The empire’s operatives exposed: The Krongards, 9/11, and Blackwater/Iraq By Larry Chin Online Journal Associate Editor

The empire’s operatives exposed: The Krongards, 9/11, and Blackwater/Iraq

By Larry Chin
Online Journal Associate Editor

Nov 19, 2007, 01:18

New bombshell testimony before Congress has revealed that Alvin B. “Buzzy” Krongard, the former CIA executive director connected to 9/11 insider trading, is a consultant and advisory board member of Blackwater USA, the New World Order’s leading intelligence-related corporate mercenary death squad now under investigation for war crimes, murder, arms smuggling, and fraud in Iraq.

“Buzzy” Krongard’s Blackwater role was confirmed by “Buzzy”’s brother, Howard “Cookie” Krongard, who (not ironically) is the Bush/Cheney administration’s State Department’s inspector general, and the official under fire for stonewalling and quashing attempted probes of Blackwater’s operations.

It was during the last Wednesday's hearing before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, chaired by Henry Waxman (D-CA), that “Cookie” Krongard denied, then confirmed later in the same testimony, the fact that his own brother was a Blackwater advisory board member throughout the period in which “Cookie” engaged in the cover-up of Blackwater. It is not known if “Cookie” Krongard lied, or was lied to, but he has now recused himself from “all matters having to do with Blackwater."

As thoroughly documented by Michael C. Ruppert in Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil, until 1997, A.B. “Buzzy” Krongard was the vice chairman of investment bank A.B.Brown (Alex. Brown). A.B. Brown and its previous incarnations have been involved with Bush family business ventures for generations, including deals with the Carlyle Group. It was also one of many major investment houses implicated for money laundering in congressional probes.

Brothers in illegal arms

Krongard joined the CIA in 1998 as the counsel to CIA Director George Tenet, and was named CIA executive director (the CIA’s #3 position) by George W. Bush in March 2001. The Deutsche Bank/Alex.Brown private banking operation headed by Krongard through 1998, and taken over by Krongard’s colleague Mayo Shattuck III, was one of the major hubs of 9/11 insider trading, where put options were purchased on United Airlines and other 9/11-related stocks. As written by Ruppert, “the trades could only have been made by people high enough in the US, Israeli and European intelligence community (including Russia) to know about the attacks and -- more importantly -- which of the many planned attacks were going to be successful.”

It is no surprise that Howard “Cookie” Krongard has, along with brother “Buzzy," enjoyed high official Bush/Cheney positions, and profits, from the “war on terrorism" -- apparently continuously from 9/11 all the way to the present Iraq occupation and quagmire.

These and other damning facts add to the multitude of direct lines leading from 9/11 to Iraq and beyond, and have been exposed piecemeal in recent years and months (in media reports that are largely ignored and misunderstood by the masses). They confirm and underscore years of exhaustive existing evidence about the true nature of the “war on terrorism," its imperial architects from across the international political spectrum, and its multinational universe of “soldiers” (exemplified by the Krongards), and intelligence proprietaries, cut-outs, and political and media fronts.

The New World Order’s “above the law” criminals -- from the Krongards and the entire Blackwater apparatus, to Bush, Cheney, Blair, and the entire membership of the Bilderberg Group -- have committed unprecedented atrocities out in the open, and have more than earned the kind of “interrogations” that they and their armed-to-the-teeth functionaries continue to inflict on political adversaries and innocent patsies in CIA prisons all over the world.

Tragically, particularly in the present milieu, it is more than likely that the Krongards will not be touched, any more than Bush, Cheney, et al will receive the punishment they deserve.

Not only have no “heads rolled” since 9/11, but virtually all of the 9/11/ “war on terrorism” criminals continue to hold the highest offices of power, brazenly committing new crimes in the open, while holding the people of world in contempt. The criminals, and their crimes, are on television, every hour on the hour. Witness the fact that Rudolf Guiliani, who was thoroughly exposed as a hands-on participant in the 9/11 operation in Mike Ruppert’s Crossing the Rubicon, is a leading 2008 presidential candidate. Senator Joe Biden, one of many members of Congress who enjoyed breakfast on 9/11 with Pakistani ISI chief and 9/11 “money man” Mahmoud Ahmad, is also running for president.

Given the bipartisan complicity of the US Congress, it is likely that the Blackwater probes, like all congressional “investigations” in modern history, are simply more limited hangouts, designed to strengthen, not expose, what remains a massive ongoing cover-up of imperial crimes.

In a time of open and unprecedented political lawlessness and corruption, and mass public ignorance and acquiescence, true investigation remains the bitter and tragic duty of a minority of courageous individuals willing to seek the facts. They are contained on the pages of this publication, and the following list of sources on the Krongards:

Michael C. Ruppert, Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil, Chapter 14: 9/11 Insider Trading, or “You Didn’t Really See That, Even Though We Saw It”

Suppressed Details of Criminal Insider Trading Lead Directly Into CIA's Highest Ranks

(Mike Ruppert, From the Wilderness, October 15, 2001

Profits of Death: Insider Trading and 9/11 (Tom Flocco, From the Wilderness, December 27, 2001)
Jeremy Scahill, Blackwater:The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army

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Important article, it puts

Important article, it puts the finger closer on the head of these criminals.

The Good Shepherds

Buzzy worked for Brown Brother's Harriman which Prescott Bush and Allen Dulles had interests in. If you live in the Washington DC area you might lose a little sleep when you find out that Buzzy's colleage at Deutche Bank was none other than Charles Shattuck who left the bank on September 12, 2001 to take a job with Constellation energy. Constellation with its connections and seat on the Cheney Energy task force was able to obtain "fast track" renewals on several aging power plants. One of them is called Calvert Cliffs.

Heck of Job Brownie is in charge of aging nuclear plants.

I saw a congressional hearing a couple weeks ago where they played survellience tapes of the power plant security guards sleeping on the job. There were also pictures of containment walls collapsing.

The perps have hired the regular PR sociopaths to dress up the pig.

Here's what they came up with:
(The Renaissance of Nuclear Energy )

After reading a glowing review in the NYTimes of this "Renaissance of Nuclear Energy", I wrote the author, Matt Wald and pointed out that there were a few stones he might want to turn over . . . here was his reply:

Thanks for your e-mail.

The idea that some insiders turned big profits in the stock market by having advance knowledge of the terrorist attacks has been around for quite a while, but the SEC, which is pretty good at this stuff, hasn't been able to make anything out of it.

The fact is that old reactors have turned out to be quite profitable, mostly because of a cause you don't list here, the rise in natural gas prices and the strong wholesale market for electricity. Constellation has put some reactors through the renewal process but that process has been pretty standard for all licensees. To my knowledge, this doesn't affect the depreciation schedule, since you can't depreciate a plant below zero.

A lot of people dislike Shattuck (not Schattuck) but I don't see the basis for a story in what you've sent me.

Matt Wald

(Notice the complete lack of anything scientific in his reply . . . its all conjecture on his part . . and no desire to turn stones . . and I'm writing him because I'm afraid that one of these homer ridden nukes is going to radiate our nation's capitol and this prick is correcting my spelling which I admit is horrendous)

Crossing the Rubicon by Michael Ruppert is an amazing book. It was one of the first books to open my eyes.

Buzzy Got Cookie in Trouble

contractors contractors contractors

Contractors and sub contractors and sub sub contractors have been able to obscure corporate wrongdoing by smearing connect-ability with layers of middlemen. We've seen this often played out in the garment/apparel industries with sweatshop worker abuse. Charlie Kernagan of the National Labor Committee has a well documented web site that lists various offenses in this realm.
The Blackwater investigations point to a disturbing growth of private military contractors with their protectors at high levels of government. The similarities in connect-ability are evident here as well. It has often been mentioned to me by critics of the plan to plant explosives in the World Trade buildings, that the complexity of such a plan could not stand the test of eventual discovery, yet we see here in this unfolding drama of defense 'contractors' , the ability of small groups to conceal vital information from investigative bodies with the aid of associates within government. This is part of an emerging pattern. It is a pattern that lends itself quite readily to the requirements of pulling off a complex commando operation such as we have seen on September 11. The Blackwater "hole" may lead down an interesting dungeon indeed. Urge your representatives to investigate it vigorously and continuously.

Sociopath's Ball

Cookie Addresses The 9/11 Banking Rumors

In Howard Krongards "notes" relating to a phone call with Buzzy he tries to cover the tracks. Of special interest is the last paragraph.

(Edit: Upon further consideration, as the notes mostly concern Blackwater, the mention of 9/11 may refer to involvement with Blackwater or Prince? family. At the moment the references are admittedly unclear. This will all likely to be cleared up once the questioning of the two brothers begins.)