BBC claims wtc7 tapes lost is a lie!!

After the storm that was the discovery of the BBC reporting the collapse of WTC7 up to 40 minutes before the actual event, the BBC claimed that the recordings of the newscast were "lost".
This was a damage limitation excercise and an attempt to buy some time for the whole scandal to blow over, it didn't work.
The BBC is a corporation funded by the British people hence any data including recordings are the property of the license fee payers of the Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
To withold this data from its legal owners (license fee payers) is an offence under the data protection act.
When a FOIA request for the recordings was made the BBC confirmed the loss of the recordings and used this as an excuse to deny the disclosure of said information, however the individual making the request contacted the information commissioner to complain that the BBC had lost the recordings and was therefore liable to be prosecuted under the data protection act and barred from holding data (this would be catastrophic for such a large corporation).
Strange as it may seem the information commissioner has been satisfied that the recordings are not indeed lost, but have been made subject of a 'D' notice in order to repel any further FOIA requests.
The BBC now needs to be swamped with requests for disclosure of these recordings and the denial letters posted online as they can no longer use the 'lost' excuse.
I would urge all UK citizens to make a FOIA request for the footage and report all denials to the information commissioner
After all the ICO has investigated this and is satisfied that the information has not been lost.

Can you post

any communications you have had with the ICO?


also, what is a "D-notice" ?
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Yeah, where's the documentation?

And an explanation of their codes?

We knew they were lying from the beginning because:

As soon as the video was cut, reporter Jane Standley would have felt the building rumbling from the actual WTC7 "collapse", and would have been alerted immediately that what she had reported was completely wrong.

They covered this up for 5 years with the full knowledge that multiple BBC reports were premature and wrong.

The first thing they said when busted was 'we're not part of the conspiracy!!!!' (paraphrased)

My disgust over this farce.

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nicely done

So when they said they lost the tapes, they lied. Now can one of our Euro brothers and sisters make a FOIA request for these tapes? Do they even have FOIA in the UK?

Good work. This is a big

Good work. This is a big story as constitutes strong evidence that WTC7 was demolished by explosives planted inside.

First the erroneous report, then they lie and claim a "cock-up," then they lie that the tape is lost, now we learn it is "secret." It's quite obvious what is happening...

Also, can we find out who was the source in NYC of the original report?

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source of report

I am currently writing up an explanation of the source of the early reporting of 7 WTC collapse, I just need to tie up a few loose ends and establish a timeline for the definitive answer. We normally use AP sources but I have found no evidence that they were the source or part source for this report.
In short 7wtc should have gone down at the same time as the second building, but either there was a problem with the demolition charges or there was some-one/people still inside the building who shouldn't have been.

Great work. Also, would the

Great work.

Also, would the BBC original tapes have the source? I would think so, if they have not changed them.

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