Indian Truth Activists Respond to 11/23/07 Terror Attacks

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Here's the latest from India:

Response to Indian terror attacks from truth activists on the front lines!


Exposing the Politics of Terror of the UP blasts -
Target Mayawati
and the Bahujan Samaj Party Mumbai Rally!

By Feroze H. Mithiborwala and co-signers

The horrendous and dastardly terror attacks that we have witnessed today on the 23rd of November 2007, in Lucknow, Varanasi and Faizabad have led to the death of 15 innocent people. The terror attacks on the ordinary people of India has grown into a deadly scourge.

If we are to begin a process of understanding "the politics of terror", we will have to analyse the terror attacks in a political context and framework. The "political timing" of each of the terror attacks is the "key" to understanding the forces that are operating from both within the country and without, in terms of planning, executing and formenting a climate of fear and confusion.

In our estimation, the most important political event that was to occur in the next few days, was the mass rally of the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) in Mumbai on the 25th of November, 2007. The rally that is estimated to attract more than Ten Lakh people, has already sent tremors across the political landscape in Maharashtra and across India. A successful rally of the Bahujans in the Financial nerve centre of India is definitely cause for concern for the Caste / Class establishment across parties and sections of the Corporate world. Considering the fractured nature of the Indian political situation, the inexorable march of the "Elephant" could and will soon lead all the way to the capture of Delhi itself and this is the context in which we could analyse the terror attacks if they are to make any rational or political sense.

Therefore in our analysis, the target of the terror attacks in UP is the historic BSP rally to be held in Mumbai. As always the terror attacks are dominating the Media Networks, relegating all other stories to the periphery. The terror attacks will thus help to shift the National attention away from the Mayawati rally and focus our attention on terror. The VHP has declared a bandh in UP which will definitely stir up the communal cauldron and cause tension across the state. The basic intention seems to be that Mayawati will have to stay put in UP, to deal with the growing crisis that could snowball into a major law and order situation. Also the blast was meant to deter Mayawati's supporters from attending in the large numbers that are expected. But we believe that the rally will be extremely successful.

Even the Mumbai terror attacks at the Gateway of India and the Zaveri Bazaar blasts have an interesting link to the Mayawati government. It was in the backdrop of the deafening explosion and blindening dust and smoke of the two blasts that occurred on the 25th of August 2003, that the BJP brought down the Mayawati government. On that very day, the BJP had also recieved the ASI report that, interestingly at that time stated that there was a "Temple like structure" below the Babri Masjid . Armed with that report, the BJP pulled down the Mayawati government and on the very same day the Mumbai blasts took place.

Too much of a coincidence, we must say!

Do recall that Mayawati had imprisoned Raja Bhaiyya and the BJP was withering away under the pressures of its Upper Caste supporters and Mayawati 's Bahujan assertion. Since the media airwaves were dominated by the "Islamic- Jehadi terror attacks in Mumbai", the news of the fall of the Mayawati government was relegated to the back pages.
Purpose served!
We must say that practically nobody recalls that all of these incidents occurred on the very same day and are utterly surprised at the fact that the obvious connections are not being made and the right inferences not arrived at.

The issue of terrorism has arisen as the social and political challenge of our times, indeed globally, and we will have to face this daunting task head on. We have no other choice.

If we are to seriously analyse the context and simultaneously attempt to identify the forces behind the terror attacks, the following are some of the basic questions that we need to ask:
Which are the forces that stand to gain and similarly lose, from the repercussions of the terror attacks! Who are the people who are the victims of terror and who are those continue to escape unscathed!! To my knowledge it is only the ordinary people of this country who travel in buses and trains, who go to Mandirs' and Masjids' who are the victims. Terrorists who are out to assassinate political figures are invariably apprehended and shot down in (fake) "encounters". Unfortunately "We the people" of India do not enjoy that sort of luck.
Why do such well trained terrorists, attack and succeed only at soft targets - which is us, the ordinary folk?

Why do the terrorists invariably travel with ID cards, detailed maps, cinema and train tickets and other incriminating evidence, do-it-yourself terror guides and make telephone calls to Karachi and Dacca?

Why is at that prior to the terror attacks, the police and our intelligence have no information or clue. But then within hours of the terror attack, have named the suspect organization and within a few days of the terror attack, have arrested the suspects from their very houses?

Why is that after every terror attack the script read and written in the media is the same, sounding more and more like a "C-grade" Hindi movie script , sickeningly repetitive, with the usual suspects and old worn out dialogues and now a sinister background music to build the climate of terror in our living rooms?

Why does the Press uncritically accept the police version, without conducting an independent investigation into the ongoing cycle of terror that shows no sign of abating?
Then the news will be carried on the front pages for at least a month with all sorts of sordid and contrived "facts". But then with no "truth" forthcoming even after torture, the story is relegated to oblivion, until the next terror attack and then the whole vicious cycle starts again.

In the whole process of "Breaking News", the media definitely succeeds - yes, but in "Breaking and Dividing Society", whilst carrying on with its police fed campaign of disinformation.
Since from when have "We the People", begun to believe the words of our corrupt and inept policemen and politicians?

This entire campaign of systematic disinformation creates a climate of fear and frustration across the country. All other issues and struggles are relegated to the background and that in any case is the basic idea! Earlier, communal riots played that role, but we saw through that design after four decades, 35,000 odd riots and thousands dead and lakhs of families destroyed. I wonder as to when we will understand the new sophisticated and advanced startegy of the post 9/11 National and Global sohisticated ruling elite?

Basically we need to understand that, terrorism is not being formented to instigate communal riots as is wrongly percieved, but that in fact, the strategy of terror has replaced the strategy of communal riots as an instrument of the ruling elite to weaken and divide the people. This is core issue if we are to grasp and grapple with the politics of terror.

In the process the Muslim community gets more and more demoralised and isolated and increasingly apprehensive about the consequences which it will have to bare, considering the climate of hatred being generated. The Muslim community has understood "the Politics of Terror" and a majority of them are aware that, the forces perpetrating the terror attacks are both RSS-Bajrang Dal activists, as has been proved by the Nanded blast incidents (April 8, 2006) and its links to the Malegaon Masjid terror attack. As well as by rogue elements from within the Indian state, allied to the US-Israeli axis, as was the case in the terror attack on the Sankat Mochan Mandir (March 7, 2007), that occurred in the aftermath of the massive anti-Bush upsurge (March 2, 2007).

The "March 2" anti-Bush upsurge to our mind was the largest spontaneous mass uprising of the Indian people since the Quit India movement of 1942. Hindus and Muslims across the country came out on to the streets and maidans across the country to oppose George Bush (the terrorist and mass murderer of our age) and the Manmohan Singh led government of India. In response to this upsurge the Sankat Mochan Mandir was subjected to a terrorist attack so as to immediately create a communal divide amongst the rising tide of the Indian masses in opposition to US-Israeli Imperialsim and the Indian elite who have decided to become the lackeys of the Empire.

Muslims also are clear enough to understand the complexties of the situation and they do not rule out the involvement of extremist Muslim elements either and are also honest enough to admit that certain rogue elements from with the SIMI have been known to engage in such anti-National activities as well as from extremist groups linked to the Pakistani ISI, which is again trained and funded in a large way by the diabolic American CIA.

The Muslim community has roundly condemned all the terror attacks and the media itself has acknowledged and extensively reported the role of the Muslim community and youth, in donating blood in long winding queues outside the hospitals of Mumbai and in terms of getting the victims of the Mumbai serial train blasts (July 11, 2006) to hospitals.

Again on the 11th of July 2006 we have an interesting coincidence. That is on the very day that Israel attacked Lebanon ! Whilst Israel was carpet bombing a defenceless Lebanese population, the International media was focussed and transfixed on the "Islamic terror" in Mumbai. For the next seven days that was the lead story all across the International news channels, especially in America & Europe and seven days was all the time that Israel and USA thought that was required to vanquish and subdue the Lebanese people. But as always they were wrong and the Israelis lost the war to the Lebanese resistance lead by the Hezbollah. In this International strategic game, it was the ordinary Mumbaikar travelling in the overpacked local trains that was chosen as the sacrificial lamb so that Israel could attack Lebanon whilst the attention of the world was on Mumbai! Thus our contention is that the Mumbai train serial blasts were executed by the allies of Zionist Israel in our country.

From all angles the Muslim community is the biggest loser in this entire tragic episode. Now, not only is the community the biggest target and victim of terror, but it is also blamed, tortured and universally distrusted and victimised for the same. They do not see any light at the end of the tunnel but it is their faith in their Indian compatriots as well as their faith in God that helps them to carry on.

The Hindu community tends to see and understand the politics of terror in a different light. They are convinced that all the terror is being formented by "Jehadi" groups from across the border and are increasingly worried about the supposed widespread collusion of Indian Muslims in the worldwide extremist networks as in the vision of George Bush. Though the terror attacks on the Malegaon and Hyderabad Masjids and the Ajmer Dargah have helped them to empathise with Muslims as victims of terror as well. An understanding of the role of the RSS-Bajrang Dal terror units uncovered in Nanded is still beyond their comprehension . Nor do they understand the role of USA and Israel in planning, financing and executing terror attacks globally as their instrument of foreign policy and military intervention. I for one do not blame our Indian brethren, because it is finally the media that had to play an honest and informative role in opposition to the propaganda and deception being disseminated by the powers that be. But one cannot hope for "truth" from the " corporate media" that itself has replaced the "mainstream secular media".

The point that must be central to the understanding of the Global phenomenon of terrorism is that we live in the dark age of the American-Israeli Empire! The Age of the US-Zionist Empire is also the age of terror on a scale unprecedented in human history .It is these very forces that are at the root of planning, financing and unleashing the forces of global terrorism through their clandestine networks across the world. Even the 9/11-WTC tewrror attacks were perpetrated by the US & Israeli's themselves.

But the truth will one day emerge. We only wonder when. We also wonder as to how many more innocent lives will be lost before we understand and expose the politics of terror.
Even an honest analysis to these simple questions above will provide a lot of answers. That in turn will help us determine as to which are the forces that are formenting terror in our country.
The only way of defeating the politics of terror is by exposing it and by taking the truth to the people.

We have no other shield, but the truth!

The day that "They Know" that "WE THE PEOPLE KNOW" – and that "They" cannot fool "The People" anymore, that day my dear countrymen, terror attacks will come to a halt!
Feroze H. Mithiborwala, Kishore Jagtap, Varsha V V, Amol S B, Sayeed Khan, Bajrang Sonawane, Jagish Nagarkar, Reshma Jagtap, Chetna Birje, Arif kapadia, Bhagwan, Asif Khan, Syed Iftikhar Ahmed, Ghazala Azad, Munawwar Khan, Afaq Azad, Aslam and Shivaji.