We Are Change UK phone Jane Standley

One of our activists managed to get through to Jane Standley and asked her about her premature announcement on the collapse of Building 7.

Jane really doesn't want to talk -

She sounded troubled

The temperature shift in her tone was telling, relaxed and helpful to hostile and harrassed in seconds.

I have some sympathy for her new found infamy and compromised journalistic integrity but not the BBC's.

Good work guy on the phone!


I've been waiting for that for a LONG time. Despite the fact that Jane Standley clammed up so quickly is still pretty helpful in reinforcing the big picture here (namely, that the BBC has something to hide).

Regarding the 9/11 truther lawsuit against the BBC, another suggestion for the out of court settlement (assuming there is one) should be an opportunity to speak to Jane Standley.

I wonder who's been harassing her?

The lawsuit against the BBC

The lawsuit against the BBC is a fruad, it's been exposed here:


If this law suit were to win, which of course it won't, it would be terrible for the truth movement, John Blacker has asked for "another program incorporating the actual key evidence and the actual first hand High witness testimony" but he also said "Why was Prof Judy Wood not asked to explain the 911 physics?" -- so if he won it appears that he would like to see a new BBC programe based on the physics of Judy Wood -- can anyone think of a worse outcome?!

The quicker this legal action is thrown out the better and hopefully it won't get must attention -- it can only damage us.

The only important question for her:


Good work

Good work... keep pursuing this. We have a right to know the truth.

Criminal investigation needed

BBC pre-announced the collapse of WTC 7 as a fact. This (coupled with the way the building came down and all the circumstancial evidence) should definitely be grounds for criminal investigation. This would also bring a lot of publicity. How could this be arranged?

I have to wonder,

if she really was that busy, why did she answer the phone at all?

Not a very smooth evasion, if you ask me.

Yarrow is correct, simply ask Ms. Standley who the source was for the story, and ask her until she answers.

Keep it simple, keep it civil, be persistent.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

It's worth noting...

That the original story broke on BBC World from the BBC HQ in London at 4:57, Jane states "live", that she only knows what they do...


If anyone should be politely contacted over the source, then it should be Philip Hayton (a good person I believe, who has since left the BBC), he was the host in London when the story broke, even more so his BBC World / News bosses need the real hassling.

The one question for Jane Standley should be, "What did she think five minutes after the live feed "went down", when WTC7 actually went down behind her, especially after her reporting it's demise in reasonable detail for the past 10 minutes". That must have been an unforgettable moment !!!

Best wishes

Good points

So next time Jane Standley's on the line, make that the one :)

This is a Frightened Woman

Why is she so obviously afraid to talk about this? Especially when queried in such a reasonable manner?

Defensive from the word go.

Speaks volumes.

9/11 Truth ends the 9/11 Wars