Announcing A Massive Membership Drive!

Our Goal: 1,000 Architects & Engineers by 9/11/2008! is announcing a massive membership drive and requests your help in reaching our goal of 1,000 A&E's and over 5,000 other citizens by September 11, 2008. Currently we have 221 A&E's and 536 other citizen supporters. So we all have a lot of work to do!

Everyone can show their support and join in calling upon Congress for a truly independent investigation into the 3 WTC high-rise "collapses" on 9/11! Our voices will be louder and more resonant in the halls of Congress when joined together as one voice of one thousand architects and engineers combined with thousands of other citizens!

Please show your individual support today for in three easy steps:

1) Sign up yourself: It's free to join!

2) Forward this blog to encourage ten (10) other 9/11 Truthers to join us.

3) E-mail the link to a minimum of five (5) A&E's in your local area who you know, or can find, to spread the truth about 9/11. Keep comments brief and to the point — for example: Check it out! Hundreds of Architects and Engineers are calling for a new investigation into the 3 World Trade Center high-rise "collapses" on 9/11:

Thank you, everyone, for your generous support. is here to serve you and the truth.


Richard Gage, AIA


You are brilliant Richard.


Make this an immediate success. Pass the word on.

As one of the 536

I'll be happy to participate in this.

Great idea!

Just a note...

For the many AE's that have joined today: the AE count will not change until your manually verified via a phone call.
To the wind!

Jumbo Jets Can Not Demolish Skyscrapers.

Just a reminder for those in AZ

Richard Gage will be speaking in Phoenix 12/1/07 and Tucson, 12/2/07.
See details and other locations:


I think Richard's presentation is dead on. I commend his efforts in pushing for the truth. The number of engineers,and architects on his site is impressive....BUT
I say this with a sad heart, and honestly. We could have ten thousand, but until we get major media time our efforts are somewhat futile. Hey don't get mad at me....We all know the truth hurts.
Look at all the justifiable facts, and questions we already have, and the amout of experts. Everything from pilots, air traffic controllers, demo experts, phd's out the ying yang, ex goverment officials,and numerious eyewitnesses..............It's been six freaking years!
As i sad before.....Time is not an alie of the truth.
The only thing that is going to make a difference is huge numbers!.......................
Not on paper.......At the capitol. So huge amount the media can't ignore. Twice as big as anything ever seen before.

The way to get there is to organize

The only way to get the numbers you say are needed (and I agree) are through people joining organizations. The organizations can then call for rallies.

This is one of the important features of and other 911truth organizations like WeAreChange and the various other 911truth organizations. I would encourage everyone to join one of these organizations and then when the time is appropriate for these organizations to call on their members to attend big rallies in Washington D.C.

Why can't we do this RIGHT NOW?

What percentage of America has questions about 9/11 or thinks it may have been an inside job? How many people have seen Loose Change or any of the other 9/11 films? We should have enough supporters for a MILLION MAN MARCH by now. Let's do it!

A millions for TRUTH march!

Count me in!


The plan is to be in DC on 9/11/08. EVERYONE. At least, thats the plan so far.


I've heard the idea that with the way the fed is right now, the most effective direction to petition is at the state government level. All those lonely, bored state officials, looking for something other than budget crisis to direct some of their attention to. It might work in conjunction with fed effort or as a stand alone. It could at least be an option for those that don't like flying anymore and distance is an issue. Has a 50 state government presence ever been attempted before? I know some success with the fight against the REAL ID Act was achieved at the state level.

CA and NY Gatherings With Celebs!

We need massive action on both coasts simultaneously. Our monthly actions on the eleventh need to be more concentrated. I say organize a major demonstration in LA and NYC that includes celebrities. These are the 2 big media states where large numbers of truthers reside. Talk about millions is great, but lets actually get 2 or 3 thousand together with celebrities and promote Loose Change and

Loose Change Final must be promoted. And "Architects and Engineers" must be trumpeted as well.

San Diego and LA, hook up. NY State, go to the city. Organize this. We must receive media for our protests!


Why would it have to wait until the next anniversary?

On the anniversary, a lot of people are mourning their lost ones, and the media can concentrate on that.

Why not protest, say, next spring?

Still, what AE911truth is doing is important, and all efforts to increase their membership should be encouraged. I also wish that the American Institute of Architects - as an institution - could start demanding for a proper investigation.

I'm in!

I've been in NYC the last two years on 9/11. So now, it's on to Washington......? Feels right. Time for the revolution to 'officially' It's time..


ok , so now we know what we have to do. Should we invite Bill O'rilley?.........(BIG SMILE)
Seriously...........I am sure all of us know that it is obvious. The media is controlled.
Well...........I know it is a tough thing to accomplish, we need all truthers, experts, family members, firemen, first responders, and all Americans that are true patriots to assemble in DC.
Let's set the date, and challenge the media ,and those that represent us to be there.
We need to invite all anti war people to join us as well..............America is running out of time.
There is more to the agendia then you can imagine. UNITED WE STAND does this sound familiar?
Hell let's make it a Ron Paul rally as well.

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Suggestion for action

This all sounds a great idea, Richard. I wonder if you could perhaps put together a short prepared piece that people could e-mail to any architects and engineers in their area? Something a bit like a press release, but solely directed at architects and engineers. Maybe title it "AE911truth seeks new members." Say that your goal is 1,000 members by 9/11/2008. Say a bit about what AE911truth is, and what you are trying to achieve. If you had just a few concise paragraphs, then any recipients would learn the key points just from a single e-mail.

They are scared of credibility

Great. Watch out for agent provocateurs who will try to infiltrate and discredit you. It happened at Scholars for 9/11 Truth.

A group like this is a prime target for disruption and discrediting tactics. They are scared of credibility.
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