The Explosion Few Noticed

The Explosion Few Noticed
Controlled Demolition is Visually Obvious
November 2007

There have been an increasing number of eye witness reports of explosions within the World Trade Center buildings on September 11th 2001. Most notably William Rodriguez has spoken publicly of explosions in the sub-basements of the towers before any aircraft struck them (1). Many police and firefighters have reported explosions as the towers came down (2). Not to mention all the video taped 'regular people' speaking of explosions. So for what it's worth, I will highlight an explosion that is visually obvious but few have focused on.

The collapse of the North Tower (WTC1) happened after the South Tower's implosion. It was a little different than the first tower to go down. The difference was that it started with a very strong, visually obvious explosion.

The reason that I remember this explosion is that I felt the shockwave from it at a distance of approximately three miles. As I stood on my friend's seventh floor balcony on 9th Street between avenues C & D and photographed the second tower, I turned and asked, "Did you feel that?". He said yes. What I had felt was a single strong pulse that passed over us a 1/2 second or two into the North Tower's visual demolition.

It is worth noting that my friend's balcony had a clear unobstructed view of the WTC Towers. His building is one story taller than the rest of the area is zoned to allow. So being on a top floor balcony we had a direct view without even a glass window between us and the towers.

The force of this explosion at the start of the North Tower's demise can be seen in many good photos (3). It has been noted that massive steel beams were ejected with enough force to embed themselves in other buildings (4). But I have not heard of anyone else that was in a position to report the shockwave. A single pulse of energy strongly felt at a distance of three miles is certainly not indicative of a crumbling building or an office furniture fire (5).

Of course this didn't occur to me at the time. I figured there was some withheld (but rational) explanation for why the towers had collapsed. The photographs I had taken were put away, I accepted the media's version of the days events and went back to living my life, sort of. About a year and a half later I looked at the photographs again and the memory of the North Tower explosion came back to me. I was already researching unbiased 9/11 information at that point, most likely because there was something in the back of my mind that would not let me rest.

Here are three frames taken immediately after the shockwave passed over us. They (plus one subsequent frame) have been downloadable as hi-res, original-capture files (EXIF data intact) since 2003. [ download here: ] These photographs are free to use for noncommercial and educational purposes.

[Insert triptych]

The meme of controlled demolition of the Twin Towers has come a long way since I first started telling people online about it in '03. Over the past two years controlled demolition has been shown to be one of the most effective entry points into the topic of 9/11 Truth, largely thanks to great videos, coherent expert testimony and lots of activism. This remarkable growth of acceptance has proven those within the truth movement that attempt to restrict conversation to be dead wrong.

A large part of the reason for CD's effectiveness is because it does not necessarily require an appeal to authority. Every human with eyes is capable of seeing this particular explosion for what it is. We do not have to ask a scientist, a general or a TV network 'expert'. It only requires an individual to examine the evidence & think clearly, which is no small task anyway. In short, the North Tower explosion easily makes Controlled Demolition Visually Obvious.

I hope that this information can inform some of the controlled demolition discussions and outreach materials. It should be apparent that the Twin Towers were not a conventional demolition, although WTC7 appeared classically conventional. The motives of any group staging such a show would certainly have included making the evidence as confusing as possible. So mixed explosions, top, bottom, and in between could seem reasonable.


1.) William Rodriguez testimony:

2.) First responder testimony:

3.) Link to other photos of North Tower explosion

videos links:

4.) Photo of steel beam embedded in neighboring building:
Photos of this phenomenon are extremely difficult to find, additional links would be appreciated.

5.) FEMA rationale of why the towers collapsed:
According to FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) the event pictured above was caused by burning office materials, not jet fuel grade kerosene.

source: "World Trade Center Building Performance Study"
published September 2002 by FEMA

Chapter 2 page 16 Building Response; WTC1;
Initial Damage From Aircraft Impact
"The exact extent if this damage will likely never be known with certainty. It is evident that, despite this damage, the structure retained sufficient integrity
and strength to remain globally stable for a period of approximately 1 hour and 43 minutes."

Chapter 2, page 22 Building Response; WTC1;
Fire Development
"... Accounting for these factors, it is believed that almost all of the jet fuel that remained on the impact floors was consumed in the first few minutes of the fire.

As the jet fuel burned, the resulting heat ignited office contents throughout a major portion of several of the impact floors, as well as combustible material within the aircraft itself."

Office Fire Vs Photograph Flyer__________________________________
This flyer uses my photographs and asks if they look like an office fire. It fits 2 flyers per 8.5 x 11" sheet, making it cheap and easy to reproduce. Feel free to download and distribute. This flyer works very well when handed out with a DVD that focuses on evidence of controlled demolition. Space has been at the bottom left open for your groups name and web address to be inserted.

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The website you promoted includes links to "Webfairy", who says:

"The footage shows there aren't any real planes in the pictures and videos of the World Trade Center attacks, the videos of the attack on the Pentagon, and the other September 11 Videos."

She promotes both missiles hitting the towers, and no planes (no missiles either?) simultaneously.

There appears to be some neonazi type crap at the bottom as well.

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Its not the North tower

> 3.) Link to other photos of North Tower explosion

this is the south tower exploding, not the north tower.
The north tower is hidden behind in that photo.


now that's helpful!

Its not the North tower

> 3.) Link to other photos of North Tower explosion

this is the south tower exploding, not the north tower.
The north tower is hidden behind in that photo.

VERY illuminating picture

This was taken during the very first seconds of the "collapse". In it, the horizontal debris radius seems to be even wider than its height!

I think that is one of the most forceful pictures of the North Tower destruction.