Glenn Beck Visits Ohio and is Confronted by 9/11 Truth Groups

Glenn decided Ohio would be a great stop on his tour and members of Cincinnati 9/11 Truth and Ohio Change tried their best to give him a warm welcome. This was my first,"you have ten seconds before getting tackled" so give me a little slack on my questions. He really never responded or acknowledge my existence but heard me the same. A voice he will recognize in the future I'm sure. Thank you for checking it out please make sure to bid on the DVD and book. If you can please donate to my "chip in" so I can get Ohio change off the ground.

Here's a link to the eBay auction.

Cincinnati 9/11 Truth

Great Job!

Great Job confronting one of the obvious MSM shills! I was almost disappointed Beck behaved himself until it was related that he clapped at the point you were removed! The guy is obviously obnoxious.

You handled yourselves in a respectable manner! Your efforts are much appreciated!

...don't believe them!

On YouTube, on the comments

On YouTube, on the comments of the second video, there are lots of angry Ron Paul supporters, saying that we shouldn't do this. I can see their point, but I think it's wrong. I think Ron Paul would support this type of behavior, even though he attacks using the official 9/11 story. He's all about civil disobedience and protest.

Stick 9/11 to them.

Stick 9/11 to them.


I'm offering this critique as constructively as I can.

Precious time was lost with the opening monologue in front of Beck in the 1st video.

When one can get that close, time cannot be wasted with speeches.


'Glenn, isn't associating Ron Paul with terrorism a ridiculous point of view?'

'Glenn, isn't the governments version of 9/11 the original conspiracy theory?'

It's just like football ... when the receiver is open - throw the ball!

And yelling investigate 9/11 as one is being escorted out by police is not aiding the cause.


There's no focus in these confrontations. "The Discovery Channel" ? Passing out V for Vendetta DVD's ?
I thought this was a 9/11 site.
The security Beck had was bizarre, but so was the 'confrontation'


Get smart folks. As much as V for Vendetta has its charms, it is still a message that approves of violence as an appropriate response to heinous crimes. Violence against the State = Domestic Terrorism. Please do not use this film again. It is only a matter of time before this will be used against us. The truth movement is non-violent and should continue to be so. We are not the terrorists.

Glenn Beck Confronted, Protagonists Questioned By Secret Service

I would think that the only reason the Secret Service would be protecting a yellow journalist like Beck is because he is doing the government's bidding, as in "Operation Mockingbird."

I suggest that any truthers confronted by "Secret Service" get those SS on video, obtain their names, IDs, badge numbers, whatever else you can to try to determine that they are really who they say they are, & find out why they are protecting Beck.

Woo Hooo

Great stuff. Keep on this guys back!

Canada Wants The Truth

Great Work.

Great Work Guys. I hope the next one is as good or better than this one. Keep on tweaking it until you get the result you want. Take the advice and improve where you can, but by all means keep up the fight. Peace.

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this scumbag was at the book

this scumbag was at the book store right across the street from my house about 2 weeks ago. you couldnt get anywhere near him though, the security was much tighter here. plenty of cops, i just couldnt do anything unfortunately. i felt dirty after standing in that line with all of his supporters for 40 minutes though.

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