H.R. 1955 Must be stopped

H.R. 1955 Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007

This bill has passed and now waits for a vote in the Senate;

The true intent of this bill has been demonstrated and discussed;

"Simon Wiesenthal Center presents 9/11 sites alongside radical Jihadist sites to House Hearing on "Terrorism and the Internet"

Senate in session again next week, start calling on Monday, November 26th.

CALL: Use the US Capitol Switchboard toll-free numbers to call your two US Senators.


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Please post responses to seante calls here

Please document responses to calls to your senators here.

Nice idea! ;-)

We're making a list,

We're checking it twice,

Gonna find out Who's naughty and nice...

Nobody's Home

Nobody's Home.

Tried every number. Couldn't even leave a message.

I got through, left messages for both

I got through, left messages for both Cornyn and Huchison

Not About 'Terrorism', About Maintaining Control

Open U.S. borders proves that the international terrorist threat is a hoax.

Any societal controls proposed or implemented by the state in the name of combatting 'terrorism', have been devised to better help the ruling classes manage populations that may become very restless by severe loss of lifestyle that can result in a world experiencing energy shortages.

A restless population is a potentially dangerous population, from the point of view of a ruling elite.

The 'terrorist' hoax, allows Big Brother to justify its surveillance of the population in order to supposedly screen it, for 'terrorists'.

The current monetary and credit crises are being manufactured in my opinion, by the financial elite in order to create demand destruction of resources and to consolidate wealth.

If you cannot buy it, you cannot use it.

Some say that Peak Energy is a hoax that will allow the global elite to expedite global government.

So called 'Man-made Climate' change is the real hoax in my opinion and the proposed solutions to it are exactly what is required to cope with declining hydrocarbon energy reserves.

(Reducing one's carbon footprint.)

Man-made Climate Change is the hoax manufactured to conceal Peak Energy, in my view.

If Peak Energy is a hoax, it is the most undersold hoax ever, because most people have never heard of 'Peak Energy'. If 'Peak Energy' was a hoax, it would be peddled by the 6 o'clock news and be front page news.

The elite through the media they control, may never fully disclose this crisis because it may cause the public to dramatically withdraw its resources from the overt economy from which the elite derive most of their power.

Man made climate change is a crisis that will better allow the financial elite to remain in control of a sinking ship - a slow burn instead of panicked flight from the game they control.

So does

the fact that every skyscraper is still in use - considering 56 minutes of fire can turn them to dust.

Show "Congress Considers How to`Stop the TRUTH" by Joe

Everyone, please read above post by Joe.

But also please vote it down to compress it, it's hugh!

The true intent of this bill has been demonstrated and discussed

The 9/11 sites which were presented as "terrorist" sites were brushed over quickly and no substancial detail was given. This was intentional as otherwise the true meaning of the sites would be revealed and truth would come out. The entire presentation may have well have been on the 9/11 truth as terrorists because this IS the true intent. Nothing else in the presentation mattered or will matter once the bill is passed. Read between the lines - we are the target. Let's start the campaign against this now. Time is short.

Operation Vampire.

Operation Vampire is something that has started a long time ago, but remains as pertinent now as it has ever been...
It was written and intended for law officers to educate them in the event that they are told to gather the arms of citizens.
We're all trying. I hope we succeed.

Why should we believe the

Why should we believe the 'experts' who testified before Harman's panel? If they are too dishonest to question authority then it doesn't say much for the forthcoming commission. Will Zelikow once again be appointed to maneuver the commission to arrive at predetermined findings?

It reminds me of the way protesters are shouted down by crowds because they have the gall to challenge corrupt politicians. Isn't there a stigma associated with dishonest scholarship? Or does it not matter so long as the research doesn't challenge official narratives, regardless of their accuracy?

two points

most revolutions started from counter-repression movements.

1) Sometimes I feel that it need to get a whole lot worse before people wake up.

2) The situation seems so hopeless ... so much so that REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY may be a way to make people notice. In other words, if we would start demanding outlandish repressive demands (euthanasia to all dissenters!) we may get more response.

sorry... just voicing my frustration

The use of Reverse Psychology here may have merit

This is the first time I have heard anyone espouse the use of Reverse Psychology regarding 911 and it struck me as possibly having a great deal of merit. The one problem is it would need to get into the mainstream media to be effective. Do you think they would take the bait?

Or, why not use Reverse Psychology in social gatherings....

...where forthrightly bringing up the facts of 9/11 will be met with defensive resistance or hostility? How about bringing up 9/11 and then saying something like "Can you believe how many people in this country think that airplane fuel couldn't explode buildings into microscopic dust in almost an hour? So what if, under ideal conditions, it only burns 1000 degrees less than what it takes to melt steel?"

Or, "Why do so many people have a problem with a commercial airliner hitting America's most important military building, even if it was left unprotected 34 minutes after the second plane hit the Twin Towers and it was known that other hijacked planes were in the skies over the Eastern Seaboard? So what if Andrews Air Force Base was only 11 miles away from the Pentagon?".

"So the laws of physics were suspended for an hour and 42 minutes....What is wrong with the people that can't accept that? Bin Laden and his tricky band of cave-dwellers were obviously too crafty for our 40 billion a year intelligence programs....".


I'm sure you all can come up with much better ones.

9/11 Truth ends the 9/11 Wars

simply discussing the idea publicly can render that useless

I've thought about that quite often but also quickly come to realize that if it isn't used properly, it can make the movement look like hypocrites.

Put in perspective of how the idea of disinfo and cointelpro tactics are simply themselves reverse psychology.
so called 'truthers' giving no-plane theories, being obnoxious and stupid, etc.

So say you go out as a 'neocon' or what-have-you, and act all outlandish...you would then be doing the 'agent' tactics that have so afflicted our movement.
Now, of course this is an information war and playing nice with the enemy isn't a big concern when it's known that both sides do said tactic. But if you'd like to use such tactics, the fact it's being discussed now is likely to surface on some neocon newspaper/forum/blog/radio show, where there's a story about people of their persuasion who are being overzealous (where a fellow truther is posing as a neocon). The real neocons can easily find/run into this thread and claim the truth movement is employing infiltrators, 'the same kind they always whine about all the time' or something to that effect. Especially when we have not seen any hard evidence of neocons/globalists/etc themselves writing about how they can use reverse psychology on us (in regards to 9/11 truth that is, not overall geopolitical strategy). I mean, it certainly wouldn't surprise me, but I haven't seen it.
So basically since this is out there for people to see, I think it would be a good idea to delete our posts on this. It's a rather sensitive issue.

"The most perfidious way of harming a cause consists of defending it deliberately with faulty arguments."
Friedrich Nietzsche, The Gay Science, section 191
German philosophe

"I think it would be a good idea to delete our posts on this..."

".... It's a rather sensitive issue....."!

I come to 9/11 Blogger for the Truth, but I stay for the humor....

How is it somehow "wrong" to engage people about 9/11 through the ingrained bias most people have, as we are taught that anyone who questions what the government or media tells us about how to interpret important events is crazy? :)

Just be as accurate/factual as possible when describing the "incredulous things that some people believe about 9/11"....see what conversation it sparks....stay in character and keep giving out information for as long as possible; it could be fun....

9/11 Truth ends the 9/11 Wars

pay attention to these keywords

"if it isn't used properly"

it can THEN lead to make us look like hypocrites. As I've pointed out in my post, if you act like a 'friendly' in the midst of these warmongering idiots and espouse views that make them come to the conclusion you're just trying to tar their image, and it is found that people in the truth movement are discussing such tactics, well, the cat is out of the bag. Just as it would be if for those doing it to us, if we had found documentation on a neocon site or government source that they have planned to do so to us. (We know they are from a reasonable hunch, but we haven't found them discussing it as far as I can tell).

If however you do more in the nature as others have suggested, talk sarcastically/half jokingly, then yes, that sort of reverse psychology is fine.
The difference here is actively trying to misrepresent the anti-truth movement folk by seriously adopting their identity and then proceed to being idiots (cointelpro format), and the other being just thoughtfully engaging everyone (anti truth movement or otherwise) in a style which gets people to think of the baseless nature of anti-truth movement assumptions. Which is what I see happen often anyway. I thought maybe the reverse psychology idea was pointing more towards using cointelpro actions in the opposite direction.
Sorry I wasn't more clear and perhaps my last statement was a bit alarmist but it's these sort of things I can see get easily confused and backfire.

"The most perfidious way of harming a cause consists of defending it deliberately with faulty arguments."
Friedrich Nietzsche, The Gay Science, section 191
German philosophe




I edited your blog to reflect the correct bill that was passed and sent to the senate. 1959 had the same name, but sits in Committe in the House. 1955 was passed, and awaits a vote, possibly next week.


you get the idea.

The trick is to be OUTLANDISH to a degree that everyone notices it.

The Mainstream Media can't resist... the trick here is to
tell them what you will say, BELOW the "totally outlandish" threshold...
and when you on air, just be well over the threshold.

"I want to talk about the madness of CT's"
"How can anyone believe that the Vietnam War started with a lie?"