Webster Tarpley on Speaking Tour to England, Scotland, Italy, France

Webster Tarpley is touring the European countries where we have an edition of 9/11 Synthetic Terror in print - six cities in the UK, from Guy Fawkes Day Nov 5th through 10th, eight cities in Italy, from Nov. 12th to 19th, and Paris on the 20th.

See http://www.waronfreedom.org/wgt/eurotour07.html for schedule.

9/11 Synthetic Terror was translated and published as La Terreur Fabriquée by SuperTruther Arno Mansouri of Editions Demilune of Paris last year, http://www.editionsdemilune.com/.

The Italian edition, La Fabbrica del Terrore, was recently released by Macro Edizioni, a major Italian publisher, under their high-brow Arianna imprint. http://www.ariannaeditrice.it/vetrina.php?id=13287

The book has also been translated into Spanish and we are seeking a Spanish publisher, or we may publish it in the US. See my draft cover design for the Spanish edition here: http://www.waronfreedom.org/synth/11-SFalso-mini.jpg . The title we have settled on is 11-S Falso Terrorismo.

Not all of us agree with Tarpley

For the record, I just wanted the people of England, Scotland, Italy and France to know that this gentleman Tarpley does not represent many of us here in the US 9/11 Truth Movement. Tarpley has been very discouraging and in some cases slanderous towards people in the 9/11 Truth Movement who have helped to organize international street outreach campaigns which many of us here at blogger take part in. I encourage you to be extremely skeptical about what is presented at this event and of course any 9/11 truth event.


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According to Webster Tarpley I'm a cointelpro agent

That's just one of many sick and twisted lies the man has told about me.

Having lost my uncle on 9/11 and pretty much devoted my entire life to the truth movement - I don't take too kindly to that. He's also attacked a number of other activists and researchers in a similar manner. All of this has been thoroughly documented - if you need links, I can post some later or maybe someone else will be kind enough to do that. Right now I'm busy working on activism stuff and would rather not be distracted by this crap.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Cosmos interviews Jim Hoffman

Cosmos and Truth Revolution Radio: October 15, 2007

Cosmos interviews Jim Hoffman of 911 Research: Discussion of Disinformation, Disruption, and the Kennebunkport Warning Controversy

Guess Italy's next--cheers for the head's up! ;-)

9/11 Truth UK Education Action

Italy: Gladio

Italy, now that's interesting due to the Gladio history, perhaps some people there can shed some more light on these matters....

The second edition of Webster Tarpley's book, 9/11 Synthetic Terrorism - Made in USA, contains the following paragraph:

"Another thesis of the 1978 study was that those who glorify and lionize terrorism, providing the terrorists with ideological cover, should be investigated as its accomplices. One pro-terror ideologue whom I singled out in this regard was Antonio Negri, Professor of Doctrine of the State at the University of Padua, near Venice. Later, in April 1979, Judge Calogero of Padua issued arrest warrants for Toni Negri, Franco Piperno, and other leaders of the allegedly defunct Potere Operaio group. They were charged with being not just the ideologues and sympathizers, but part of the leadership of the Red Brigades. It was said that Calogero had been influenced by my Moro dossier. Today Negri is still operational from his jail cell, helping to inspire a regroupment of violent anarchist “criminal energy” groups like the Black Bloc, which represent the culture medium from which future terrorists are being recruited by intelligence agencies in Europe. After the publication of Imperial Hubris, this thesis should be applied to the CIA, home of what appears to be the most influential chapter of the Bin Laden fan club."

Tony Negri, perhaps most famous for co-authoring Empire, is considered to have been framed by the left, The Observer reported in 1992 that Gladio "co-operated in - or at least did nothing to prevent - the kidnapping and killing of Aldo Moro".

In the paragraph before Webster Tarpley says that the main finding of the report he produced in 1978, while working for EIR (Lyndon LaRouche) was that "Moro had been killed by NATO intelligence, using the Red Brigades as tool and camouflage at the same time", he is probably correct.

The issues this raised for me are:

1. Why is he boasting about framing an innocent man -- if Gladio was responsible why does he think it is good that Tony Negri was jailed and not the people who conducted the kidnap and killing and those who ordered it?

2. Is his claim that his report was influential true? How can this be verified? Does anyone have a copy of the report, what does it actually say?

3. Ralph Schoenman said that Lyndon LaRouche's organistation was, for some years at least, run by the CIA -- what role did they play in the production of this report and it's dissemination?

If people want a bit more details on this, see the thread on Indymedia that this has been extracted from.

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Listen to this episode!!!! (jim hoffman interview above)

I think everyone who is involved with 9/11 should listen to this show. I encourage all of you to take to heart some of the subject matter discussed on this episode. It is of paramount importance to our cause.


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but in all fairness, he's right on with CD (I'm not arguing with you, BTW).

EDIT: I was talking about Hoffman. You guys are really negative points happy this evening.

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straw man

Hoffman never professed such BS and would do a great job of showing how ridiculously straw man you just made his case to be.
Way to fumble and do exactly what Popular Mechanics does such a great job of.

Obviously you have never read his analysis of the no-757-at-pentagon booby trap and his analysis of the evidence. He's written quite a bit about it (both on 911research.wtc7.net and 911review.com)

All you apparently know is "Hoffman thinks a 757 to fly into the Pentagon is more plausible" or something to that effect, and immediately assumed he cozies up to everything else like the "16' initial impact hole" "flunkies box-cut the pilots... flew back from Ohio" "made the airliner disappear" etc. with absolutely no reason to be so presumptuous other than obviously being offended your pet theory about a missile or drone or whatever the hell it may be might not be true. This is the same exact attitude of the 'sheeple' have with their pet official-story who automatically frown upon the notion that there's an inside job without looking at the argument whatsoever.

The 16' impact hole is only the top of the hole, where a 90' wide hole is at the bottom of. The airplane did not disappear. There was some matching wreckage, albeit small (it was going very fast into the side of a reinforced building afterall). I'll also add the punch-out hole is plausible because the bottom floor was connected, not separated by each ring and the swath of columns damaged on that floor matches what would likely occur if the 757 went in there.
Anyways, arguing in favor of a 757-like jet hitting the Pentagon doesn't necessarily assume Hanjour piloted the damn thing. It could've been just the same as the WTC airliner impacts, in that they were commandeered remotely. Which makes it more consistent with the other events anyway. Ever thought of that? Hoffman raises this as still why even if a 757 went in, it still falls in line with an inside job because of how unlikely Hanjour could have done it and that the military and automatic defenses did nothing. He also calls into question the strange format of the video releases and the fact they don't reveal much of anything.

I don't mean to be so venomous, but I don't trust anyone who acts like a typically irresponsible 'ct' that are just as wrong as their professed enemies. I would normally provide links to my claims above, but that's work that you should have already done, not me.

"The most perfidious way of harming a cause consists of defending it deliberately with faulty arguments."
Friedrich Nietzsche, The Gay Science, section 191
German philosophe

You don't even know what Tarpley's tour is about, & you bash him

Smear Tarpley before he even makes his presentation--now that's a COINTELPRO tactic, indeed!

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Spanish publishers

Spanish publishers´ list - Guía de Editores de España

Directorio del sector Editorial. Recursos para Editores


9/11 Truth UK Education Action--GAME OVER

From Col. Jenny Sparks:

Cheers to all of you who helped educating UK 9/11 Truth about Webster Tarpley, his history, his actions, and his allies during his tour:


And it didn't go unnoticed or without comment:

(these link lists are just a sample--they are not comprehensive)

At least 10 people in all helped directly. Thanks to these efforts, UK 9/11 Truth is better educated and will have a better context with which to consider future events involving Webster Tarpley.

Cheers all!


Now a special message to 9/11 Cult Watch and their allies:

At truthaction this was called to our attention-


I'll say it once and remember you were warned:

Don't even THINK about taking credit for truther actions in educating the UK public about Webster Tarpley.

Guess I should have read a little further...

That's what happens when your knackered and you're supposed to be on holiday...

Cheers, mate! ;-)

Say what you want

about Webster Tarpley but in my opinion he is still one of the top 9/11 truthers we have. None of us will ever agree on everything pertaining to 9/11 but we must stay united. Don't let the NWO boys divide us. If we stand united we cannot fail.


Snitch-jacketing dedicated activists and being generally disruptive are not the attributes of a "to 9/11 truther". Tarpley needs to make some apologies and mend his ways if he wants respect.

Bush's GOD is Gold, Oil, and Drugs.

Looks like . . .

there's no shortage of sand in this kiddie box to toss at one another.


Kicking sand versus reporting facts

There is a difference between "kicking sand" and reporting facts. Reporting the facts lets people come to their own conclusions.

Jeff Wells: “Binary thinking is a mind cancer that retards insight, and unfortunately flourishes in conspiracy culture. ‘The beginning of wisdom,’ said Terrence McKenna, ‘is our ability to accept an inherent messiness in our explanation of what's going on.’”

Cosmos: When people who are respected just stand by when people are viciously attacked, we saw this happening with Steven Jones all through the year. When people just stand by… with the veneer of non-partisanship.

Jim Hoffman: Or make excuses for it: “I don’t want to get involved, it’s just a personal conflict”, completely smearing over the details of it. The effect that it’s having is to alienate other groups that should be our allies with the most vicious stuff. It’s completely irresponsible not to address it—worse, to make excuses, or even worse, to continue to promote the people involved in this... At the same time, you [get] attacked for merely reporting on things, for critique—as if that’s the same thing as an ad-hominem attack. You see people who are making the worst kind of ad-hominems, conflating ad-hominem with critique. That’s a key tactic to shut-up the kind of critique we need to really hone our case. [Pretending that] there’s no such thing as critique, to disagree or to discuss something—[claiming criticism without ad-hominem is] all attack—it’s ridiculous.

My point

is that every time someone tries to dispute this issue by not acting like a cry baby, they ALWAYS get voted down. I don't like everything that's posted here but I don't go about scuttling other people's words just because they're not in line with my opinion. For those that do, I say that's very telling about level of maturity and tolerance for others. This ridiculous nonsense really has turned into something of a shallow playground match! Whereas I was joking before, now I'm sick to death of this topic!

"Say what you want about Webster Tarpley but in my opinion he is still one of the top 9/11 truthers we have. None of us will ever agree on everything pertaining to 9/11 but we must stay united. Don't let the NWO boys divide us. If we stand united we cannot fail."


Tarpley has done good work

I don't have a problem with Tarpley's good work and the good research he has presented as you are falsely implying. This is the false binary thinking I referred to in my previous post. 9/11 activists have a right to know what goes on, and not everyone is aware of what happened. If you are sick about it, how do you think we feel? You're not the one who has been viciously attacked. I've stayed silent about this for a long time, but it still hasn't stopped. Are you quiet about 9/11 because it's "controversial" or "divisive"? If we can talk about things in a civil manner, it's not kicking sand, and It's not starting fights, so I don't appreciate that characterization.


assuming it is you voting people's comments down, stop voting people's comments down. The system in place may allow for it, but I don't think that makes it right. I don't vote down your comments. In fact, I don't vote down anyone's comments here.

Good researcher and very intelligent

Mr. Webster Tarpley is one of those who made me think, and eventually, share his point of view regarding that rogue network which operates inside the US government.
His speech in 911 L.A. Symposium is great.

We need his books translated into Spanish!!!

This thread is being used by shills to bash Webster G. Tarpley

(It's also likely that a few have multiple IPs to vote things down more than once.)

My advice is to skip all this shilly drama & read "Synthetic Terror" by Webster G. Tarpley, instead.

I second the motion!

But I still respectfully disagree with you about Hoffman. I think his presentation at the Lifting the Fog conference was very inspirational:


La Tour Fabriquée

Yea yea, we have read his books. I listened and read Tarpley for a long time. I have both of his books. This is why I am so upset to see him attacking the people who created what has become the largest coordinated grassroots street outreach campaign for 9/11 Truth. Tarpley refused to support or even cover the 11th of the Month actions. I have read his material and know him well. My understanding of his intelligence is exactly why I cannot accept his slanderous backlashes at people that I have worked with personally. My knowledge of his intelligence is exactly why it is obvious to us who have learned about Tarpley's various bunk warnings, that the lame explanations which have been put forth by Tarpley and others are insufficient excuses. We have learned because of 9/11 that emotional attacks and name calling are a waste of time and without substance. Tarpley must know this, so why is he wasting our time calling people schills, in some cases discouraging street actions, and encouraging personal attacks on activists?


Show "I third the motion!" by alllans2k7

I never thought I would see the day

that Tarpley would be chopped down on this web site of all places. I can assure you all that Tarpley is is one of us. He is not God but just another human being like the rest of us. He will make mistakes once in a while. The worst thing that could ever happen to our movement is to divide us. You know the old saying, "United we stand, divided we fall." That surely applies here. Anyone who has read any of my posts over the years know I never flame another truther even thought I might not agree with what he has to say. As far as Tarpley goes I hold him in very high esteem. He has done so much for our movement it is unbelievable. I put him in the same catagory as DRG and Alex Jones. That is how highly I think of him. Personally I love each and every one of you honest and for real 9/11 truth seekers. Lets put our petty differences aside and stand united. If we do that we cannot fail. Lets stand united through thick and thin. We must. The future of our planet depends on it!

" Deep in the soul, below pain, below all the distractions of life, is a silence vast and grand - an infinite ocean of calm, which nothing can disrupt; Nature's own exceeding peace, which "passes understanding". That which we seek with passionate longing, here and there, upward and outward, we find at last within ourselves. The kingdom within! The indwelling God! are words whose sublime meaning we will never fathom." The 9/11 peace prayer................maddog

Attacking peace activists as "liars" is not a petty difference

Neither is attacking people as COINTELPRO because they demand he take responsibility for his behavior . That is(attacking people as COINTELPRO), in fact, the classic behavior of "agents": SEE activism 101: re: snitch-jacketing.

The future of the planet does not depend on putting up with "leaders" who make asses out of themselves in pulbic. If Tarpley is indeed one of us, he will apologize any day now. And not keep repeating the accusations--as he did in a private interview after his London speech.

Unless you're saying there should be no consequences for him calling activists liars and cointelpro ....

You sound like you mean well, but you are very confused about what responsible adult behavior looks like--and there is an even higher standard for people in public leadership roles. Not everyone can handle it--in which case they should retire from public life.

This is neither here nor there--Webster Tarpley's sacked:


I can assure you I am anything but confused about

what adult behavior looks like. I can assure you Tarpley is the real-deal and anything he might have said he most surely had his reasons for saying it. If an apology is called for Web will surely give one. You can count on that. By the way there are no leaders in the 9/11 truth movement. As far as I am concerned we are all equal and contribute as best we can. I have to admit this divide and conquor thing is starting to piss me off. You are playing right into the NWO boys hands. They love shit like this. If we loose this thing it will happen because of shit like this. Why don't you try to live and let live. That is the adult way of doing things and that is what we are really fighting for. Freedom to express exactally how we think and feel.

Holding people responsible for their actions is not

playing into the hands of the "bad guys".

On the contrary, Tarpley refusing to apologize was playing into the hands of the bad guys--until Truthers sorted him out.

Now when Screw Lucy & Ricky try to say we let Tarpley run rampant, we can call them the liars they are by linking to his "sorting". ;-)

Have you read the Truth Action forum

Before you continue to assume that the only bad thing Tarpley , AJ, and DRG can do is make little mistakes which should always be forgiven, I suggest reading the analysis of Tarpley presented on http://www.truthaction.org in the News and Discussion forum. If you have a valid response or excuse for what Tarpley has done and said in the last few months we all would love to hear it. Unfortunately, Tarpley's recent actions and statements have not been apologized or accounted for. After you (maddog and others) read what Tarpley said in regard to the Kennebunkport Warning and all the subjects related, then we can talk about it. Until then you are wasting your breath by saying things like
"I can assure you all that Tarpley is is one of us. He is not God but just another human being like the rest of us. He will make mistakes once in a while."
This kind of statement does not assure me and doesn't excuse or fix what he did with the Kennebunkport Warning incident. It is a mistake to assume that just because AJ, Tarpley and DRG have done some good, that it is inherently divisive to analyze these researchers. If you (maddog) truly believe there are no leaders in the 9/11 Truth Movement, then it is extra important for you to read about what these people who are being treated as leaders in the movement do and say. In the last few months Tarpley has emerged as one of the most divisive figures in 9/11 Truth. Read Tarpley's recent statements in regards to the KB warning and his comments about the activists at truthaction.org.....if you got an excuse or response, let's hear it.


Show "As far as I can see" by maddog

Divisive Language

If you going to complain about divisiveness, don't use divisive language.

Webster Tarpley: Arabesque, Cosmos, Jenny Sparks, Jon Gold, Michael Wolsey, and Truthaction are “disinfo”

Everyone has their own awareness of what happened and their own bias. No one here is criticizing the good work Tarpley has done. Bringing awareness to the facts is not infighting, and I reject that characterization. If someone personally attacked you for more than two months, and you reported on it, you would have a very different perspective about how you felt in this situation. Keep that in mind.

Rejecting divisiveness is rejecting infighting, and this is exactly what our complaint is.

Wow thanks for the input...

let's go through maddogs message:

"the 9/11 truth movement is dead in the water"

the 9/11 Truth Movement is just beginning. It is developing at a more rapid rate than ever. Take a look at vid's of the 11th of the Month actions. The outreach of the 9/11 Truth Movement is becoming more coordinated and efficient.

"Thank God I am an old man and won't have to live in the slave state the NWO boys have in store for all of you. You clowns have blown it big time. Good luck and good night."

what are you talking about?

the whole point of maddog's message is that we shouldn't get involved and the movement is dead....sorry but we all know better. We are on the ground reaching out and creating a movment. We don't need your luck maddog, we have the facts.


Show "You bet your sweet ass it's dead in the water." by maddog

Sounds like you are quick to encourage apathy

maddog said
"As it turned out Ruppert was right. I was wrong. When the movement starts attacking people like Tarpley you know it's all over. The only chance you all have now is divine intervention so you better start praying real hard. All the facts in the world won't change a thing. Lets face it, these thugs got away with the crime of the century. Welcome to the Forth Reich. Hail to dictator Bush!"

All the facts in the world won't change a thing? We never attacked Tarpley, we criticized Tarpley's attacks. So we should just wait for divine intervention and ignore the facts. Still no help or response to valid concerns.

If that's how you really feel, maddog, then might I suggest that

you return to the beach, get nice and comfy in your lounge chair with your favorite beverage and leave the street activism to those of us who happily remain swimming against the tide.

You've made it quite clear that there's nothing for you here, so why remain and waste your time trying to discourage us?

Take a break, give it a rest and come back when you're feeling positive about the movement again. We'll be here.

As for Tarpley, we are all still waiting for him to explain his ongoing, vociferous and completely unjustified attacks on hard-working frontline activists who make up the core of the movement. A simple mea culpa by him would go a long way at this point.

I think it is important to remember that 9/11 truth is bigger than any one person, be they a well known author, radio personality or street corner activist. Mike Ruppert's departure and the people he took with him, while regrettable, has made very little difference in the overall progress of the movement. I feel safe in saying that if Webster Tarpley walked away from the truth movement today it would have a similar non-impact on the movement.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only forward.

As much as I would love to see

the neocons and their NWO backers hang for high treason and mass murder it will never happen. The proof is in the pudding. Tarpley isn't the only person who has been attacked on this web site. Carol Brouilett and other great truthers have had their share if hits. I am surprised DRG hasn't been flamed yet. Unless the truth movement acts as one expect nothing but failure. Even David Icke, who has done more to spread the truth than anyone else is completely destroyed when his name is even mentioned on this web page. It seems like 90% of you so called truthers are still caught in the matrix of lies these NWO boys have spun. What a pity. This is why I say nothing but divine intervention will help. A massive spiritual awakening is what it is going to take.

It's about the divisiveness

No one "attacked" Webster Tarpley. We were attacked for pointing out that he attacked Cindy Sheehan.

A Message for Webster Tarpley and the Supporters of the Kennebunkport Warning: It’s About the Divisiveness

In examining the divisive behavior surrounding the Kennebunkport warning, many of those who brought attention to this issue are in turn being accused of divisiveness. In fact, some of Tarpley's supporters have said that we are being "divisive" by even bringing up this issue.

That's an interesting point of view, since "divisiveness" is the core issue that we have been trying to emphasize in the first place; we felt that Tarpley, and the Kennebunkport supporters were being divisive and we tried to bring attention to it. Calling us “divisive” for talking about this behavior is intellectually dishonest since the divisive behavior of the Kennebunkport supporters is our central complaint.

I hope that you will take the time to actually read about what happened before mischaracterizing us as "attacking" Webster Tarpley, because that is false. I believe that the 9/11 truth movement has a right to demand respectful civility and accountability from its leaders. Ignoring destructive behavior is exactly what will damage the 9/11 truth movement. Criticism is not the same as "attacking" someone.

Staying silent is acceptance of this behavior. If we say nothing, this behavior will be allowed to continue. It is equivalent to saying, I know 9/11 was an inside job, but I'm not going to talk about it because it's too divisive. Do you characterize people who disagree with you on 9/11 as "attacking" you? By speaking up through civility and non-violence, we make a difference for change.

I'm not going to ignore it when someone attacks major allies of the truth movement such as Cindy Sheehan as "wretched individuals" and an "appalling liars". If we want to destroy the 9/11 truth movement as you suggest, we will stand aside and let behavior like this happen with silence.

Sorry but your not stopping us

maddog said
"As much as I would love to see the neocons and their NWO backers hang for high treason and mass murder it will never happen. The proof is in the pudding."

Sorry but comments like this will never stop us. We haven't given up like you maddog. We'll take whatever a researcher will give us. We will also question ideas and research that is brought to the table by people in the 9/11 truth movement. Questioning research is not attacking. Calling people co-intel pro and telling people go and actually attack activists is.