My Letter to Scripps-Howard on "Why Some Americans Still Believe in Conspiracies"

November 24th 2007

Dear Kevin Crowe and Guido H. Stempel III,

I am writing to invite you as guests on one of my three radio shows (schedule and guest list: to discuss your recent survey and article “Many Americans still believe in conspiracies” The fact that two thirds of the American people think it possible that their leaders committed high treason and conspiracy to mass murder on 9/11 is obviously important and worthy of discussion and analysis.

Most of my listeners believe not only that top US officials had detailed foreknowledge of the 9/11 attacks, but that those same officials actually orchestrated the attacks. They believe that the three World Trade Center buildings were destroyed by controlled demolition, that there were no suicide hijackings, and that the designated 19 villains were patsies employed by the intelligence agency or agencies responsible for the attacks. They view 9/11 as a false-flag attack—a psychological operation designed to enable an aggressive imperial agenda.

Having carefully studied the issue for four years, I agree with those listeners—not because I “distrust the government” but because overwhelming evidence supports these assertions. A great many engineers, architects, former high-level government officials, members of the intelligence community, and other responsible voices make similar assertions:

I wonder why your article framed the issue as “some people believe in conspiracies” rather than “there is an interesting and very important debate about the facts and meaning of 9/11.” The barest glance at this debate shows that it is the supporters of the official story who “believe” without citing evidence, while those who argue against the official story make extensive and relatively scrupulous use of logic and evidence in support of their assertions. If this is a battle between faith-based “true believers” and skeptics employing critical thinking skills, it is the supporters of the official story who are true believers, and the skeptics who are critical thinkers. See two recent debates, Richard Gage vs. Ron Craig and Kevin Ryan vs. Michael Shermer:

As a trained folklorist, I have studied the academic literature on why people believe things—including things the non-believers find odd. I am sure we could have an illuminating discussion not only about the issue of 9/11, but also the other issues your survey touched on, along with the larger questions of belief. Having taught Folklore at the university level, including units on Belief , UFOs, Legends, Rumors and Conspiracy Theories, and related topics, I think I could offer a perspective that would complement those of the very one-sided “experts” quoted in your article.

Please let me know that you are interested so I can schedule a date and time for the interview.


Dr. Kevin Barrett

Coordinator, MUJCA-NET:
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