Sibel Edmonds & Many In Our Government Know It

I'm not sure if this has been posted before: Everybody knows about the details of Sibel Edmonds' case. Except the public. Call Waxman, demand hearings. (202) 225-3976

Actually, a lot of people don't

>> Everybody knows about the details of Sibel Edmonds' case.

Do they?

I see many people on here asking repeatedly for details on her case and how it relates to exposing that insiders were likely involved in the 9/11 attacks.

Additionally, many people at jobs cannot watch videos (network admins are there to keep the company from paying employees to watch videos, among other things). Posts that only have videos and not even a single link to any text at all are not very helpful.

Sibel may be serious but so are those opposed

Thanks for the video, Sibel condemns the government for its corrupt involvement in money laundering, drug dealing and nuclear waste traffic.

I certainly suspect, Sibel Edmonds has information that would be a serious blow to any U.S. administration. I'm also of the belief, the more damaging the material or testimony the less likely it will ever be allowed to surface!

I urge Sibel to keep pushing and be prudent. I'm rooting for her. Sibel Edmonds is one more

...can't believe them!

We could end this thing almost immediately

Let Sibel speak.

I'm thinking about that phrase as the epitaph for my gravestone.

Waxman is a Waste of Time...

Like many others I have called the office of Henry Waxman several times already. He isn't going to budge on hearings for Sibel. And neither will the MSM. It is therefore imperative that she speak out widely and forcefully herself. NOW..

When progressive media sources cover her story and her revelations, then momentum can occur that might result in a prime time network interview. It will be after-the-fact, however, and not before.

"She's been called the most gagged whistleblower in history.. and recently FBI translator Sibel Edmonds broke her gag orders to tell everything she knows.. "60 Minutes" has the exclusive interview on tonight's broadcast. "Sibel, why did you do it? Why now?"

Isn't this a much more likely scenario after momentum has built on DailyKos, Huffington Post, AlterNet, Democracy Now and Air America, etc., than the MSM helping her to do it up front?

Sibel, Speak!

Waxman is a Wimp

I am likewise a very disappointed constituent of Waxman's -- after many phone calls and emails about 9/11 & impeachment I have realized he lacks the chutzpah to do the right things.

Already in foreign press

You can read all about it on the Independent

and click to find more articles on their site.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007 Ed Asner and Alex Jones

Alex and activist Ed Asner discuss his recent efforts to spread the word about what really happened on September 11th, 2001

*clip - full interview at

What exactly does she know?

What's with all the hints and innuendos? Seems like a tease. If the MSM won't listen, why doesn't she just do an in-depth video and put it on YouTube? Why doesn't she start a website or blog? Why doesn't she write a book using Surge or iUniverse?
Come on, then, out with it!