LCFC - Great Job, but also lacking?

I watched the whole movie, I thought it was certainly their best work. However, I was very surprised to find that nothing, in terms of the chemical evidence (i.e. thermate signatures, iron-rich spheres, sulfidation and oxidation of steel) where presented as evidence. Similarly I was expecting to see multiple interviews with Richard Gage along with other architects and engineers. These bits of information are powerful indicators of a scientific nature and cannot be disregarded with ease. Again I think it was the most coherent and professional effort to date, I just wished they had taken the opportunity to present the stronger pieces of evidence. What did everyone else think about it?


I was also kind of bummed about not having Richard Gage or a bit more in depth with Steven Jones. Thats OK though, this is the ONE film I can show to family and friends without wincing too bad.

I hear that


What else?

Of course I thought it was great!!! In fact, I'm adding it to my compilation DVDs and making it the flagship documentary recommending that everyone sees it first. As for their omitting some of the 9/11 truth key players while perhaps marginalizing a few others with limited information, no big deal. They can always make a supplemental documentary that covers them so that LCFC would be more of what 9/11 Press for Truth has become: A breakthrough film for the uninitiated.

I do wonder if the stats provided by the film about the current administration's borrowing and spending were completely accurate in that they dwarf the complete expenditures of all the previous administrations put together. Was the historical value of the dollar taken into account? I know a dollar could buy much more "back in the day" than it can now. But this isn't a complaint. I'm just curious to know.

Again, I thought LCFC was great and comes highly recommended by me. So much so, in fact, that I look forward to the theater edition so that when the time is right, the LC boys can scoop up those Oscar and Golden Globe Awards!

I am going to buy numerous copies of LC Final Cut & Endgame

to give as presents over the holidays!

Official LC store:

Alex Jones wants everyone to buy Endgame ($14.99) from to get it high on their sales charts:

LCFC and Google Video

Has anybody noticed, that video google wouldn't provide the link to its full-length version when one searches for it.

We should urge for it.

I agree

I agree. They left some important things out. One thing they left out was, wasn't Guilioni or someone advised not to go to work that morning etc so they didn't show up. I don't know, maybe they didn't want to point fingers at anyone and just wanted the straight facts. But there are a few things missing. I thought the beginning of it was a little confusing as to who was talking, who they were etc. But other than that, it was really good.

Google Video Problems.

Darn right hardimizzen2. Google has some problems in my opinion with this movie. It was out under an "official release" title by Louder Than Words, now it is saying that address is having a Google Video Error? I don't know what is going on but I know there are people out there that want this censored and I know it should be in the top 100 of Google Video. All I'm asking for is a link that I can pass around to friends and family that is reliable. I've noticed one of the Press For Truth links is having problems too. The other one is fine. This link to Final Cut was working for a few days and was the Louder Than Words pretty decent quality version...

Unfortunately I posted this on blogs and in emails and now it is invalid. If the government can frustrate the movement long enough they will win. Like Sibel says the majority of people give up after so long or lose their fight. There should be a solid link on Google Video for us to post on blogs and pass around and wake up the world. We don't have the Media, The Government, and If they interfere with the Internet we are screwed. Not enough people are going to go to Loose Change and pay for the download, but if we make this into an historic movie that brought the truth and defined a Nation, then every or a hell of a lot of Americans will want a copy in their collection. We need Google, The Internet, and Net Neutrality.

Probably Just An Oversight ...

But yes, Prof. Jones dust analysis lifts 9/11 Truth from conspiracy theory to conspiracy fact.

I'm afraid debunkers might try to allege the molten metal discussed in FC was tied to extreme fire temperatures and that an ignorant public will fall for it.

Jones's thermite evidence is really one of the great untold stories of all time.

I was really hoping it would have been thoroughly covered in FC.

Show "GREAT" by Tiguhs OndaBayou

You "never bought into the controlled demo theories"? I'm afraid

the Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth disagree with you:

And the "controversial physical evidence that typically fosters cyclical debates that go nowhere." All crime scenes contain key physical evidence, and that's where any investigation usually starts.

Wake-up! We'll use the physical evidence + the whistleblower evidence!

Show "this isn't your typical crime scene" by Tiguhs OndaBayou


The laws of conservation of energy and momentum end the debate rather quickly and decisively.

Unfortunately, I agree with you that "the rest of (or most of) America won't [believe] no matter how much evidence you show them".

Don't be one of them. Educate yourself. The laws of physics are immutable.



I've seen the scholar's journal postulating the violation of the Law of Conservation of Energy, but am still not convinced that it was violated. You won't convince me, I was pretty dedicated about digging up everything written on it, esp. work written by the scholars (as well as viewing films such as 911 Mysteries etc.), I just find it to be a red herring and will leave it at that.

The roof of WTC 7...

... dropped to the ground in approximately 6.5 seconds, meaning that, on average, a mere 0.14 seconds was available for the thorough destruction of each floor and its ~80 support columns (6.5 seconds divided by 47 floors). Don't you really see a problem with that?

And with the symmetrical collapse straight down? How could random fires and some damage here and there cause all the support structures to give in at the same instant?

10 floors per second

Imagine a 10 floor building.
Now imagine it crumbling to the ground in one second. Straight on itself.

That's about how fast the WTC buildings fell.

Can you walk through walls as if they are not there? Why not?
What happens when two cars collide? Do they pretend the other car does not exist?
Can you walk through a lake as if it's not there?
Show me one single example where the motion of an object will not slow down when it collides into another object.

Everyone intuitively understands this law of physics.

Even ASSUMING that the floors where the plane struck were completely obliterated (they were not, and this event was anticipated by the building designers), the area BELOW was not damaged. It was in pristine condition. Buildings are designed to stand, and the WTC was especially designed to stand even in the event of a plane crash, earthquake, bombing, or hurricane.

Even the surrounding buildings stood after the debris from the WTC fell on them! Now think about that! All of the buildings surrounding the WTC DID NOT COMPLETELY COLLAPSE except for WTC7.

When faced with this problem at the WTC, cognitive dissonance occurs because you do not want to consider the possibility that the laws of nature are true.

7 floors per second closer to the truth

As Hoffman points out, 15 seconds is a closer approximation for the collapse times of the Twin Towers than 10 seconds.

That results in the collapse speed of ~7 floors per second (15 seconds divided by 110 floors). WTC 7 also collapsed at the speed of 7 floors per second (6.5 seconds div by 47 floors). In both cases, on average about 0.14 seconds was available for the dropping AND thorough destruction of each floor.

(oops, response to Tiguhs OndaBayou)

Please listen to Richard Gage vs Ron Craig debate. It was great!
Many hands make light work!
RRREMA=research, realize, react, educate, motivate, activate

Thought the film was extremely strong

Thought the film was extremely strong. Great job as far as I'm concerned. Let's face it, they could make a five hour film and still leave out smoking gun evidence.

The only problems I had were small things not even worth nitpicking about. Sure it's important to be critical, but in my personal opinion there were a lot of great things about this film. I wasn't too satisfied with the ending, but that's my only real criticism.

There is so much good information--even documented by the MSM itself and embarrassingly revealing statements by defenders of the official story. Nail them with their own words! This is one of the MAIN keys that truthers have to exploit. You can't underestimate how critical that is! Clearly, the debunkers will have a really hard time with this, unlike their second film.

Great Job LC.

Yeah but their own words often lead to the incompetence theory,

which I think you already knew.

NIST "incompetent"?

Are you joking? We shouldn't hold government officials accountable for what they say, when they can't prove the official story?

When NIST says: "we can't explain the towers collapse", that's not "incompetence" now is it?

Explosive and Revealing Quotations about 9/11 Completely Ignored by the Mainstream Media

Another gem of a quotation was provided by NIST. They were tasked with explaining the collapse of the WTC towers and Building 7 on 9/11. In response to a request for correction by 9/11 family members and scholars for 9/11 Truth and Justice, NIST replied:

"We are unable to provide a full explanation of the total collapse".

Or did you already know this was a bogus argument, just like that "incompetence" theory?

Disinformation and the False LIHOP/MIHOP Dichotomy

9/11 “Incompetence”, Sabotage, and Promotions