and Confront Giuliani in Loveland, CO.

Source: and Confront Giuliani in Loveland, CO.

Monday November 12, 2007

Loveland, CO - A spur of the moment decision by campaign staff and a local State Representative brought presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani to a small Colorado town one hour north of Denver on Saturday where local 9/11 truth activists would take full advantage of the opportunity to confront the former mayor about his potential foreknowledge of the September 11th attacks.

According to the Reporter Herald Giuliani's staff put a required fundraising minimum on the event of $60,000 in order to bring "America's Mayor" to the small town. Speaking about the short notice and the minimum dollar amount state Rep. Don Marostica, a staunch supporter of Giuliani's presidential bid said “They called me last Friday (and) said you have 11 minutes to make a decision, or else we’re going to take him to Lincoln, Neb.,” Marostica’s assurance that he could raise at least the established amount, paved the way for a visit to this small venue that was kept open to the public.

From 9:15am to noon Giuliani would be visiting 3 separate events in the small towns of Loveland and Windsor. The latter two were private brunches in Windsor where local supporters could pay between $1,000 and $2,300 per plate to attend the fundraising event. However the first stop was the Loveland Coffee Co., a small coffee shop no bigger than a modest living room, to greet the public and get a feel for what's on their mind, a perfect venue for a local 9/11 truth activist group to ask some tough questions regarding the role Giuliani played on 9/11.

Members from and teamed up with New York 9/11 researcher and Chief Editor of the New York Megaphone newspaper Sander Hicks to perform a well coordinated truth action event targeted at Rudy Giuliani. Mr. Hicks was in town giving an interview for the groups as well as speaking at a 9/11 truth event in Denver for After arriving at the Coffee shop a little after 9:15a.m. Rudy Giuliani underwent numerous confrontations with 9/11 truth activists inside and outside during his 35-minute stay at the coffee shop. The highlights can be seen in the following video.

Although police escorted many of the 9/11 truth activists off the private property, none were handcuffed or arrested. They were simply told not to come back on the property in which they willingly complied and continued to protest from public property. In some clips Loveland police look rather aggressive in removing the activists who were extremely frustrated in not being able to finish asking a question to a public figure before being removed. But throughout the ordeal Loveland Police remained professional and even at one point gave an activist over a minute to stand on a chair and shout questions to Giuliani inside the confined coffee shop before escorting him out.

The media coverage of the 9/11 activists at this event was surprisingly fair and thorough, getting airtime on 2 major news networks during their evening, and nighttime newscasts. The coverage online at some of the local newspapers’ websites were very neutral also. The media however did fail to air the groups primary question regarding why Giuliani has publicly denied making a statement to Peter Jennings at noontime on 9/11 that he had been informed that the twin towers would collapse before they did and we wanted to know where he received this knowledge, and why weren’t the fire fighters alerted to this report. Group members even stayed after in which they rigorously debated this fact with Giuliani supporters. See the Peter Jennings video below that sparked this controversy.

Over all the truth action was extremely successful in bringing attention to Giuliani’s potential foreknowledge regarding the events of September the 11th. The police were very professional and the media coverage was considerably more than anticipated. The truth activists demonstrated courage and determination in their roles. In fact the only people who displayed abominable behavior was Rudy Giuliani’s supporters. Repeatedly chanting “tase him” as some activists where non-violently displaying their right to free speech. At one point a Giuliani supporter even went so far as to punch one activist twice in the stomach as he was standing on a chair in the coffee shop shouting questions at Giuliani, a failed attempt to silence him. Not only were those two punches caught clearly on our video camera but were also caught by the local fox cameraman on his camera, and subsequently aired in their segment on the fox nightly newscast. If you’re not looking for it you’ll miss it but you can clearly see the two punches, as well as on our camera hear the truth activist turn to the guy and say “don’t punch me, fool” with a muffled “that’s assault” as the man scurries off. If Giuliani and others cannot answer specific questions put forth by the 9/11 truth community it will only make these encounters more frequent as patriots across the country attempt to hold their leaders accountable in a public forum, by exercising their Bill of Rights as guaranteed in the Constitution.

Good work by everyone, and Sandor Hicks got some fine publicity

I strongly object to the way those cops? forced Hicks from the scene & tried to intimidate him. Furthermore, why did Hicks then have to produce ID (i.e., prove that his papers were in order) for asking the Ghoul questions he didn't want to answer?

The way that the simpletons in that backwards town fawned over Ghouliani & fell for his fake Republican vs. Democrat Hillary b.s. was also sickening.

Lastly, it seems that the Ghoul may have utilized volunteer or paid audience members to try to drown-out truther's questions. This may be a tactic we'll see more of.

Great Confrontation

I applaud this gritty confrontation. The videos are very effective. Giuliani is an insider, who will only hurt the country further. Thanks for making every effort to prevent it!

Take care and use prudence. It's a certainty, Giuliani's "campaign staff" will strategize how to handle future encounters!

Giuliani supervised the rush to clear the crime scene, stopped the search for remains once the gold was found, was not in Building 7 where the emergency command post was located! Yeah, Giuliani does have a heart for gold and you....

...should not believe him!

Sander, you are the king

of getting yourself out of a jam. Way to do the dance man!

Now that was a great Rudy

Now that was a great Rudy confrontation. It's an amazing thing to see Patriots in action, people who love and are not afraid to stand up for America are the best.

OFF TOPIC (idea, please read)

please set up a mailing list that sends out a bizarre Snippet of the 911 timeline... as a weekly education gimmick.

I mean the 911timeline, you know, the one that ONLY quotes officila newspapers... who is the guy... he is in New Zealand now I believe..

I'd like to join the old folks.

They have ZERO EXPOSURE thanks to the corporate censorship of the subject. All they hear is some extraordinary claims... every half year... and then they dismiss it, naturally.

We need to drip the info slowly.

Call it

911-education for old people, low volume mailing-list

We Are The Ones...

Giuliani needs to be confronted everywhere he goes

Mr. Hicks is correct that Giuliani should be asked this one simple question over and over until the msm picks it up or enough "ordinary" folks start asking it.

This was a very good example of a truth squad in action. My one constructive criticism would be that those going should have made leaflets listing the reasons why Giuliani is not fit to be president and passed them out to everyone there. These would include, but should not be limited to, the following:

1) Why does Giuliani now deny making the statement he made to Peter Jennings on live tv (include a YouTube link)?

2) Why did Giuliani, a former federal prosecutor, allow the crimes scene to be cleared without a proper forensic examination?

3) Why did Giuliani locate the Office of Emergency Management headquarters in WTC 7 against the advice of his own experts?

4) What role did Giuliani play in the Motorola radio deal that forced the FDNY to use radios that were known for eight years to be bad?

5) Why do the nation's firefighters oppose Giuliani's bid to become president?

Simply distributing these low cost leaflets and the "11 remarkable facts" cards to those attending or putting them under the windshield wipers of cars parked in the area will increase your effectiveness by at least 200%.

Additionally, try to engage Giuliani supporters by calmly asking them questions. I run into alot of mindless Obama supporters here and I ask them if they know that his wife is head of the Chicago CFR and they ask me what the CFR is. This usually begins a very friendly and eye-opening conversation.

My point here is that there are many small things we can do to make a big difference and improve our effectiveness. Last night I went to a Naomi Wolf event in Berkeley and tabled outside with leaflets and dvd's. Her "progressive" audience is probably the most difficult to reach (yes, even in Berkeley!) as their icons have told them that there are no outstanding questions about 9/11 and it is a waste of time to re-examine the events of that terrible day. As Ms. Wolf makes much of the Reichstag fire in her book, we need to point out that 9/11 was our Reichstag fire at every one of her appearances. (btw, she seems to favor the common gatekeeping technique of having questions written on cards, so a somewhat rude spoken question may be needed, as was in Berkeley)

The truth movement has to be like water, ever present and seeping in every crack in the wall of lies.

Keep up the great work, brothers and sisters!

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.