United States of Omertà


You can have all of the toys, perks, luxuries and the "American Dream" if you just follow Omertà: the code of silence.

You can get that news anchor job if you just keep your mouth shut about what's really going on.

You can get favors from the government, like de-regulation of media ownership or lucrative defense contracts, if you just zip it.

Topics to avoid if you want to keep getting the bennies from the criminals who have taken over our country our democratic system of free trade:

  • America has engaged in false flag operations for a long time (as have most wealthy nations)

There are a lot of other topics that are prohibited by Omertà in the U.S. Just run it by us and we'll let let you know whether you can talk about it.

"Omertà" is the mafia term for the code of silence followed by members of the gang. If you squeal, you're out of the gang.


i been having an entertaining little spat with a blogger
who thinks we are all "Troofer type idiots"
Anyway care to join in?


"Who controls the past controls the future, who controls the present controls the past"
George Orwell 1984

Hey GW!

What happened to the post.

Google decide to"omerta" it?