Sandusky Register: Artist wants some questions asked

By JACOB LAMMERS | Thursday November 08 2007, 7:03am


Nathan Janes' painting could create some controversy, but all he wants to do is get to the truth.

Janes, a Port Clinton native, recently completed a painting of a dog wearing a blindfold with "911" and "truth" above and below the dog.

Janes said the painting represents America's inability to question the events surrounding the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.

"It's kind of hard for people to question whether the government lied or had a part in it," he said. "I'm not say anything's a hoax. I'm saying there's information that's not been released or told."


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Good job...

Using Art

Using art to reach people is a fabulous idea. Keep it up Nathan!

Thanks for your comments

I just wanted to post here that I will be creating a new 9/11 painting in the following months and the subject will be WTC #7.

Please feel free to use my 9/11 Truth image where ever you choose. We need to start awakening the conscious of people through art.

Thanks again,

Nathan Janes

Here is a link to where you can find the 9/11 Truth art on my site: