911blacklist.org Banners For Your Websites and Myspace Pages

Please get our banners for 911blacklist.org and link your websites and Myspace pages to the new boycott campaign against advertisers of the un-American propagandists, starting with Glenn Beck.


For this effort to succeed, we need your help! This is a way ANYONE can get involved and do something. Choosing to spend your dollars wisely and not support the advertisers of Glenn Beck and others will have an impact. But if you don't let the company know you are withholding your business, they don't know where their lost revenue went. This is the backbone of the 911blacklist.org project.

Fortunately, we have made this easy. In fact, there is no other form of activism that I am aware of that is easier than making phone calls and sending letters. Let these advertisers know that you will not spend your money on their products and services.

Send us your letters and we will post them for others to use themselves or as a model for their own boycott letters. Remember, this is the most important part of this campaign. That....and spreading the word.


need to present the data clearly

Your actual "list" needs to be easily organized in a table.

You can list companies alphabetically with links to more info. The table should be easy to navigate, such as in alphabetical order. You can also list targeted programmes, and get a list of each of their sponsors based on looking for a blacklisted show.

The current long and wordy list is not easy to read or get meaningful information from. It takes too long, so it isn't efficient.

We're working on it....

We hope to have things a bit better organized soon and less confusing. In the meantime, if you look here:


This is the basic structure that has the alphabetized 'categories' on the left, which once you try it, it's fairly easy to navigate around in. We will be making improvements in the coming days and weeks so thanks for your feedback.

We also have a forum set up for those who want to get a bit more involved in the running of this site. If you are interested, contact me through my website contact form:


So far, all that has been done has been done by two people who are doing the best we can with an already busy schedule. We wanted to get this project off the ground ASAP and we will fine tune it as we go. Thanks for your patience!

I'd love to know who..

..gave this blog a "1".

Excellent work, Michael.