The Breakdown of the FBI Anti-Terror Team on 9/11

A brief but important NBC News report broadcast during the morning of 9/11 indicated how the FBI was rendered useless in its ability to respond to the kind of attacks that were taking place. Shortly after 10:00 a.m., correspondent Andrea Mitchell reported: "This very interesting information ... from the FBI: They have been operating a massive exercise from their hostage rescue unit. All of their top teams, about 50 personnel, helicopters, equipment, were in Monterey, California for the last two days, scheduled to fly back today commercially. So all of those people are out of place." She continued: "You've got all of their special experts on this stuck in Monterey, California, trying to get a military flight back because there are no longer commercial flights. So they are seriously out of pocket, and there is a real breakdown of the FBI anti-terror coordination team, which is of course the principal team that would lead any effort, and was so effective under Jim Kallstrom in New York City during the World Trade Center bombing and the TWA [Flight 800] explosion."

Despite the implications of this incredible information, only one newspaper covered it. In a report published that same day, USA Today briefly described: "The attack was so unexpected that a joint FBI/CIA anti-terrorist task force that specifically prepared for this type of disaster was on a training exercise in Monterey, Calif." The politics website also mentioned the incident, concluding: "just as the worst terrorist act was being committed on American lives and property, the chief federal agency responsible for preventing such crimes was being AWOL." But, in the six years since, this information has been ignored, and no mention was made of it in the 9/11 Commission Report.

If the official theory about 9/11 is correct, and the attacks were indeed perpetrated by Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda, then the absence of the FBI's antiterrorist experts at the one time they were most needed must be a freak coincidence. However, if the official theory is wrong, then this could have been part of a deliberate attempt to 'stand down' normal lines of defense, so as to ensure that the attacks succeeded.

In her report, Mitchell also stated: "It's fair to say, according to sources that we've talked to here at NBC, that the FBI rescue operations and other FBI operations are really in chaos right now, because they can't reach their officials in New York, all of their phone lines are down." I have previously described evidence that communications may have been deliberately sabotaged on 9/11, particularly in the Washington, DC area. Key individuals, including government officials and members of the military, appear to have been affected. So when we hear a report about the FBI on 9/11, stating, "all of their phone lines are down," we must surely also wonder whether this was due to sabotage. A proper investigation of the 9/11 attacks is urgently needed to establish the truth.

Holy Fucking Shit.


I can't believe I haven't heard about this until today. Everyone should spread this far and wide.

Shoestring: You da man.

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It has always been at

This story should be studied alongside the war games exercises as possible proof that either the time and date were selected to coincide with many overlapping exercises, or the exercises were scheduled to provide cover for the operation.


Is it normal procedure to run countless terrorism-drills, insert false radar-blips etc etc
in the same week as the annual UN General Assembly is held in NYC ?
One should think that given the high number of foreign hot-shots attending, the event itself
is considered prime terrorist-target and security tightened accordingly ?
So... Who was the idiot who 're-scheduled" the drills ? Dick Cheney !!
"Listen carefully now : DO NOT DESTROY OIL-WELLS" Dubya

Keep digging

I heard about this story before, and it fits perfectly with the war game exercises. Keep digging, you never know what you'll find. Dick Cheney is probably responsible for this too, as he is for all of the war game exercises.

How did the news know?

This is amazing footage to me. Does the FBI always make it so readily available what they are working on? How did that detailed news report about the FBI and what they were doing get on TV in the 1st hour of the attacks? Weren't there other things to talk about?

Would the first question out of some ones mouth be "Why isn't the FBI here? Where are they? Quick, get me a detailed list of the tasks and drills they are working on and how the agents are distributed to we can inform the public!" I don't think so. This is like everything else, just laying the ground work for the official story.

This shit pisses me off more everyday.

Good Find, Shoestring

I wonder, then, who was left behind to hold down the fort while the elite agents were shipped off to Cali? Who were the left-behinds who were tasked with grabbing all the evidence from the airports, the ATC Center, the NEADS complex, etc.-- while under the watchful eye, of course, of Asst. Sec'y of Justice Michael Chertoff, who directed the investigation into 9/11.

I wonder if these left-behind agents were hand picked by the Master of Disaster himself, for their reliability, and their dedication to the same cause espoused by their boss, while the more honest FBI agents were marooned on the West Coast...

"The Master of Disaster"

Once you have the picture

nothing is amazing anymore....

9/11=one big orchestrated "fraud"