - The Evidence


The Evidence That What Really Happened At 9/11 Has Been Covered Up: As Shown In Loose Change Final Cut.

The evidence collated in the film, when viewed in its totality now proves beyond reasonable doubt that the official story of 9/11 cannot be true. The film includes the allegations that:

1) At least 6 of the alleged named 9/11 hijackers match the names of 6 Arabs who were trained at US military bases. We have obtained letters under the US Freedom of Information act showing this. In addition, two of the alleged named hi-jackers shared a home with an FBI informant.

More http://rinf.com/alt-news/911-truth/loose-change-final-cut-the-evidence/1722/

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" But I'm pretty bored with them by now."

That about sums up my impression of jref. Long ago, they lost their collective ability for articulate speech. A kind of devolution of the cortex.

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This movie kicks ass!

Two Thumbs Up!

I have to say......I recommend this film!

I just finished watching it, and based on my initial reaction I would say I recommend this film for those new to "9/11 truth", well actually, I recommend this film to anyone. The only issues I have with it are small and nitpicky. Of course there are things that I myself would have liked to see included, but I'm not the one making a film, and it's not like Dylan set out to make a 5 hour long series. And regardless of my feelings about Dylan personally, this film is very nicely done. Yes it has a few parts which are still speculative, which I don't agree with, but I think that Dylan is just trying to tie the natural cause/effect rationale together in his own way and to beg a question to the viewers. We can all say what "we would do" if we made a film, but Dylan, for the most part, redeemed himself professionally.

I'm aware of what the Debonkers are saying over at the good old circle jerk magician house. It's actually sad to see people reach so much for ammo, when they're holding a banana. Its also sad to see the logical disconnect happening with those claiming to be intellectual superiors or enlightened minds. Anyway, enough about them.

I'm just happy to say that I can recommend this film. Would I give it to someone who digs deeper into 9/11? Not really, but not everyone is an uber researcher with mad Google skills. Very good film for the common person on the street, which is no knock to it, that's actually a compliment. I think Dylan did a great job. It was worth the money I paid and will most likely be buying the DVD. And no, Charlie Sheen was not needed. Dylan's voice worked fine.


I've seen it too and it is truly a great film. Still has the same feel as prior versions, but is completely new, and better in many ways. If you haven't seen it, I highly suggest it. It's got a lot of footage I hadn't seen before, and puts it all together in the Loose Change style, which has not been equaled or surpassed by any 9/11 truth documentary to date.

Pass it Around.

You know the routine. Pass it around. It is up to us. The obstacles are still there. Hopefully Google, our Email providers, and the Internet doesn't let us down on this one.

Here is the Official Link as far as I can tell.

It needs to go out far and wide to the corners of our original outreach. We can do this.


yet another link added...

I think this time we have the perfect version for download...

700mB and good quality!

download link is here


Final Cut: the redeemer.

I am so very proud of the Loose Change crew; we all know the 1st edition had key flaws; we all know that they cleaned them up in the 2nd but, of course still contained some key flaws…but, the Final Cut is truly awesome. I suspect that David Ray Griffin was a big asset in fact checking and evidence. I applaud the group for a great finale.