Sean Hannity meets CHANGE

Sean Hannity meets CHANGE

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Sean Hannity is a nationally syndicated radio and television personality who works for the FOX News Network.

Recently, Rupert Murdoch, owner of FOX News, as well as a score of other mainstream media outlets, has been reported on in the mainstream presses as one of Hillary Clinton's largest campaign contributors for the 2008 presidential race...

Hannity goes on the air every day and proceeds to attack Clinton, as well as the seemingly fictional entity he always refers to as "liberals"... meanwhile, the guy who signs his check is literally funding Hillary.

Sean Hannity is a yellow journalist and a propagandist and his job essentially is to mislead and confuse well-meaning conservatives about the truly important issues facing our nation, and also to reinforce the Left/Right paradigm, which serves to keep Americans blind to or divided about the tyranny that is quickly enveloping our country.

My brother and I confronted him about this fact, as well as some other very pertinent items of truth, at a bookstore in Long Island on 11/10/07.

Demand the truth now America!

The guy who got pulled outta the line...

Hannity's PD Tries Arresting Me Over A Question
by davefromqueens
Sat Nov 10, 2007 at 09:09:49 PM PST

As I moved closer on the lines toward Hannity who was signing autographs, Phil Boyce came over. Instead of approaching me Phil Boyce (who is a good 6 ft 5 and bigger than me who is 6 ft 3 and not skinny) approached a conservative wingnut near me and said, "Are you the guy who asked Mark Levin if he was going to join the military? Boyce was in his face and the guy is denying it so I said, "I think you mean me. I'm the guy who asked Mark that question." At the time Phil Boyce was wearing a Mark Levin stalker fan club T Shirt. Boyce had a beard.

Boyce gets in my face and says to me, "You're not asking Sean Hannity that question." I said, "You're right I think I have another question for him." Boyce said, "Well what it is." I said, "I have an idea but I may change my mind by the time I get up front so I don't know yet." Boyce responds, "Well leave the store or I'll have you arrested." I responded, "I have a right to be here. The manager said I could be here. You don't work for the store so you have no authority to tell me to leave." I also said that if somebody who works for the store tells me to leave I will gladly do so and invited him to bring over the owner or manager of the store if that's what he wanted.

Truth Revolution: The Eleventh of Every Month

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That's a very good link.

It ends with.-Quote

..........."Finally, this story needs to be told notwithstanding that I'm the subject matter of the story. The idea that leading conservative media voices would try to arrest a person simply over a question is appalling and unAmerican." End Quote.

Sean Hannity hides under the pretext of being a "Great American" and a phony cherubic smile.

But deep deep inside those who have discernment can see a gatekeeper for mass murder i.e. 911 & the ensuing 911 Wars and a traitor to the American Constitution.

He is a key player in the Military-Industrial-Media-Financial-Complex as far as propoganda goes and when those millions of people he has lied to, manipulated and deceived finally wake up, he is in for a great deal of hard justice.

In the words of Johnny Cash.

God's gonna cut you down.

The clock is ticking for the likes of Hannity the Vannity.

Great American? What a hypocrite.

I ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Nice job

It's great to see my old pal getting some flak.

Great Job! Thumbs UP!

Great Job! I'm sure, it's almost a relief to unload your opinion about the crap Hannity foists on the public! It looked like he had muscle along and probably needs it!

Hannity was certainly polite, maybe, just low on juice! It could, also, be he's resolved to his role as yellow journalist/propogandist and takes it all in stride as he cashes his checks!

Need more like this! And Hannity, you certainly....

...can't believe him!

Hannity is a CIA propagandist like those described in "Operation


He is also like a Mafioso making tons of money by arrogantly lying while surrounding himself with bullies/goons.


There has to be a concerted strategy to expose the vast array of lies that spew out of him.

He can be tried for War Crimes because much of his propogandistic activities violate both US National Laws AND International Laws.

I do hope Truth Squads put the HEAT on him just as they put the heat on Presidental Candidate "Julie Annie."

Look at the amount of damage has done to the former Mayor of NYC's campaign for the White House.

We need something like that to discredit Sean "the Vannity" Hannity.

Let's work together to expose this fraud, traitor and hypocrite.

Just think what family members like Bob McIlvaine, Donna Marsh O'Connor, Manny Badillo think of liars like Sean Hannity who keep COVERING UP THE CRIMES OF 911.

Frankly, I'm furious just thinking of him.

In case you are wondering why I say "Julie Annie". Pls see below.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it


That was disgusting on many levels. ±(


That is precisely the point I was trying to make.

It reflects the kind of "man" Julie Annie really is as well as his cohorts.

We have to do something about Mr Vannity- a staunch Julie Annie supporter.

Give them a taste of what REAL NEWS IS.

Nothing to chase away the darkness like the SUNSHINE of TRUTH.

911 Truth.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Man not one 9/11 question

I wish these truth squads would focus on 9/11 Truth more often. Telling these people the New World Order is going down doesn't scare or affect them. Get Hannity to act like a fool in regards to his knowledge of 9/11 and he gets VERY scared.

As far as Scam Hannity goes

he is the Benedict Arnold of the MSM. That Nazi SOB should be shot like any common war criminal. Hopefully his day will come.