Where's Your Evidence?

"Where's Your Evidence?"

This statement is an inevitable response given by people who have trouble see the obvious lies and distortions regarding 9/11. Of course none of us have slam-dunk documented evidence that proves exactly what happened. The whole raison d'etre of this movement is to discover the who, how, and why (although the why seems pretty clear at this point). So the next time you encounter this reactionary auto-response a very effective strategy is to simply in return ask them, "where is your evidence that the official story is wholly true." Thus de-activating this ridiculous mental block. I have utilized it several times and at the very least it enables the conversation to focus on what has not been proven rather than what can be proven.

If you want the 91 truth translate the opposite of what they say

There is no evidence and that is why Colin Powell and Tony Bliar never published their white paper proving Bin Laden's guilt


And when they did not have any proof they fabricated it like with the British intelligence about Iraq which was cited by Tony Bliar and Colin Powell as evidence for the need for war against Iraq. A lot of the report ( supposedly top secret !) was a copy/paste job from a 12-year-old doctoral thesis of a Californian student which was published in the US journal Middle East Review of International Affairs.

Wake up guys, these people do not have any evidence so they lie. We know that they have lied to the world all the time so how can we use data coming from them without double checking every word they say.

If you want the truth, you have to translate the opposite of what they are saying.

If they say we are winning in Iraq you translate that we are being slaughtered in Iraq. If they say it was not us who executed the 911 attacks you must translate 911 was an inside job , etc ...

That is THE stupidest argument people make!

My sister asked me that and I told her she was ridiculous!

I told her the government has ALL the evidence....and answers.

It's not our job to produce the evidence, since it's impossible for us
to do that.

It's our job to ask questions and demand answers from the government.

Something they're obviously not going to do.



Good work truthers.

Many hands make light work!
RRREMA=research, realize, react, educate, motivate, activate
"It's been said, and I think it's accurate, that my husband was obsessed by terrorism in general and al-Qaida in particular." Hillary


911proof.com has a very solid presentation. And it's easy to remember.