VIDEO: Rudy Giuliani exposed as "The ties to terror candidate!" - Keith Olberman

Is this guy honest or what?

If he is, then the architects and engineers should tell him something.

Keith keeps ramping it up....

little by little.....for one, I'm thankful for small favors....

9/11 Truth ends the 9/11 Wars

"Top to top" contacts

I wish he had a nephew or niece or some significant other who made him watch some truth documentaries...

I once suggested that well-known, respected individuals - for example, Paul Craig Roberts - approach this guy (and others like him) about 9/11. I think that would be more effective than if you or me approach him.

PCR ought to be....

.....Secretary of the Treasury in a RP administration....Dennis Kucinich: VP....Cynthia McKinney: Secretary of State.....Bob Bowman: Secretary of Defense....(I'm sure everyone has their own list..:)

9/11 Truth ends the 9/11 Wars

Don't be so naive...

... as to think that "he doesn't know", and therefore, needs somebody to point him in the right direction. I believe many, many people know, especially on the top (of media, government, science etc.) that the official story is a bunch of total BS, they just cant-want-dare to speak out.

As far as Olbermann is concerned, he is probably operating within the parameters set by his employer MSNBC. The fact that he has managed to venture as far as he did with this piece is an indication that some lights have turned green for bringing this info into the mass conciousness. Perhaps, there are some powerful people who don't like the idea of Rudy as President, or for whatever reason.

Not naive, just uncertain

As your words and phrases "I believe" and "probably" suggest, even you don't know with certainty. :-) I know it is possible he knows, but I don't think we can know for certain that there simply isn't a line that he is subconsciously unwilling to cross as a result of psychological denial.

If one really *knows* and *understands*, can one really just keep suggesting that 9/11 was the result of incompetence (even criminal)? Wouldn't one with such knowledge and understanding at least refrain from using expressions suggesting that? I mean, instead of indicating that the intelligence agencies blundered (or whatever), why not indicate nothing at all?

Check out my little Ron Paul

Check out my little Ron Paul YouTube music video. Ruby - Ahh, ahem - I mean Rudy makes an appearance or two -

About time

Let's finally see some probing of Giulani's real record, currently and back to his days as in the DA's office.

I find the graphic that they used unfortunate, though. It reflects and encourages the automatic identification of 'terror' with 'Ay-rabs'.