9/11 Responder Buried After Battle With Cancer

Source: http://www.wnbc.com/news/14747179/detail.html

9/11 Responder Buried After Battle With Cancer

POSTED: 4:10 pm EST December 1, 2007
UPDATED: 6:40 pm EST December 1, 2007

NEW YORK -- An emergency medical service lieutenant with the New York Fire Department was laid to rest Saturday, and his colleagues say his death stems from toxic dust he inhaled at the World Trade Center site.

Lt. Brian Ellicott arrived at the World Trade Center site on the night of September 11th, 2001, and logged more than 100 hours working to clear the site and search for survivors, the Uniformed EMS Officers Union said.

Ellicott, 45, died Tuesday at Staten Island University Hospital after a three-month battle with non-Hodgkins lymphoma, officials said.

He left behind a wife and two kids.

Colleagues said the city has denied requests to classify Ellicott's death as in the line of duty, which would increase the benefits his family would receive.

The FDNY said it will do everything it can to support his family's application for benefits from the state Workers' Compensation Board.

Colleagues also want Ellicott listed as a casualty of 9/11.

To date, no first responder who became sick and died after working at Ground Zero has been added to the list.

Rest in Peace Brian, my heart is with your family and you.


Can you or anyone else start a list of all the First Responders who have passed, and then add a permanent column on this site adding names as needed.

This would act as a memorial for those who so bravely searched thru the GZ pile for survivors and then gave their own lives for all their efforts. The average person doesn't realize lives are still being lost from 911 and will continue.

I'll try my best

On Monday I'll Google for names.

I suggest you use an Excel type table

Herblay FRANCE

bonjour Marc ,

If you have Excel, I suggest you use it, as there are many easy ways of converting the table to html. From a html web page the 911 truthers can copy / paste into tables on the own local computer. Use a column to put the or many hyperlinks to the information on the 9/11 responder that you have found. Putting it in an Excel type table will permit others to extend your work and avoid doing the same work many times over. To have a document really reliable I would add a column for the persons
- birth date
- birth town
- observations which can help confimation on the name of the person and eventually follow up information which could lead to other respondeurs.

Here is my first try on 911blogger




Birth Date

Birth Town

Link information



Lt. Brian Ellicott






Having posted / edited this a few times I have not found a way
1) of seeing all the table columns
2) reducing the gap between the line "Here is my first try on 911blogger" and the table.

Perhpas someone else on this 911blogger can do better ?

Yours John

I looked into this further

and requested the opinion of a serious and well-respected activist and advocate for 9/11 first responder rights and medical benefits. As it turns out, the best avenue suggested is not to make a public list of fallen 9/11 first responders but to instead rely on the Internet and various news sources to keep up with current events surrounding this important but sensitive issue. And so that is what I will respectfully do. I hope you all will do the same.

we got nuked on 9/11

The FBI uses polygraphs to eliminate suspects ... Google and type in "we got nuked on 9/11"