World Trade Center - The North Tower "Collapse"

6 years to build - 12 seconds to destroy

417 meters tall - 63,5 meters wide

When the World Trade Center towers were demolished they took the path of most resistance - straight down. Trough their own concrete and steel structures - in approximately 12 seconds.

You can time it yourself with the clock in the bottom of the screen.

Note the way hundreds of thousand tons of concrete and massive steel beams are being thrown like confetti more than 100 meters to the sides and up in an arch away from the tower, as it evidently explodes!

Or do you still believe it "collapsed"?

Many more videos of the so called collapses can be found in the link below

He comes in close and slows things down. Must see.

Another collection of video of Controlled Demolition by Xenomorph911
He comes in close and slows things down. Must see.

A "Top-Down" Demolition!

I hadn't seen that clip before....excellent find....

9/11 Truth ends the 9/11 Wars

Thanks, I'm almost finished

Thanks, I'm almost finished with my North Tower comparison. I would have had it last week, but other things came up. Anyway I'm in the final stages of making it now. Best wishes all! Thanks for all your comments and support.

The link...

Yes, certainly looks much more like an erupting volcano than

a building falling down! (Moreover, where are the supposed "pancakes" in there?)

the fact remains that - we

the fact remains that

- we KNOW it was a demolition
- we can't get this fact into the mainstream.

New footage

I recently found this footage by FOX News. Good quality.
Why does the news woman say "not a demolition, an act of terrorism"? Do anyone of you have a suggestion?


Best for the weekend everyone!