A Response to the Simon Wiesenthal Center and Mark Weitzman

Nov 17, 2007

A Response to the Simon Wiesenthal Center and Mark Weitzman
— Richard Gage, AIA and contributors is extremely concerned about the recent portrayal of our peaceful organization and website by the Simon Wiesenthal Center alongside Taliban militant websites at the recent "Homeland Security Hearing" hosted by Congresswoman Jane Harman. By implication we and other 9/11 Truth organizations are branded as terrorists. We are therefore actively pursuing non-legal and legal remedies. The following letter written to the SWC by John Stevenson is posted in order to also express our concern. We will post updates as events unfold. Thank you for your overwhelming show of support!

Richard Gage, AIA

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From: Nila S.
Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2007 10:48:07 -0800
To: All
Subject: A brilliant letter

Written, by a friend, to Mark Weitzman at the Simon Wiesenthal Center re: his efforts to equate 9/11 Truth with Terrorism. Should you need to, feel free to forward it verbatim to Weitzman, here:

Better yet, send it to every newspaper or media outlet you know. This really nails it dead center...

Dear Mr. Weitzman,

While I respect your efforts to prevent terrorism in all its forms, your suggestion that the 9/11 Truth Movement is in any way related to terror organizations, or could foment such interests, is ridiculous and dangerous.

The 9/11 Truth Movement is a non-violent effort by thousands (if not tens of thousands) of highly respected professionals in numerous areas of expertise (and potentially millions of other concerned citizens) to demand a legitimate and impartial investigation into the events surrounding the 9/11 attacks. There are countless weaknesses, flaws, and overt misrepresentations in the official account that are painfully obvious to those who actually KNOW something about the Systems and Material science involved in building collapse, as well as the numerous suspicious activities by government and various other domestic groups to suppress and even destroy evidence involved in this crime, for reasons at this point unknown. There are far too many important questions unanswered that can be answered with a legitimate investigation, rather than simply sweep this tragic crime under the rug. Is that what you suggest we do?

And if you are suggesting that simply demanding that a woefully inadequate investigation be conducted properly can in any way be aligned with terrorism, you do so in direct conflict with everything this country was founded upon, and in direct opposition to the basic principles of the U.S. Constitution — and that IS in some circles considered a crime.

While I believe your efforts are well-meaning, I strongly request, before you promote such assumptions, that you actually INVESTIGATE for yourself the aspects of 9/11 which are questioned by these experts I mention previously, and, regardless of your conclusion, refrain from incorrectly and libelously suggesting that anyone involved in this movement has any connection to terrorist activities or threats, simply based on their opinions or completely legal efforts in this regard. In doing so you denigrate the noble work the Simon Wiesenthal Center has done in the past, and the lives of those who died over the centuries for our freedoms. The right to freely question and investigate our government at any time and about ANYTHING is critical to the survival of our freedom and this country I love.


John Stevenson
California, USA

Something to Hide

I have read and listen to a bunch of Material since involved to the 911 truth movement. I personally never heard or read anyone promoting Violence in anyway shape or form towards a group a race or a religious preference. In my Humble opinion I believe that the Simon Wiesenthal Center is being Instructed by a higher source ( People in Israel) To instruct the Homeland Security Hearing on adopting policy critical towards a truth movement because ma by they have something to hide.

There is a paper that i would recommend everyone to read regarding this issue Wired for Terror: On the Trail of the “Men” Who Brought Down the Towers
Submitted by Lazlo Toth on Tue, 2007-08-21 04:

pursuing legal redress

Will there be any campaign among 911 Truth members to raise money to pursue some legal remedy to counter this?

Worth Pursuing

It's interesting to read Weitzman's reply to Chris Sarns on the original thread.

"My reference to 9/11 consisted of 1 sentence out of 6 pages of testimony, and in that sentence (with 2 out of 38 accompanying PowerPoint slides) I referenced “how 9/11 is viewed in some eyes, including those who applauded it as well as some conspiracy sites.” "
The presentation includes oral testimony so obviously this is incorrect. He says "Some of these are conspiracy theories that express a closed view of the world such as blaming 9/11 as an outside job...such as the US government or Jews etc." Headline over AE911 Truth 'Internet Incubator of 9/11 Conspiracies & Disinformation'
This is combined with his summation about being "aware of misinformation used by extremists"
and having " ceded the internet to our enemies"
It's definitively worth pursuing - legally or otherwise.

Richar Gage Audio (repost)

October 24, 2007 Richard Gage on KPFA Guns and Butter (pre-recorded)

October 24, 2007 Richard Gage on Drive Time Radio

September 6, 2007 Richard Gage on the Alex Jones show

The first download is an excerpt from the DVD . . . it is extremely powerful.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The Simon Wiesenthal Center is an international Jewish human rights organization dedicated to repairing the world one step at a time. The Center’s multifaceted mission generates changes through the Snider Social Action Institute and education by confronting antisemitism, hate and terrorism, promoting human rights and dignity, standing with Israel, defending the safety of Jews worldwide, and teaching the lessons of the Holocaust for future generations. With a constituency of over 400,000 households in the United States, it is accredited as an NGO at international organizations including the United Nations, UNESCO, and the Council of Europe. Headquartered in Los Angeles, the Simon Wiesenthal Center maintains offices in New York, Toronto, Palm Beach, Paris Buenos Aires and Jerusalem.

The Museum of Tolerance, the Center’s educational arm, founded in 1993 challenges visitors to confront bigotry and racism, and to understand the Holocaust in both historic and contemporary contexts. It hosts 350,000 visitors annually including 130,000 students. Some of the programs sponsored by the Museum include:

•Tools for Tolerance – an all-day program that utilizes the Museum’s unique educational environment to explore issues of diversity and tolerance, as well as cooperation in the workplace and in the community. To date, the Museum has trained over 100,000 professionals, including educators and, in partnership with the State of California, individuals in law enforcement. Additionally, the program accommodates firefighters, social workers, health care professionals, attorneys, probation officers, and others.
•Teaching Steps to Tolerance – the Museum’s national program is designed for 5th and 6th grade educators and library media specialists to integrate the teaching of tolerance into their school’s curriculum.
•Task Force Against Hate – confronts extremism by developing strategies to combat Holocaust denial and to educate students about antisemitism and bigotry through conferences and training sessions held throughout the country.
•National Institute Against Hate Crimes – The Center, with support from the US Department of Justice and the Bureau of Justice Assistance, trains criminal justice professionals.
•Tools for Tolerance for Teens – reaches thousands of middle and high school students while Steps to Tolerance engages over 6,000 fifth and sixth graders each year. For those who are not able to experience the Museum directly, Bridging the Gap reaches young people across the country through videoconferencing.

I'm shocked that people associated with Israeli affairs and "standing with Israel" would portray 911 researchers and activists in the same light as Terrorists. No really I'm shocked. Honest . Seriously. Notice the Orwellian "Tools for Tolerance" heading, after the "We stand with Israel" line. I think my head exploded.

Terror and tyranny under the guise of

humanity is what these organisations (also the ADL) seem to stand for.
Their definition of freedom and peace might be "slightly" different from
what we would think of.

Just Wanted To Establish....

I'm not shocked at all at the whole thing. I was being entirely sarcastic when I said so.

The Holocaust Industry

by Norman Finkelstein

A Conversation with Professor Norman Finkelstein

John Doraemi publishes Crimes of the State Blog

Simon Wiesenthal Center and Terrorism

"One extraordinary fact that I learned in your book was that former President Reagan, and his UN ambassador Jean KirkPatrick, received the Simon Wiesenthal Center humanitarian of the year award (for their staunch support of Israel) despite providing political, financial and military support to extreme Right terrorist groups in Central America. Do you agree that it is an incredible perversion of history that the racism and violence of the Nazi holocaust, is now used to justify turning a blind eye to racism and violence?"

"Well that is what you would expect from the Simon Wiesenthal Center. This is really a gang of heartless and immoral crooks, whose hallmark is that they will do anything for a dollar. As I point out in the book, the guy who runs their headquarters in Los Angeles, runs it as a family business, and in the mid 1990's they were collectively raking in $525 000 a year."

"What do you think of America's moral authority to spearhead a crusade against terrorism?"

"If you understand terrorism to mean the targeting of civilian populations in order to achieve political goals, then plainly the US qualifies as the main terrorist government in the world today, if only because of the sheer force it has at its disposal. I am not claiming that another government were it to be in the position of the US would act better, but given the predominant material and political weight of the US today, means that they are going to be the main terrorist state in the World today, and I think that's true."


While I appreciate John Stevenson's letter and Kudos to him......what makes ANYONE think that these folks give a rats ASS about what America was founded on, or it's laws and Constitution? Let's just be honest here and cut the shit driven by fear of "Israel First "ditto heads and subverts and what they'll say.

Chomsky was correct when he said . .

"Israel is a forward military outpost for the western empire"

If you research, you will find a connection between AIPAC, FBI and the Neo-Nazi movement. There are real white supremacists in these organizations but they are lead around on a leash by groups that profit by terrorizing the American population through false flag attacks.

One of the Neo Nazi bank robbers affiliated with McVeigh and the OKC Bombing who flipped on his buddies ended up working for the Southern Poverty Law Center going to universities speaking about the evil white supremacist movement.

They then try and associate peaceful citizen's movements with the terror they help to create.

It sure would be nice if the good guys could win this one.

Yes, this is correct. Many

Yes, this is correct.

Many people erroneously analyze the situation as Israel controlling the USA, but that is really not the case if you look at all the data.

Israel sent mercenary help in the Guatemalan counter-insurgency state apparatus - beefed up by US special forces and people trained at the School of the Americas, Israel helped the US in the "backyard" of South/Central America.

Counter-insurgency basically meant death squads, and secret killings. Only reported as missing people.

"To know a thing well, know its limits. Only when pushed beyond its tolerances will its true nature be seen."
-The Amtal Rule, DUNE

There is nothing surprising

There is nothing surprising in the way in which the Wiesenthal center has carried itself.

Wiesenthal Center is complicit in severely misrepresenting the truth about the Israeli 40 year long siege and opression of the Occupied Territories. And furthering the public myth regarding this sad event.
The Wiesenthal Center is also not shy about throwing and abusing the Holocaust around to gain some emotional leverage and support for the illegal activities of the Israeli state.

True scholars of the Holocaust, such as Raul Hilberg (who died in august this year) and Norman Finkelstein, get their solid argumentative criticisms buried by the mass media - and by precisely centers such as this one.

That they would be talking like this about 911 Truth is suspicious.

"To know a thing well, know its limits. Only when pushed beyond its tolerances will its true nature be seen."
-The Amtal Rule, DUNE

Bar Mitzfah

I went to a Bar Mitzfah for one of my kids school mates. I enjoyed the ritual singing and the people but was a little knocked over how the Israel dogma is drilled into these kids.

From the movie Exodus:

Exodus (This Land Is Mine)

This land is mine

God gave this land to me

This brave and ancient land to me
And when the morning sun
Reveals her hills and plains
Then I see a land
where children can run free.

So take my hand
And walk this land with me
And walk this lovely land with me
Tho' I am just a man

When you are by my side

With the help of God
I know I can be strong.

So take my hand
And walk this land with me

And walk this golden land with me.
Tho' I am just a man

When you are by my side

With the help of God
I know I can be strong.

To make this land our home

If I must fight

I'll fight to make this land our own.
Until I die this land is mine!

Thanks to AE911truth

I would have liked to have seen a little more teeth in the letter but overall the author strikes the right tone for an initial correspondence. Best to keep things respectful even if the recipients deserves nothing but contempt.

Someone posted the Wiesenthal Center's mission statement. Buried in the middle is the phrase “stand by Israel”. This is of course the entire raison d’etre of this organization and other alleged Jewish vanguards like the ADL. Anti-Jewish sentiment is not to be discouraged but welcomed. Without it they’d be out of a job. Besides, the more so-called “anti-semitism” the more Jews will flee from their current homelands to the state of Israel (that’s the idea, anyway). This is has been the mindset of hardcore Zionists historically – see 51 documents: Zionist Collaboration with the Nazis by Lenni Brenner. Every time a swastika is spray-painted on a grave in a Jewish cemetery a twinkle appears in Abe Foxman’s eye. Indeed, I would not be surprised if many of these incidents are miniature false flag operations. We already know that the (now deceased) head of Germany's largest Neo-Nazi group was MI6. Zionists are the Jewish people’s worst enemy.

I pointed out in the previous thread on the S. Wiesenthal center that its cousin organization the ADL recently gave its Dinstinguished Statement Award to Silvio Berlusconi, an open Nazi sympathizer and fervent admirer of Mussolini. Well, why not? By persecuting Jews Mussolini lent a helping hand to the Zionist project, and modern day fascists like Berlusconi are among Israel’s greatest supporters.

Here’s another interesting tidbit from recent history. During the Poppy Bush administration it was revealed his “Ethnic Outreach Committee” was staffed almost entirely by neo-Nazis from Eastern Europe. Did the ADL care? Absolutely not. An article in the New Republic defended the group based on the idea that its members adhered to an “antique and anemic” and therefore irrelevant form of “anti-Semitism”. The REAL anti-Semitism which Jewish people should be worried about was “hatred for Israel”. The article went on to describe the “Jew-haters” in the Democratic Party whose sole crime was calling for a Palestinian self-determination.

Collaboration between Zionists and Nazis seems completely counter-intuitive until examined in this light. Indeed, I would argue that groups like the ADL and the S.W.C are the most visible and well-funded anti-Semitic organizations on the planet. It is the ultimate perversion of language that their stated goal is to combat anti-Semitism, when in fact they are its strongest supporters. This applies not only to Semitic peoples like the Palestinians but to Semitic Jews. Orwell rolls in his grave.

It is clear from the S.W.C’s presentation on “terrorism” that the facts about 911 – specifically the dancing Israelis – are indeed striking terror into the hearts of Zionists everywhere. What we see in the attempt to conflate 911 truth with “jihadists” is the same sort of hubris demonstrated by the chucklehead Mossad agents caught high-fiving and flicking bic lighters when the towers fell, but with one major difference: this time the hubris is masking a profound fear over the potential repercussions of that act.

The Wiesenthal episode is also part of a larger campaign by the corporate press to mix up “conspiracism” with “Jihadi values” and stress the alleged threat of homegrown “patriotic” terrorism a la Timothy McVeigh. Mockingbirds like Beck and O’Reilly keep drawing this analogy, which is deeply troubling.

AE911truth is doing the right thing here by fighting back. In the absence of an explicit retraction by the S.W. center they should pursue legal action. It’s also incumbent on all of us to remain vigilant about potentially violent provocateurs in our midst and to stress non-violence in all of our activism.


In antiquity...slaves were, in all honesty, called slaves. In the Middle Ages, they took the name of serfs; nowadays, they are called wage earners. -- Bakunin

What's your take on this development Jon(Gold)?

What's your take on this Jon? What should we do with this development? Ignore it, ask for clarification, seek an apology? It would be nice to get a variety of ideas before we approach this sticky issue. The irony of Truth" vs. "Truth" is astounding. The Wiesenthal Center should be on our side when it comes to being on the right side of history (wishful thinking, of course).

H.R. 1955 and the 'expert'

H.R. 1955 and the 'expert' testimony are based on the premise that the government has been honest about radical Islamic motivated terrorism. The 9/11 truth movement has spent over six years proving (as much as the declassified evidence permits) the government has lied about al Qaeda, radical Islamic terrorism and 9/11.

What is the basis of the 'experts' credibility? Propaganda? Dislike of radical Islamic terrorism? Fearmongering? Authoritarianism?

If they (ie..US Congress) will put all the cards on the table (declassify the evidence) and stop lying about al Qaeda terrorism then they might attain some credibility. Until then this whole thing suggests an ulterior motive at work, namely suppressing and possibly criminalizing dissent.

Abraham Lincoln said....

" Right Makes Might "

You guys (ae911truth) are doing what is right
nothing can stop you
rock on!

Nail 'em! can nail these Zionists for using the tactics of Goebells. The Zionists are blaming the Truth movement for fostering the fake terrorism we are trying to expose. Exponential double think.

Thanks, Richard Gage, for standing up to this. This is a critical event for the 9/11 truth movement.

Yes !.......

a very big thank you Mr. Gage! I seen all your information, and ill be damned if i seen ANYTHING anti american or remotely violent.
This is *BULLS**T!


9/11 truth really has nothing to do with people or anti-Jewish sentiment. It has everything to do with policies like: problem-reaction-solution.

Learn about real, genuine, home grown terrorism:,12271,1312540,00.html
"The coup was aimed at toppling President Franklin D Roosevelt with the help of half-a-million war veterans. The plotters, who were alleged to involve some of the most famous families in America, (owners of Heinz, Birds Eye, Goodtea, Maxwell Hse & George Bush’s Grandfather, Prescott) believed that their country should adopt the policies of Hitler and Mussolini to beat the great depression. Mike Thomson investigates why so little is known about this biggest ever peacetime threat to American democracy." Not anymore; welcome to post 9/11.

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