Mainstream Media vs. 9/11 Truth

It's getting increasingly harder for Mainstream Media to ignore 9/11 Truth

Original contaxt: YouTube

LC Final

LC Final Cut:

Have at it

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A glimps of hope!

This video gave me a glimpse of hope!

Not the Full Video

Just so you know, that is not the full video of LC3, so it seems. There is another 58 minutes missing.

Canada Wants The Truth

I was wondering that.......

as well. In the first 58 minutes the only thing i was impressed with was the woman with the Phd,and the radiation segment. Does anyone know when the full lenght movie can be down loaded?

here you


Okay, that's the full one. Perfect! Thanks a billion.

I was attempting to purchase a stream of it, but I wasn't sure if Canadians could get it so I'm waiting for a response from the LC crew on that. Also, there were a lot of complaints of it cutting out half way through or not working at all so I'm a little worried that it wasn't working. I want to support the guys though and will be buying a DVD when I get my questions answered.

Thanks again!

Canada Wants The Truth

Dear andyb......



Google video came up full screen ,and nothing ran.

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Show "$1 million to make?" by DHS

No worries. I would

No worries. I would encourage people to buy a copy too though but I know how keen people are to see it. these guys have done a great job and deserve our support. was very impressed with Final Cut.

Me too

From what I saw of LC3, I was very impressed as well. I really loved how the story was told and how only hard evidence was presented. I was also very impressed on how the Pentagon attack was discussed. "Opinions differ at this point...". It seems that all opinion (well most) was removed from it, making it a much harder hitting piece.

Fantastic work!!!

Canada Wants The Truth

Wasn't that already posted here before?

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Not excellent

You just effectively halted the revenue stream to reimburse the brave investors of LCFC by posting that Google video link - hope you're happy! I still trust that good people who support the work of Dylan and co. still buy a DVD or a stream off the official site, otherwise we will never see a film like this again.


"We have determined that your IP address is originating from outside the USA. Due to contractual arrangements, we are unable to provide the streaming video download or sales of the DVD to customers outside the USA. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause."


First of all, above I did state that I am going to support the guys, after I know for sure that I can do so from Canada. I sent them an email and am waiting for a response. I am also working very hard in getting a showing of the film in a cinema here where I live.

Secondly, it's important that everyone gets a chance to see this; not just those who have a credit card to do so. It's important that it remains an internet phenomenon.

While I do understand your point of view, I don't think it's helpful at all to be crapping on us who wish to just see the damn thing. That is a form of support as well. All movies, documentaries and TV shows are made to be seen.

Canada Wants The Truth

I tried to give them some money . . .

I kept getting a UPS address error when I tried to order the stream. I do this for a living and the ecommerce component was not well thought out.

That being said, I really don't care, these guys are movie makers, not web application developers and I'm going to purchase hard copies for my extended family.

Loosechange guys need a Ron Paul style money bomb to get this noticed by the film biz that only cares about the count.

Don't assume only the film

Don't assume only the film biz cares about the count.

Some folks here are a little too naive and trusting of their heroes.


Great . . . sprinkle in a little more paranoia

LC boys aren't heroes . . . I hope they become milionaires . . . I hope it starts an epedemic of for profit truth telling.

The film is outstanding . . . watching it now.

Eat your heart out Michael Moore . . .

Don't forget to buy your

Don't forget to buy your Berkey Water filter, and your Infowars T-Shirt, and the DVDs, and your premium membership.

Freedom isn't free, afterall.


5.95 a month

If you join for 5.95 you can download DVD quality videos and burn them yourself. I also am an Air American Premium member with costs about the same and gives me access to their entire library, some of which I clip and post at this web site.

And . . . if you simply peruse the landscape here, you'll see lots of adverts and merchandise for sale. Hosting high traffic web sites is expensive.

I'm going to order a Berkey water system ASAP. I like the plastic portable unit. I might not ever need it, but do you know what happens to the water if the electricity goes down?

The next staged event could be bringing the power grid down. That would take care of the Banks and the internet. Read the The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism by Naomi Klein. . . its their MO

Also, next time you order plane tickets from Southwest Airlines, tell them "Ned sent you".


(Why do people have such a hard time supporting alternate media for the price of the number 2 meal at McDonalds? If you pay for something, does that devalue it?)

Got a Reply

Well, I just got a reply about the stream and it is indeed available world wide for streaming. Good stuff! I'm gonna get me some of that good stuff. I'm going to order a copy of the DVD now that I'm at it as well.

Canada Wants The Truth

Watch while you buy

I suspect that many will buy after sampling . . that's how the web works. Some people are simply tapped out. LC Boys publicly state that they want you to buy one and copy many times.

Let's demand that Showtime play this!


great video! loved the end scene of NOAM the gatekeeper

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