9/11 "Doomsday plane" story back up at CNN.com

I wanted to pass along that the 9//11 Doomsday plane story is back up on CNN.com. It's essentially a re-posting of what was up a couple of months ago, but interesting nonetheless.

And while "news" that the U.S. Government had an emergency command center in the air on 9/11 isn't a smoking gun for the truth movement, I still maintain that it is a victory of sorts for we truthers. There is far more than a hint of suspicion in the CNN commentary, and it very clearly states that the goverment denies it was one of their planes, despite the obvious U.S. flag on the tail and the communications dome on top of the aircraft.

And ANY time the Mainstream Media is bold enough to question the U.S. Goverment about a 9/11 lie, it's a sign to me the tide is turning.


a link

I think if we keep visiting the link

we may keep it in the list of "popular" videos.

It's on the front page of CNN at the moment.

terrific idea, simuvac

Great idea to post a link!

If we keep the viewing level up, it may stay there longer this time. It's in the most popular category now, let's try to keep it there!

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