Why are Americans afraid to look ?

I am posting this blog to get comments on those of us who tell our friends ,and associates to look at all the information surrounding 9/11.
It only took watching the collapse's. How they exploded, and the time in which they came down. Hey ! I have no Phd, and i am no expert on collapsing buildings, but i am no fool.
Most of the people i tell seem uninterested.Those that do always come back to ask me for more information. With all the people i've told i ran into a few cases which i would love your comments on.
The first guy's name is Richard. He's a very well educated guy, and really has some common sence. I got him to watch the Money Masters. I usually ease people into the fact that the corruption in our goverment is there. When i tried to get him to look at both sides of 9/11. It was though i was talking trash about his family. I told him how can you come to the most logical conclusion if you don't look at both sides?.........Denial ? Needless to say he's a friend, and i understand you can only lead a horse to water......
The second guy's name is Eric....Masters degree in mechanical engineering,and young.
He is really gifted in math ,and physic's. I drew the two crane test for him. You know the one where one crane is holding the top thirty floors of the towers
with nothing but eighty floors of air under it,and the second crane is holding thirty floors above the undamaged eighty.
I asked him....If realesed at the same time which one will hit the ground first? His eye's got big. I seemed as a look of horror gripped his face. He swallowed hard , and said the one with nothing under it.
I thought i added another truther to the list. I did'nt go into detail on the overwhelming information the truth movement has. I just told him it's amazing what the other sides has.
I had a dvd of 9/11 mysteries, which i gave him. I told him all i would like him to do i watch the collapse of all THREE buildings. I told him i would really love to hear what his opinion was.
(Sounds reasonable does'nt it?).....I told him whenever he get's a chance.
Well three weeks had passes. I knew he did'nt look.(If he had he would have came looking for me)
So...........I went to him, and said.....Hey Eric get a chance to watch that?
His response was..............Well.........I don't know if i belive that. So i said you watched it? Well......ah no. I tried to hold back a severe lecture. I really tried.
You have to be F&*&*&*(& ING shitting me i said ! How the hell can you come to that conclusion! I told him . Hey! I don't want to believe it either, but what i want to believe is irrelevant.
Don't believe it, or don't want to belive it ? All i asked is that you watch it , and tell me what you think.

1) Establish the cover up.

If people aren't aware of the size of the cover up, they aren't suspicious.

It has long been my practice to show the many things the government has covered up, and refuses to this day to reveal. This is highly damning, and it leads to exposing lies and retaliations against the whistleblowers. It also keeps you in a FACT BASED presentation that requires no speculation whatsoever. It is therefore not a "theory" but a series of corroborated facts you rely on to make your case. This is the strongest prosecutorial method. Do not forget that point.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to simply give them 9/11 PRESS FOR TRUTH, a highly credible film about the widows who forced them to create the 9/11 Commission.

When the government consistenly acts suspiciously, deliberately hiding things for no detectable reason (except to protect themselves from prosecution), then people must confront the obvious.

If, on the other hand, you simply say Building X was demolished by explosives. Well, maybe it was. Maybe it wasn't. There is a giant war of words and images over this point.

Some people say they took one look at the Building 7 thing and they were "truthers" ever since.

I don't find that very convincing. There is a lot more of a case to be made with other evidence.

Further, without the massive case implicating US government officials, I doubt the alleged demolition would have gotten much play at all.

Less than 5% of the public thinks of "MIHOP", including demolition. On the other hand more than 50% want Bush and Cheney investigated for what they knew and did prior to the attacks. This tells us how easy it is to promote one line of argument over another.

Dear johndoraemi........

get them to watch press for truth? The sad part is he refused to watch the dvd i gave him.
So what does it matter which one i gave him? I understand what you are saying in regaurds to 9/11 press for truth, but the point i would like to make is this.
I know it's hard getting people to do just a little effort in searching the web. Or even going to a website that you recommend, and watching a movie on line. BUT ! When given a DVD so that they can kick back on the couch when there is nothing else on tv ,and taking a look is asking too much .
It justs blows my mind.
By the way , i bought the streaming down load to loose change final cut. Very well done, and i enjoyed it alot. I loved the follow up in the molten metal ,and the NIST BUTTHEAD.
I know the first responders need help, and i am glad the loose change guys are putting profits towards helping them but i would highly recommend cutting this loose on google and youtube.
With an added line please donate to the first responders. We need this shown world wide

Please take a look

Please take a look at:

Faulty Towers of Belief: Part I. Demolishing the Iconic Psychological Barriers to 9/11 Truth
Laurie A. Manwell, M.Sc.

and Part II - also at www.journalof911studies.com

to get an understanding of the psychological variable involved and the best approaches to overcome them.


"There are none so hoplessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free." (Goethe)

you are planting seeds

You've done your job and its great to hear your experience.

I have attempted on numerous occasions to help awaken people. One of my close friends, and yes we are still friends after several hours of pleading said " I just don't care ".

Also, I have done street actions simply holding up a sign. I see the work as planting seeds and seeds take time to germinate. Once we've planted the seed and watered the seedbed, we can only watch nature take its course.

with regard to street actions where hundreds of people walk by on say a busy shopping district, they might glance at the sign I'm holding. They walk by. But it might generate a web query, or it might get talked about with a friend or companion. It may trigger a conversation with an office mate that has already broached the subject.

there is also the notion of the tipping point. we may start the process only to be completed at later time by yet another person mentioning something else. you may start the action, contribute to the transfer of weight, or be there when they come around.

I have heard several people that already support impeachment say that they don't know what to do with this information. for instance, "now that you've told me this, what should/can I do?" People already know that we are dealing with extreme criminality and corruption. I usually say, come out and join us in street actions. Help educate your fellow citizens. Participate in the awakening of the overworked, anesthetized public.

One friend told me that her smart, well-educated, peacenik lawyer husband refuses to talk about it. I told her that if her husband agrees that we need a new investigation, she can rest assured that she's done as much as she can.

I also recently encountered a well know gatekeeper. after 3 separate people cajoled this guy in a public setting, he said that he supports an independent investigation with subpoena power. and the audience applauded him for it!

I think that the most important thing the movement can do at this time is try our best to prevent another false flag operation. Or when the next one does occur to have enough of us be ready to speak out about it.

Why Are Americans Afraid to Look?

Big Brother told me not to.

You are a fool if you do.


My husband/wife/friend doesn't want me to look.

A Gatekeeping Guru said don't bother.

No way would they do that.

Even it it were true its not going to make a difference, look at JFK.

It is disrespectful to the families to even think such a thing.

America is the good guy.

I can't be bothered. I got debt, addictions, worries.

It would be dangerous to know.

If it were true I would have to do something.

It would have been impossible.

When someone credible in the media tells me I might consider it.

How is that supporting the troops?

Why would "they" do that? They have no motive!

I've seen what they do to to people who believe that.

I can't trouble my beautiful mind.

If they did, they had a good reason.

9/11? Get over it.

I don't care...


Thankfully I have yet to hear anyone state the 3rd to last. The last 2, however, are probably the ones that enfuriate me the most, especially due to the fact that those I heard say them were under the age of 25. The apathetic youth of today are a genuine source of anger for me. They refuse to pick up the baton.

I have not heard it either

but I can imagine that kind of thought process, especially when the TRUTH goes mainstream.

Apathetic by design!


Check yer email, dude.

What Am I Looking For?

Nothing there from you Rep.

Dear Joe....

Whoa! That about covers it. That would look good on a poster or shirt.

"Great" List Joe...

...I put Great in quotation marks only because it is never fun to hear any of those.....Unfortunately, I have heard a version of the "If they did, they had a good reason." excuse....what better example of the level of brainwashing, denial, and infantilization (is that a word? :) in this country....

Yeah, this era suffers for youthful activism when compared with the 60's, but that is largely because the perps went with a "checkbook draft", by establishing and financing the Blackwaters of these wars through deficit spending. That and using the National Guard overseas to fill any shortfalls in troop levels.

And lots of older people aren't outraged because they didn't have to cut a check, in the form of a tax-increase, for these invasion/occupations....The perps have learned a few things since Vietnam...(more control over the media is another one)

Off topic: Cover story of yesterday's USA Today said that 1.5 million different troops have served in the 9/11 wars...of that number maybe 150,000 were the victims of explosive head trauma. I hope all the war-profiteers got a chance to read that before settling down to their "celebration" of the European genocide of Native Americans....no wait, that's wrong....those people (the Europeans) did invite a few of them over for dinner once..... (sarcasm)

9/11 Truth ends the 9/11 Wars