So many smoking guns

If anybody with a reasonable amount of intelligence looked at any of the the data regarding 9/11 they would certainly see that there are smoking guns all over the place.
I will make an observation using percentages regarding the second tower collaspe.
How did 20% of the mass crush to dust 80% of the mass, when half of the 80% mass is 60% stronger than the 20% mass? Absolutely Impossible without the use of explosives. Smoking gun!

Other smoking guns.

Liquid metal...22 Cal. Smoking gun!

The 9/11 commissions "Assumptions and opinions report" Backed up by MIT's assumptions, opinions and make believe. 9mm Smoking gun!

Popular science's “opinions, assumptions and make believe”. Smoking 22 Cal. rifle!

Silence by the media and the complicity of Congress. Smoking anthrax!

The countless video reports of explosions. Smoking 38 special!

Wtc7. Smoking flare gun!

Trade towers reduced to dust. Smoking 44 magnum!

The Pentagon couldn't protect "The Pentagon" or anybody else for that matter. Smoking missile!

Laws of physics broken (see picture*). Smoking Bazzooka!

Scientific proof thermite was used. Smoking BFG 9000!!!!!!

There are many more "smoking guns". For crying out loud, How many do we need!

Too bad that the American people have been hypnotized and brainwashed so completely, that this is the additude "Even if it's true, I don't believe it!"

*For you professors out there, THINK- Fulcrum point, Laws of momentum, Path of least resistance.
Enough said!

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Let's rise up on these fools.

Norad Stand Down - Morning of 9/11
War Games - Unprecedented levels that day
FBI Arrest of Explosive Laden Van
PNAC Quote - "New Pearl Harbor"
Larry Silverstein Quote - "Pull It"
WTC 7 and BBC report of it - 20 min. early
Sibel Edmonds - Whistleblower
Norman Minetta - Testimony
Anthrax from U.S. Labs - used to silence opposition
Operation Northwoods - Precedent
Molten Metal - Thermite/Thermate - Evidence
Symmetrical Free Fall Collapse neatly into footprints. - Obvious use of explosives
Put Options - Foreknowledge
Footage of the Pentagon not released. - Bullshit Cover-Up.

Smoking guns=best evidence

Great to see someone step away from the arguments about insignificant details. We can all direct the smoking guns at the myopic sheep and blow away their illusions. Well, we have to try!

It doesn't matter WHAT struck the Pentagon. What matters is WHEN. The Pentagon was "attacked" 38 minutes after the second WTC tower was hit. The US was in a state of war for 38 minutes before the Pentagon "attack."

The Pentagon couldn't protect "The Pentagon" or anybody else for that matter. Smoking missile!

"Even if it's true, I don't believe it!"

Totally true myopic. Messed up. Good summation. I like your post. And that picture you attached is extremely on the money. I thought that was messed up from the beginning and I'm glad you reminded me of it and have such a good picture of the obvious "laws of physics [being] broken" Damn good post.