9/11 Truth Groups Question Lee Hamilton

Cincinnati 9/11 Truth, Columbus 9/11 Truth, and a member of We Are Change Seattle, posed some questions to Lee Hamilton.

Here are some more of the videos.

Yeah! Good stuff!

In the top video, a questioner refers to Peter Dale Scott's HIGHLY RECOMMENDED very recent book on 9/11; "The Road to 9/11". Here is Scott's particular reference, from pages 109-110, in the context of the Chapter on "Casey, The Republican Countersurprise, and BCCI";


"The bank's (BCCI's) immunity from regulation and prosecution in the ensuing Reagan years became notorious. As treasury secretary, James Baker flagrantly declined to prosecute BCCI after it had been exposed for illegally acquiring First American. A former National Security Council economist told author Johanthan Beatty that "Baker didn't pursue BCCI because he thought a prosecution of the bank would damage the United States reputation as a safe haven for flight capital and overseas investments." A simpler explanation might be that Baker knew what secrets could be told by the highest-level surviving BCCI officials."

The full story of BCCI was never officially told, nor was the story of the Republican countersurprise. The Iran-Contra hearings successfully covered up the arms shipments to Iran before 1984, and the House Task Force investigation of the Republican Surprise went nowhere. As Newsweek correspondent Eleanor Clift correctly predicted in 1991, "Congress will not formally investigate charges that the Reagan campaign stole the election in 1980, in large part because Israel's supporters on Capital Hill do not want to put the spotlight on Israel's role, which during that period sold weapons to Iran in blatant disregard of President Carter."

The key figure in both cover-ups was the congressman Lee Hamilton, a friend of the pro-Israel AIPAC lobby who chaired the House Iran-Contra Committee in 1987 and the House Task Force from 1992 to 1993. The bland results of the House Task Force report were hardly surprising. Hamilton had earlier participated in a dishonest defense of the Contras against charges of drug trafficking. The chief counsel of the House Task Force was E. Lawrence Barcella, who had received $2 million in legal fees as the lead attorney for BCCI in the late 1980s. At that time, Barcella also was a law partner of Paul Laxalt, who had been chariman of the Reagan-Bush campaign in 1980. Finally, Barcella had close personal connections to Michael Ledeen, from whom he had bought a house and shared a common housekeeper.

In 2003, Hamilton would be resurrected to cochair the 9/11 Commission, investigating a third crisis that involved both right-wing Republican politicians and Muslim fundamentalists. Many people, including U.S. government officials, had alleged a number of links between BCCI investors, the Bin Laden family, and the financing of al Qaeda. For example, a French book has charged that "after dominating the financial news through the 1990s, the BCCI is now at the center of the financial network put in place by Osama bin Laden's main supporters." But in the 2004 9/11 Commission Report these allegations were completely ignored."


That's what Hamilton is all about. Cover-ups. Ok, NOW will you go buy Scott's awesome book? ;)

Where is justice for the 3000+ Americans that were slaughted ...

Herblay FRANCE

Bonjour ,

Thanks very much for your video and questions to Lee Hamilton. The sound track was a bit difficult to hear but I think a got the last best question right.
"Where is the justice for the thousands of Americans that were slaughtered by their own governement?"
Can anyone confirm this ? A question put in such a casual way ! We need to hear this more often and just like that !

All the other questions were interesting and it would be useful if someone can do a transcript. I think that the WeAreChange video's are going to help the world towards 911 truth and I am looking forward to us here in France having our own WeAreChangeFR. In being able to ask our French president what did our secret services know at the time on the authors of 911 ?
Why did we, with Nato, attack Afghanistan without the white paper proof of Bin Ladin's guilt promised by Colin Powel ?
Why is our president sending extra troops when we still do not have proof of Bin Ladin's guilt for 911 ?
Will the french governement back up a citizen's international inquiry into the 911 attacks ?
etc , etc

A person called Mohsin Drabu from We Are Change UK (www.wearechange.org.uk) emailed to me that he will soon be staying in Paris and that he would like to start up up a We Are Change team here in France.



"Where is the justice for

"Where is the justice for the thousands of Americans that were slaughtered by their own governement?"
Can anyone confirm this? A question put in such a casual way! We need to hear this more often and just like that!

Confirmed. She's a brave women.

Mohsin is a legend, (he

Mohsin is a legend, (he posts as mjd82 on here)we are very sad to be losing him from London. London's loss is Paris's gain though. WAC UK will be coming over to Paris to visit soon.



Here's another video from the event.

If an admin would like to add it to the post, that would be great.

Some constructive criticism (if I may)

It's great to see so many of you getting a chance to ask Rep. Hamilton questions, so make the most these rare opportunities. Always keep in mind who your audience is, the impression you want to make with them and what you want them thinking about as they leave the event. With that in mind, a few constructive comments:

1) Keep your questions short and to the point as this will put the focus on the question and the response. Long statements leading to a question always look like grandstanding and annoy the audience, immediately putting you at a disadvantage with those you're trying to persuade.

2) Research the person you are putting the question to as thoroughly as you can and choose your question for maximum impact. Whenever possible, use one of their quotes and ask them to clarify or comment on that quote. In the case of Rep. Hamilton, he stated that they knew NORAD officials had lied to them about what took place on 9/11/01 so he should be asked about this. (While highlighting WTC 7 is always good, Mr. Hamilton is not an engineer, has not commented on it and it is fairly easy for him to sidestep). Ask him why they didn't think following the money was important.

3) If you are fortunate enough to have as many people lined up to ask questions as you did, ask a variety of short, tough, direct questions that expose as much of the myth to scrutiny as possible. This is like a boxing match, get him on the ropes and keep him there. Ask him why he thought it appropriate that Zelikow, the consummate Bush insider, was allowed to run the Commission and edit its final report.

4) Civility is very important, especially when the target is elderly or a woman. Overly aggressive tone or body language is almost always self-defeating. It looks like you did well in this regard, unlike some other recent confrontations.

5) Rep. Hamilton IS the king of U.S. government cover-ups, his role in the Iran-Contra cover-up still boggles my mind when I think about it. It was good to save this question/statement for your knockout punch.

I hope that you all were able to distribute flyers to the audience as they exited and even thought to set up a table outside with more materials.

A final note: One gatekeeping technique that is gaining popularity is requiring questions to be written down on cards and passed to the moderator/interviewer or event the speaker to read. Write as many 9/11-related questions as possible and then when they obviously skip by them, simply ask them out loud in a loud clear voice, keeping the question short and to the point.

One thing we can do here on blogger is create and refine a list of questions to ask these folks. With even one day of warning, anyone should be able to get enough feedback here to optimize each opportunity.

I only hope that we will get more speakers in the S.F. Bay Area, so that we get a chance to confront them and post video here and on YouTube.

Keep up the great work, the truth is getting out there!

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

I'm bummed they stopped the Q&A before it was my turn...

...but at the same time I'm grateful and surprised they did Q&A in the first place. AND that they didn't screen the questions beforehand.

Sherry and I had a couple good ones though, would've been nice to get the mic...

Next time! :-)

peace & truth,



Thank-you, Cincinatti 911 Truth!!!! Exemplary of what should keep happening, EVERY time every one of those complicit makes a public appearance. Soon, the entire country will be on to them. NO one will deny that the most egregious attack upon our own country was perpetrated by its own government. THANK YOU again, Cincinatti 911 Truth!!!

The most severe form of learning disorders are owned by those that "already know everything."

Fantastic confrontation!

Fantastic confrontation! This is what I want to see! :D

This stands in STARK CONTRAST to the "confrontation" with Larry Silverstein.
Cincinatti 911 Truth has MY vote!

Rock on.

"To know a thing well, know its limits. Only when pushed beyond its tolerances will its true nature be seen."
-The Amtal Rule, DUNE

Lee Hamilton = perp in cover up!

This is one of the best confrontations! Hamilton deserves closer examination. I'd like to see others share what they know on him? Didn't he get appointed to the board of a major defense contractor almost directly after his role on the 9/11 commission? He seems to be a key player and I'm definitely going to keep an interest in him. I applaud this effort. It's exemplary!

Hamilton states conclusions of the 9/11 Comission without supporting arguments! Is it because there are few if any? His monologue rings hollow and it may worked in the past? However, this time, the physical reality of the twin towers' non-collapse and Building 7 renders his summary dismissals of objections sound disconnected. Hamilton fails in his crusty attempts to sound authoritative and reassuring that the correct conclusions were reached!

Hamilton is clearly an insider and you

...can't believe them!

Showing how it should be done

That's exactly the way to do it. Calm and intelligent questions that force the guy into either running or giving a pathetic response. Notice how the crowd turned in favour of the questions as Hamilton struggled to come to terms with the questioning?

Was "Binkster's Question" Asked?

I'm stuck with a dial-up connection today and can't watch the clip. Can someone tell me if the question Binkster posed from the Silverstein encounter was asked of Hamilton?

1) "Do you think it's important who financed the hijackers?"

2) "Why was Norman Mineta's testimony omitted from the Commission's report?"

3) "Why did the Commission lie about the cores of the World Trade Center by describing the interior as "a hollow steel shaft" and ignoring the 47 core columns?"

4) "You've called your report the first draft and not the final word.. You've even stated that you were "set up to fail." Do you support a new 9/11 investigation?"

These would be my 4 questions of Lee Hamilton if I only had a few minutes. I trust that they were all asked! If so, well done.

Unfortunately, Hamilton took

Unfortunately, Hamilton took only a few questions and what is on the video are all the 9/11 related questions that were asked. After the last 9/11 Truth member quoted Peter Dale Scott from "The Road To 9/11" that said Hamilton was the king of government coverups no other questions were allowed. At that point I think Hamilton slunk off stage with his tail berween his legs.

Giving credit where credit is due. This encounter was a joint effort between Cincinnati 9/11 Truth, Columbus 9/11 Truth as well as the first question being asked by John Karlo who was there from We Are Change Seattle.

"A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves" – Edward R. Murrow

Excellent questions for Hamilton (and Kean, for that matter),

RL McGee, this is exactly what I'm talking about in my comment above.

Rep. Hamilton is the one who took Mineta's testimony and he is the one to ask about it, why it was left out and how he interprets it. Get Hamilton on record and then we can follow it up and even push it into the msm.

His statement that following the money was not important (because so little was needed) is absurd and insulting and needs to be exposed whenever possible.

I hope that you and yours are well.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Questions pertaining to politics, not science

I think questions for Lee Hamilton should focus on matters of the politics of 9/11, not NIST investigations. It's too easy for Hamilton (or Zelikow or Kean) to sidestep questions about reports they did not write (NIST, FEMA). Yes, the collapses are part of the 9/11 Commission Report; but I think Hamilton should be cornered with evidence that does not draw on external scientific studies.

Ask him why the source of the financing for 9/11 is "of little practical significance." Ask him why the multiple war games exercises were not investigated. Ask him about the obvious contradiction of the 9/11 Commission's stated objective: to give a full accounting of 9/11, but not to blame anyone. Ask him why Philip Zelikow was the only person considered for the job of executive director of the commission, and why the commission did not remove Zelikow when the 9/11 families demanded it because of his obvious conflicts of interest. Ask him to reveal who purchased the put options (the report basically says, "trust us, it wasn't suspicious"). Ask him how a criminal investigation can possibly be effective without demanding that witnesses testify under oath.

Just some suggestions. Keep pressing.

Simuvac brought up some

Simuvac brought up some excellent points on how this confrontation could have been even better.
Very strategic thoughts. Asking about the financing WOULD have been a great question..

But compared to what I've seen, this is still an excellent confrontation.
There is always potential for improvement. :)

"To know a thing well, know its limits. Only when pushed beyond its tolerances will its true nature be seen."
-The Amtal Rule, DUNE

These are some great

These are some great questions. What would you ask Glenn Beck if you had the chance?

Edit: I only ask, because we might get a chance to confront him. I don't think we will be quite as nice with him.

Hamilton the Degenerate

Great work Patriots. It makes you wonder what a guy like Lee Hamilton must be really like. He's a major player in cover up work and has been in the criminal gang for so long. One thing is clear, he's a degenerate

Bravo guys!

I am part of Cincy 911 truth but just moved to West Virginia on account of a new job... Wish I could have been there. Great job friends!


Heads up:

"What a pleasant surprise. I'm glad to see our Cincinatti branch is off the ground and running. I'm only 3 hours from them. I look forward to spreading the truth with them in the near future.
Troy (WV911Truth) | Homepage | 11.16.07 - 1:50 pm | # "


Many hands make light work!
RRREMA=research, realize, react, educate, motivate, activate

That was great!

That was awesome! Keep up the great work guys! Keep the pressure on this festering boil that's taken over our government until it pops and all the ungodly neocon pus is drained from it's body. If only there were truth chapters in every town these critters go to so they could bring the pressure constantly.

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