Letter from Prof. David Ray Griffin

I asked David Ray Griffin for permission to post his email here -- because of it's insightful content. He agreed, asking that I post it with all the names of the authors of the Appeal written to NIST.

Dear James, Steven, Kevin, Richard, Frank, Bob, Bill, and Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Justice,

I have just read your Appeal to NIST. It is absolutely brilliant and very useful.

(I will be quoting bits of it in an updated edition of The New Pearl Harbor, which I’m working on now.)

Thanks very much for this great contribution to the cause.


The Appeal to NIST was penned mainly by James Gourley and he deserves recognition for his work in the 9/11 Truth movement. It is available here: http://journalof911studies.com/volume/2007/AppealLetterToNISTGourleyEtAl.pdf James and I have written a technical paper which we hope will be published soon. (I'm going to ask you to do a little prepatory homework; please work through the problems here: http://www.glenbrook.k12.il.us/gbssci/phys/Class/newtlaws/u2l4a.html . All four lessons are helpful.)

And we can all look forward to the updated edition of The New Pearl Harbor by Prof. Griffin! Thank you for your work, David. It's great to work with you and James and all the folks named above -- and all those throughout the world contributing to this critically important cause for justice and peace.

Father Truth on Air America Radio

Saturday August 25, 2007
Air America Host Richard Greene Speaks With David Ray Griffin

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