Dr. David M. Graham's story on YouTube

Sander Hicks has supplied some of Dr. David M. Graham's video footage to 9/11 researcher Bryan Sacks, who has in turn narrated an introductory video to Graham's story. Part 2 should be available soon.

Dr. Graham's story is now available in full at SanderHicks.com. Check it out, and weigh the evidence for yourself. Graham's story was omitted from the Joint Select Intelligence Committee report and the 9/11 Commission Report.

good work Sander & Brian--this is important!

I have been trying to help Sander call attention to this story: http://911blogger.com/node/12156
This is one of the many loose ends that could help unravel 9/11 if we yank hard enough. Since we all have to Be The Media these days, we need to start thinking and working like real investigative reporters, as Sander does, rather than just sitting around opinionating. (I don't exclude myself from the implied criticism.) Thanks for posting this, Reprehensor.

Graham's story...

... is perfectly in line with those guys being total patsies. They are definitely way too dumb, careless and lacking any expertise to pull off any terrorist act, let alone 9-11... Can you really believe a buch of loosers as described by Dr. Graham being responsible for 9-11?... Ha! What a joke!

I see now where Osama bin Laden comes into the story of 9-11 -- he is a supplier of patsies through his personal connections... I can't imagine how else can a cave-dwelling, useless lunatic make any living...

Poor Dr. Graham seems to be under impression that if his input would have been handled properly, 9-11 could have been averted. Fat chance! These patsies would have been replaced with another ones, perhaps -- that's all. I browsed through some of the "Graham Report". Its over 200 pages long, for god sake! For a story that can fit on one page -- could it be more self-serving? All these pages of inconsequential detail and background info! It is really hard to locate the story itself among all the rubbish...

I am not going to be disperse my energy by this story.

Herblay FRANCE

since December 2001 I have heard so many different angles on 911. Some are easier to prove and others not. Take the physics of the collapse of WTC7 where we have so many scientific ways of understanding the destruction.

But stories like the above one are not so much physical but relationships between people. How can you check up what is true and what is not ?

When I have the time I will follow up this story but I still have not convinced my colleagues that the WTC collapses where not due to aeroplanes colliding into the towers. Today a colleagues said I was impossible when I say that planes did not make the buildings collapse in the WTC. But I again said to him no plane hit WTC7 !

Can you imagine that I will now start talking about this story !

I am not going to be disperse my energy on this. The WTC7 collapse will have my focus.

Yours John

This is what I sometimes ask

Where do we need the time-consuming and expensive services of controlled demolition companies, if lighting a few matches and destroying some columns here and there are enough to bring skyscrapers into their foundations?


Looking forward to part two. Keep up the good work. Every connection must be investigated to get the whole truth exposed IMO.