Exact Moment Of The Primary Explosion?

Check out the video below! If you pause at 11 sec. you can see the big fire ball coming from the right hand side of the south tower. Then a sec or so later you can catch the plume of smoke that shots out from the left side, shooting debris out. In the clip after that watch the North Tower very closely, around 21 sec in or so, as the South Tower comes down you can see an entire floor of the North Tower erupt in flames. So I'd say that some of the explosives people on ground zero heard that day, as the first tower was coming down, was from the North Tower. The noise from the explosives in the South Tower as it fell would have somewhat masked the noise coming from the North tower.
I have yet to see much talk on this concept, so I thought I'd throw it out there for my fellow truthers.


William Rodrigues speculated much the same sentiment (that explosions occured in the North tower at the exact moment of the South tower collapse) during a recent interview in Oakland Ca. It would be interesting to examine video footage very closely for signs of synchronized explosions at both towers.

This is Good

Why do things like this stay in the blogs section and all the boring stuff gets to the front page?

Has this timed explosion thing not been noticed before? It seems like a pretty big deal to me. If William talked about it, isn't this some good proof he's right?

IMO LCFC did the same thing. While I thought all the info presented was valuable, I was amazed at how boing it was. Weren't they the ones who interviewed the black guy about the explosions in WTC7? Why was the movie so lame here? Jone's Report did a lot beter. The BBC clairvoyance bit left a lot to be desired, too. Why not show the part of the brodcast that had the banner stating that the building had collapsed or a good shot of the building standing behind that bitch? I can't help but think LCFC will not be as instrumental as it could have.

A lot of research

I've actually looked at a lot of the footage from this and noticed that this is true. There were explosions in the OPPOSITE tower from the collapsing one synchronized with the "collapse." Also, at the time of the second plane impact there were explosions on the opposite tower. Please see my blog entitled "Sleight of Hand" for video evidence.

Example 2 missing

Is example 2 the video above? The first video is excellent. I'm amazed that people don't see what's happening when they watch that.